Star Trek Online: Breen Back!

May 9, 2011

May is Star Trek Online’s “Rerun Month”; just like network TV they are bringing back all the Feature Episodes this time of the year for another chance to nab exclusive rewards. The Breen arc that’s going on will run until the 12th, so until then players who weren’t subbed at the time or didn’t realize the Breen bridge officer was a time limited reward have another chance to grab him.

It appears that a new “Breen set” has also been added to the mission rewards. In the words of the great Daniel Stahl, “a sack of potatoes” (the Deferi Snow Tubers) just wasn’t cutting it.

Huh. Now that I think about it, I guess that was kind of a rip off. Though admittedly, the Cryo Tribble was really cool (oh hahaha I slay me).

So on Saturday, I joined up with my Federation News Service fleeties and we blitzed through the Breen arc again. It’s always a pleasure doing missions with my fleet, and for once I felt perfectly at ease — since I’ve done all the feature episodes already, I didn’t have to worry about stopping to read every single word of quest text or pause every five seconds to snap a screenshot and risk having my head caved in with a phaser blast by the annoyed people I’m playing with.

I ended up picking up three pieces of the new Breen set — Impulse Engine, Shields and Deflector Dish. Aesthetically, I didn’t think it was going to alter to my ship’s appearance, but I was surprised to see that the impulse engines, at least, seemed to have made my warp trails an icy blue. Not a very significant change, but it’s more than I expected and still better than nothing.

Icy blue trails.


  1. I JUST realized today that I’ve been tackling this bass ackwards — I’ve been working on Cloaked Intentions rather then The Breen. I blame the website, which as CI listed FIRST, and TB LAST (yes, I know…it says “Season 3” and “Season 1” and everyone was talking about “The Breen” and not “The Romulans”…I’m dense).

    Thankfully, I still have a few days. I figure if I log in every day, I should be able to knock it out by Thursday morning. I hope. XD

    • I noticed that too, when I first looked at the site I linked — they presented the arcs from newest to oldest, which threw me off a bit too when I saw it 😛

      You should be able to do it, the 12th is still days away and from beginning to end the arc took us about a couple hours to do. No big deal that you did Cloaked Intentions first instead; that arc is fantastic!

    • Also, only the final mission’s special reward — the Breen Tactical Officer — is going away. The new Breen Front equipment is here to stay, apparently.

      • Indeed, so grab the Breen officer now if you don’t have him, but the Breen set is a permanent reward!

  2. My friend and I tackled the Breen series again on Saturday as well and were very pleased with the new set. The Rapid Fire Transphasic Torpedo Launcher wasn’t as impressive as we’d hoped, but overall we were impressed by the haul we came away with.

    I’m looking forward to seeing if they add new stuff to the other Featured Episodes.

    • I took a pass on the Torpedos too. I like my current quantum torps 😛

      I hope they will add new stuff to the other arc reruns as well. I heard that the set was just going to be a Breen thing at first, on account of the unimpressive nature of the “sack of potatoes” reward, but hopefully Cryptic will see how positively received these rewards are, and think about making new sets for the other two series.

  3. SO that’s what you guys were doing on Saturday. I am so out of it.

  4. Damn it all! I think it is my destiny to play STO alone. Of course I’d miss all my fleetmates logging into to do the replay. D:

  5. Rowan, AyAitch, anytime you guys want to group up and do the replays, just give a holler. Our Saturday run was formed that way, just us expressing interest in playing the Breen arc together, and so we threw together some plans.

    The other arcs are later this month, just let me know.

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