Vanity Insanity

May 10, 2011

Gritty Kitty

I have a confession to make — I really dislike dailies. I don’t like the tedious, repetitive nature of them, and most of the time they drive me bonkers. So why, then, did I so diligently do the Rift “prelude to the Spoils of War” dailies every single night for the last week without fail?

Because of the rewards. And not just any kind of reward. They got me with the only thing that would make me give a crap — the promise of rare artifacts, and a shot at a new companion pet (which I still haven’t had any luck with so far, I might add). I swear, any kind of fluff or collectible but especially the vanity items like pets, they get me every single time. It’s getting a little embarrassing.

Still, this aspect of an MMO is like a side game that gives me a different kind of satisfaction. In World of Warcraft, I liked collecting vanity pets because of the wide variety of them in game as well as the achievements for obtaining them. In Lord of the Rings Online, I fell in love with all the pretty cosmetic outfits. In Rift, I like how finding artifacts, picking them up and slotting them into your collections feels like filling in the empty spaces in your display case. I suppose I have the Pokemon syndrome; whether it takes hours or days of farming, spending ridiculous amounts of gold on the auction house, jumping through the hoops, or yes, doing a bunch of pain-in-the-ass dailies, I just can’t fight the urge to collect “worthless” junk.

The way I see it, just because it’s fluff doesn’t make it less valuable than say, a fancy sword or a rare helm off some raid boss. If it takes me time and effort to obtain and item, then that item has value to me, simple as that. Sometimes I find that the collectibles are even more dear to me; the sentimental value is there because more often than not, these items are things I went out of my way to get, and not just an incidental reward or a means to an end. Things like vanity pets, for instance, also stay in my character’s record and don’t go away, and the meaning of the collection never changes from patch to patch, or expansion to expansion, even as I’ve gone through gear sets many times over. Oh, and they’re cute. Mustn’t forget that.

I know some people just don’t see a point, and that’s fair. But to me, there’s more to playing an MMO than simply doing things that will benefit your character directly. I like gear drops and loot too, but sometimes I like the fluff stuff even more — thus explaining my current motivations for getting off my butt and actually doing the dailies in Rift. The moral of the story is, I could care less about grinding for special badges or fancy stat-ridden epics, but offer me collectibles and vanity items and, Trion, I’m putty in your hands.


  1. The wife hit 110 lucky coins last night.

    Her typical login day consists of a trip to the mailbox to check for items she has bid on. Head to the AH and check for shinies at cheap prices. Next, check all shinies she needs the final piece for and search for them on the AH..finally, start several runs through various zones for specific paths she has chosen to find MORE shinies.

    Artifact collecting…not grind, but HER content.

    You’re not alone………….Cheers

    • 110 lucky coins! I’m jealous…I wasn’t even aware there were so many artifact collections in the game. I mean, I know there are a lot…but 110? Damn, and I thought I was an artifact addict.

      BTW, I do that too, camp the AH for cheap artifacts 😛 Almost exactly the same ritual, with checking for final pieces and everything etc. Glad I’m not alone!

  2. For 10 days straight I did the STO Delta Flyer daily mission. I suppose I’ve been doing dailies as an excuse to just play STO more and I really enjoy flying my ship, but I really wanted that Delta Flyer and the pet Delta Flyer you get as a side effect was hilariously awesome (by that I mean the size of the Flyer is disproportionate to my Assault Cruiser and it made me laugh).

    I’m really enjoying the foundry because it breathes story into the game. Well, its questionably written and you have to take each individual mission with a grain of salt, but it’s there and it’s new and unique and fun. It’s an added bonus that there’s a daily quest for doing three foundry missions.

    I don’t mind dailies… they give me something to do while I’m trying to figure out what I’d like to do.

    • D’oh, I still haven’t done that one. I see the quest for the delta flyer staring me in the face every time I log on, but somehow I am still not finding the motivation for it. STO ships and shuttles are a little different, because I think I perceive them as tools. I already have a shuttle and so getting another one, even if it’s the nifty delta flyer, is sort of low priority. I will suck it up and get those dailies done one of these days though.

      But in STO, I’ve always been a sucker more for their costumes pieces 😀

  3. I’m not big on the vanity pets. Though I did find it amusing the one time I was ganking PvP flagged Hordies with my druid. I had a vanity pet out so they were being stalked by a frog. 😀

    But seriously, the only vanity pet I liked was that frog. Not because I like frogs but because it was a drop in ZG. A drop my wife wanted. She collects vanity pets. It was one of the few she didn’t have. I felt it fitting that her vanity-pet-hating hubby got it.

    There would be one exception. A ferret. Put a ferret vanity pet in and I’ll be all over it. Heck, I’ve got a post about my joy at the ferret pet in Torchlight. And the ferret pets in RoM. If I can have a little dooker following me around, especially if they get the little hopping gait they have down pat, I’ll scour the countryside for a ferret.

    My thing is cosmetic gear. I am particular about how my toons look and if I can control the gear they show vs. the gear from which their stats are derived I am a happy camper. LotRO’s system is perfect. The only flaw there is the god-awful art on the gear, both actual gear and cosmetic gear. I swear my Warden stuck with 2/3rds her newbie outfit until 56 because it looked better than everything in between!

    Now that we have cosmetic gear in Rift my big question is this: Will we see more than 3 variations of armor between 1 and 50?

    • Oh Mojo the frog! I’d wanted that little guy for my collection like forever. Never was lucky enough to get him, despite multiple runs through Zul’Aman 😦 You are so lucky.

      Hey, a ferret pet would be amazing! Did you know that if we hadn’t gotten dogs, my husband and I would have most likely gotten a ferret? I’d sooner get a ferret than a cat…not that I have anything against cats, but ferrets are just cool!

      Anyway, I approve of any system that allows me to level up without looking like I’m preparing for clown college…so yeah, I’m a fan of cosmetic gear. Ironically, I never played with LOTRO’s cosmetic system as much as I should have, which is weird because they have one of the best ones. I’m looking forward to playing around with Rift’s new appearance slots.

  4. It’s gotta be a girl thing haha

    Between pets and outfits it was a wonder the Misses can loot anything at all. (Top it off, she was a hunter and back then both pets and ammo took up inventory slots). Now that pets have their own tab she fills up all the free areas with outfits >.< Been a few times she asked me to Need an item just because it was pretty haha

    I'm more about goofy items, or rare models/skins of items I can equip or keep in my bags to link later on. I still got the Slap Rock on my goblin toons and that Kaja'Cola for awhile to swig around people randomly till that ran dry. I got the "Burning Crusade" 2h axe and like all the goofy looking guns and cool bows from BC heroics on my alliance mains.

    Rare holiday stuff is a keeper as well, like I got the gas mask from Valentines the first year that stuff dropped. Oh! And the headless horseman helmet! That laugh is awesome ^_^

    • Oh ouch, I still remember the days where pets took up inventory slots. My bank was pretty much 80% pets and nothing else, it was a relief when they finally made the collection system. Why they stopped there, I don’t know…WoW could have used a wardrobe system too, since I always participated in the holiday events and so ended up with a ton of outfits that took up inventory space as well. Yeah, I’m a huge fan of collecting holiday stuff.

      I don’t usually keep gear, but I’ve made exceptions. I’m probably going to keep the weapon “Journey’s End” from Naxx forever, since I love the model (y guild also used to tease me and say that I play a druid just so I can own several outfits 😛 ) “Druid weapons” were always so pretty, though more and more that’s going away. Most pieces now look reused with just a different color skin.

  5. Fun is fun whether there is any “point” to it or not. I mean what is the point of doing anything in an offline RPG, it’s not like you can show off your awesome characters to anyone in a shared virtual space. I have a similar soft spot for house decorating. I once spent an entire afternoon working my way towards a new doormat in LoTRO (really, it was way cooler than my old one!).

    Does it make my character in any way more powerful to have my virtual living room set up “just so?” Not in the slightest. But do I have fun playing fantasy dollhouse in the virtual spaces I inhabit? Oh heck yeah 🙂

    • I agree, though sometimes are able to share your collection or your work on your “virtual dollhouse” (lol) with others in the game and that’s fun too. I for one love running into other fellow pet collectors just randomly, and we’ll start summoning/dismissing our favorite or rarest pets one after another to show off or collection 😀

  6. I agree with Yeebo. I would go a little farther though and say the usually fun is fun especially when there’s no point to it.

    I don’t have the dislike of dailies that you do, but I don’t especially love them either. For me, they’re basically like a handrail. It’s a bit of helpful structure/support that I can use when I need to and forget about when I don’t.

    • I think my aversion to dailies began when I realized just how easily I can be sucked into them. I used to be really into them, believe it or not, but now I’m not sure if I enjoyed them even back then, or if I did them out of a sense of “obligation”.

  7. I hate dailies too! that is all I have to say really. Ugh.

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