Riftshots Of The Day: You Must Be This Tall To Collect Corrupted Coins

May 6, 2011

I would like to add to Syp’s earlier observations, by submitting these images to further document Rift’s “Great Corrupted Coin Shortage of 2011”:

May I present to you Exhibit A:

Please sir...may I have some more?

Exhibit B:

"Player Civility is not a substitution for quests working properly" -- ski843

Somewhere in there is a motivational poster message waiting to happen.

In all of Meridian, there is only one — one — cache of coins working properly for the players to loot for the daily quest “Treasures of Meridian”. Pathetic as that is, there is a bright side. The only “treasure” I saw when I took these screenies is the display of cooperation between dozens of strangers in an online game, which is actually quite heartwarming if you think about it. The phenomenon has even spawned its own forum thread, titled “The Line(tm)“.

Faeblight has its share of bad apples just like any server, but on days like today, I am proud to call it my home.


  1. I’ve not noticed if this is an issue on Estrael or not yet, but it always amazes me how polite some people can be. I’ve been in many games in the past where it’d essentially be a free-for-all, but I’m glad everyone seems to be acting like an adult and cooperating – it gives me further faith in the game and its community.

    • Agreed…it’s rare indeed to see something like this happen spontaneously. If something like this happened on my server in say, WoW, it would have been a dog-pile.

  2. […] as players patiently wait to get their 5 from one of the few working ones.  Later in the day MMO Gamer Chick, posted that the same phenomena was happening on her server as well (above image is MMO Gamer […]

  3. Doh’!

    I do play on FB, but all treasure is unloot-able to me at the moment. No real idea as to why. So I just reported it as a bug.. my Cleric would get midway through her loot animation, and then stop, all the while the treasure pile would twinkly merrily away, and the gloved icon stayed the same… Ooooh, you’re just taunting me pile of treasure!!

    • Yeah it’s a bug…an annoying one! But I was just on right now, and apparently they fixed the non-functioning piles of coins and everything is back in working order. Funnily enough, however, it worked perfectly fine the first night! 😛

  4. Oh! This reminds me of being at PAX East!! 🙂

    • “2 hour wait from this point!” Heh heh 😛

  5. […] be learned, even in the themeparks as they stand today. Lessons such as cooperation, teamwork, and courtesy to others (okay, maybe not in WoW); social skills like leadership, coordinating groups, and listening. I […]

  6. I’ve never seen a orderly like like that ever in any MMO i been in. Usually everyone or everything is just piled up on each other.

    Looking at the pick looks like that line you see where everyone is lined up at a convention.

    • I don’t know who started it, but the line managed to carry on for two days or however long it was it took for Trion to fix the coins. It really shows how it only takes a small group to start something good.

  7. i find its hit and miss with the corrupted coins these days, maybe 1/7 of the coins work
    i’m also very surprised the Trion hasn’t fixed this faster.. :S

    • They’ve fixed it now so that more of the coins work. I walk up to some of them and sometimes I can’t pick them up, but I think it’s because they show up but in actuality they’re just in the process of respawning. When I go back a couple minutes later, they work again.

  8. luckily not had this problem yet as most of the coins are still working on the server i’m currently playing on.

    • I think they did a quick fix a day after I wrote this post. Most if not all the coin piles work now, thank god.

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