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Rift: Rolling On The River

April 11, 2011

With the first phase of River of Souls extended, I can relax a bit.

Along with many others, I logged into Rift this Saturday afternoon eagerly awaiting phase 2 of the world event, only to find out that it had been delayed. Apparently, complications had occurred on the European shards…

With the opening of the final phases of the River of Souls World Event in Europe we have identified several issues that only came to light in a live server environment. Due to this we have had to temporarily disable the World Event in Europe and are delaying the opening of the event on North American shards until a full investigation and corrections can be made.

Ah, bummer. But hey, it happens. And so with the hold on the final phases, Trion has decided to extend Phase 1 an additional week.

I won’t deny that I’m a little disappointed, since I’d been very much looking forward to phase 2 and beyond. Still, my unhappiness was in no way directed at Trion over a few hiccups with their event. Rolling out this thing can’t be easy, and I’ve danced the old MMO dance before and know how often snags can occur along the way despite the best laid plans.

To be honest, I just haven’t been entirely “enthusiastic” about phase 1. I mean, I’ll do the dailies and seal a rift or kill an invasion when I see one, but I’ve been pretty ambivalent towards it for the most part.

And yet, there was also a little part of me that gave a sigh of relief when I saw the announcement. I’d been meaning to hit level 50 or close to it before Phase 2 so I can be sure that I’ll be ready for anything by the final stages of the event. By Friday night, however, I knew I wasn’t going to make that goal. I didn’t have as much time to play as I would have liked last week, and it felt like my leveling rate took a huge dive around the mid-40s.

Pushing myself to level is never fun, especially for a game like Rift where there’s so much to do and you’re really meant to take your time. I decided to enjoy my weekend and play everything else by ear.

The extension was a blessing in this regard, and it seems like many others are taking it in stride too. Furthermore, new rewards have been added to the world event merchants and the amount of Otherworldly Sourcestones you can earn from quests, rifts and invasions has been increased. I’ve already gotten my vanity pets, but I did have my eye on the ring and there were a few other items I wouldn’t have minded. Before this extension and the increase in rewards, I don’t think there would have been a chance in hell I could have gotten everything I wanted.

But now this changes things.