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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

May 11, 2011

I was going to take a break from blogging today in order to get some work done, but I am suddenly struck by this this little nugget of wisdom from the twitter feed of Anjin from Bullet Points:

Reading about gamers hating on/feeling detached from/white knighting other gamers is making me sad. If there was ever a community that should embrace the breadth of its otherness, it should be gamers.

It really spoke to me, because I’ve actually mulled over this many times in the last year. I mean, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Whether or not I agree with something, I usually don’t mind too much reading about criticisms of a game. Sometimes I even enjoy it, because I can learn a thing or two from getting someone else’s point of view.

However, civilized discussion about how mechanics aren’t working or how gameplay can be improved is one thing. Even a short response like “It’s just not for me and here’s why” is equally legitimate and fair. What bothers me is seeing how more and more of this “constructive criticism” is actually crossing the line from tearing apart a game, to tearing apart its players.

I’ve been noticing a lot of commentary these days devolving into ad hominem and personal attacks, ultimately saying much less about how one feels about a game (which is actually somewhat useful), and becoming more about making known their condescension and hate for their fellow gamers for liking or disliking it (which is completely pointless). It irks me and bewilders me, because it’s not like how someone else feels about a game, or what you think of those individuals, has any bearing at all on your gameplay experience. This contempt at others solely for their gaming preferences, where is it coming from?