Rift: Prelude To Riches

May 5, 2011

Yesterday marked the beginning of Rift’s minievent which will last until May 9th, heralding the Spoils of War 1.2 patch expected to drop on the 10th. My anticipation levels are officially through the roof as I await the arrival of new features like Appearance Slots, Crafting Rifts, as well as the addition of a new type of event called “slivers” which are entrances into alternate time streams. I plan on checking all that out regardless, but this prelude event is nonetheless a welcome diversion to tide me over, injecting some fresh lore into the world and allowing me an excuse to spend more time on my Cleric and giving me some activities to do in the meantime.

Corrupted coin! I knew it was too good to be true…

There are four new daily quests available; one requires you to gather up coins found around the city, the other three asks you to collect Ancient Golden Dragon Egg Shells that drop from creatures of the fire and earth planes. In other words, nothing really all that special. Okay, so I’m not exactly the biggest fan of dailies, that much is true…but to me, the grind for shells also makes these quests an even bigger pain in the ass than the ones from the first phase of River of Souls.

But the rewards? Oh, dagnabbit, they actually are quite nice. Considering how this thing is only going to be on for a few more days, and completing all the quests took just a little less than an hour and a half, I conceded to myself they are probably worth doing. Yep, these “gifts of burning greed” have decayed my usual sensibilities indeed.

To complete the “Gold Aplenty”, “Heroic Spoils”, and “Hunting for Riches” dailies, I needed to gather 80 shells in all. Collecting the coins already gave me 10, so I struck out into the world and murdered me some planar creatures to get me the rest.

Sticking together...

As a level 50, I hit Shimmersand and found that the best thing to do, if you’re lucky, is to join up with the first raid group you see and go rift hopping across the zone for fire and earth incursions. Traveling with this convoy made up of both Guardians and Defiants ranging from the mid-30s to 50, I was able to get all my shells within 90 minutes, at 4-6 shells at each rift depending on whether or not there are also invasions present. People were very cooperative.

As for my rewards for the first night, I managed to rake in a pile of platinum, a couple ultra rare artifacts, and best of all, a dozen Artisan’s Marks for crafting. Unfortunately, no “Gritty Kitty” companion pet in my plunder…yet. Cross my fingers for another day.


  1. A dozen artisan’s marks! Dang, now I wish I had stayed on and completed them yesterday.

    • Those marks were a nice surprise…consider how I don’t do my crafting dailies as often as I should… 😛

  2. I hadn’t looked at the rewards, but if you’re doing dailies they must be good. I’m so easy going about these quests, I just hopped in, saw the new dailies were live, and picked them up.

    • Yeah, the rewards have corrupted me. The got me with the only thing I would cave and do dailies for — the promise of collectibles like artifacts, titles and a shot at a vanity pet!

  3. Thats quite a bit of marks. Sounds like allot of fun though your having.

    • Tonight, I got 17 marks out of my reward bag, 5 more than yesterday. I rejoiced 🙂

  4. thanks for helping me out last night 😀

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