Rift Photojournal (You’re All Going To Be So Sick Of Staring At My Character’s Butt)

April 14, 2011

Hi, my name is MMOGC and I’m a screenshot addict. And as you may have noticed, the world of Rift is a very beautiful place. Put the first and the second together, and after a couple months what you get is a screenshot folder that’s upwards of 4gb.

It’s mind-boggling even to me, really, to see the thousands of images I’ve captured over the past few weeks. Needless to say, it’s time to prune out the crap…because quite honestly, most of it is crap. My trigger happy fingers will hit the PRNT SCRN key (sometimes repeatedly in quick succession) whenever I see anything that even remotely catches my eye. The more interesting and prettier ones, though, I would like to share here.

One of the better ones I took in Stonefield. That zone is no where near one of my favorites in terms of looks. Personally, I find it very dreary. Every time I go there, it seems to be raining! Or is that the natural state of things, “working as intended”?

I tend to go back to the lowbie zones a lot, to explore and to hunt for artifacts. On one of my adventures, I came across this donut rock somewhere on the coast of Freemarch. But “Donut Rock” is such a crappy name for such a pretty pic, let’s go with something more emo and artsy like “Azure Dream”. My outfit matches too!

Another one from a recent venture back to Freemarch. I’m rather ambivalent towards night/day cycles in games, though sometimes it’s a little annoying when you want to take a nice screenshot and everything is obscured in darkness during nighttime. I am, however, very happy with this shot. If the cycles had been realtime, I would never have woken up early enough to see this.

You know you’re a screenshot addict when you get so busy and involved trying to get the perfect angle for a pic, that the next thing you know you’re falling off some huge cliff or really tall building to your death. Yep, after 5 seconds after I took this shot, that’s exactly what happened.

Almost the same deal here…the only difference was, I survived the drop, ha! This was taken around the border of Scarwood Reach and Stillmoor; I was trying to get to the latter zone and had to take to the mountains because the “right” path there was crawling with icky Guardians.

I just love to get right up and say hello.

I mentioned before that I think Shimmersand (I always slip when I try to say that out loud) is one of the more beautiful zones. Its appearance on the map is deceiving, because one would think it’s just another desert like the Droughtlands. On the contrary, Shimmersand is dotted with lush oases and tented settlements. It can be very colorful.

I guess a lot of people bought the Collector’s Edition…

One of my favorite screenies by far, and I only took it last night. Blue Kae happened to be in my group during this guild run of Runic Descent, and at one point, he sent me a tell: “Taking a lot of screenshots?” You know it.


  1. Kind of disappointed in the actual number of character butt shots in this post… 🙂

    • I apologize, I hope this picture makes up for it 😛

      I was actually trying on a pair of rare pants, to see what they looked like. Or apparently, what don’t they look like…my butt cheeks are cold.

  2. You sound like you’d benefit from scrntag.com! A site Ritual set up for screenshots 😀 I’ve been uploading my better screenies over there, it’s a pretty nice idea.

    • Oh wow, awesome site! I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with this thing…I can see it being a major time sink as well, the way I’m so OCD about my tags and organization 😛

  3. Awesome shots as always. You probably already know, most spectacular photographs are practically mined from 100s of crappy ones.

    • Exactly the same way with my screenies. I also take a lot just for personal reasons, like keeping something for the memory or just taking pics of things that will interest no one else but myself.

  4. Right now the digital download of the collectors edition is only $45 on Amazon. It comes with a lot of stuff, it definitely seems worth ten more dollars (compared to the regular edition).

    • It is definitely worth it. I wasn’t so sold on the digital CE before as I could care less about things like extra bag space or even the turtle…until they removed the level requirements for mounts. Having a free mount and being able to ride it right from the get go is incredibly advantageous.

  5. Runic Descent WAS purty 😉
    it was fun last night 😀

    • Yes, I loved the cherry blossoms and the raining petals. Mascot or not, glad you were able to join us, heheh 😛

  6. You always take the best screenshots. <– Jealous.

    You make me want to play more just to see all this great stuff.

    • Hey, thanks, next time I think I will put up more of just scenery. Ever think about putting up your screenies on bulletpoints? 😛

  7. I just remember standing around during a short downtime and remarking on how beautiful the instance was. Then I though, I bet GC’s taking a ton of screenies. 🙂

    • You know me 😛 I was snappity snap snapping away for sure.

  8. That screenshot of RD is amazing! I can’t wait to run it now.


    • It was fun! Be prepared for some tricky maneuvering involving lasers…lol 😀

  9. You copied me! Just messing 😉 Lovely pictures, Rift is such a beautiful game.

    • Yes, it’s a gorgeous game!

      And lol I actually didn’t notice you had a WoW screenshot post until after, but you know I’ve always used to put up my Postcards from Telara, even since during the beta events 😉

      • Aw, I was teasing 😉

  10. It will be a cold day in hell before I get tired of looking at a girls butt…pixelated or not. 🙂

  11. IMHO, it is time for you start to record video…

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