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Rift: Over The Stonefield Hump

May 3, 2011

So it’s been one week since I wrote about my Rift alt and loudly proclaimed I was going to actually try to work on the character and not abandon her to a fate of lowbie purgatory. Yeah, not going as well as I’d hoped. It’s not that my resolve is flagging, but it’s always difficult trying to go against one’s nature, and I find myself always tempted to work on my main instead.

Last weekend was also a pretty crappy one for gaming; April showers bring May flowers and all that, but what all the poems and songs neglect to mention are all the and grass and shrub and weed growth that also happens, and I spent the bulk of my Saturday outside toiling on yard work. After a long day, I came back into the house, looked at my computer and decided I just wasn’t in the mood to face Stonefield.

Then the realization hit me — it’s not me, it’s Stonefield. Every game seems to have a “blah zone” like that for me, i.e. one that I can’t wait to get the hell out of. I don’t know what it is about that place, but I’m just not that into it. I wouldn’t say it’s an ugly zone, but it’s far from being one of the prettiest. It has its moments, but for the most part it’s a dreary place, and the quests aren’t very exciting. It’s also caught in that awkward “in-between” place, if you know what I mean, hitting you right after that initial high of learning a new class and new abilities has gone down…but right before the more interesting and “advanced” content can roll out.

Rift has a variety of higher level zones as questing paths begin to branch out once you get past Scarwood Reach. I wish Trion had done something similar for the mid-20s to 30s zones too, especially since this ennui is more likely to turn me away at the lower levels when I haven’t invested so much yet.

I have a feeling progress will pick up again once I get past this “Stonefield hump”. The wonderful thing about playing a Rogue is, you level so damn fast.