Rift: Looking Snazzy

May 12, 2011

What started out as a curious peek into Rift’s new appearance slots system yesterday turned instead into a 3-hour trek across the whole of Telara on a quest to put together my first wardrobe set. Oh, the lengths we go to in order to look good.

When I first rolled my Cleric, I had in my mind a picture of an avenging angel, a heroic woman in shining chain mail and white cloth. I think I alluded to the image of a Roman warrior goddess. So I kinda took that and ran with it. The higher level chain gear has also always been a little too bulky for my tastes. You ever run around in a full length chain mail dress? I have (long story), and I can tell you that it was uncomfortable as all hell.

I actually really liked the look of the chest piece that newbie Clerics start off with, but I’d long since gotten rid of it (in fact, I’d vendored a lot of nice-looking items from quest rewards after I’d out-leveled them, and I am kicking myself for that right now). The good news is, the new Clothier NPC by the dye vendor sells all the newbie gear which any class can use, so at least I got my shirt back. The bad news is, I had to drop a pile of platinum for it.

But it was still nothing compared to what it cost to get the player-made dyes on the Auction House. Let’s just say I’m sure I made someone very happy yesterday. Note to self: buy White Dye recipe the next time I get an Apothecary plaque.

The result is nothing too fancy, but the look is somewhat closer to what I’d originally had in mind for my character when I first created her. The system’s still new; I foresee more available costume pieces in the future that I’ll be able to work with. Just a couple things of note:

Gear Proficiency: There was actually a very striking cloth robe I had my eye on, but since we can only equip armor in wardrobe slots of the appropriate type for our calling, I sadly had to tear myself away. I suppose I can understand the reasoning behind such a decision (preventing PvP distractions, Warriors rolling need on cloth for their wardrobe, etc.) but I’m still a little disappointed about the implications of this for roleplaying. It did, however, help me narrow down my choices as I scoured the auction house and hit up every armor and Rare Planar Goods vendor I could find.

Weapons: One day, I’d love to see weapons and offhand appearance slots as well, functioning the same way as the wardrobe system. The sword and shield in the above picture are just for aesthetic purposes, in actuality my character carries a dark purple death-looking hammer bedecked with skulls. A very nice weapon by itself, but also sort of kills the whole avenging angel look, obviously.

Overall, I’m liking the new appearance slots and the wardrobe feature, but then again in general I’m a fan of anything that lets my character go about her MMO duties without looking like a candidate for clown college. I have no doubt I’ll be making use of the other slots and making new outfits in good time.

I’ll just have to be able to afford them first…


  1. DGF and I were looking at the wardrobe slots last night. So the vendored stuff costs on the level of platinum? That sucks. O.o

    I too wish I’d kept some of my earlier pieces. Though I like my cleric’s current hunter-green pants and boots, so they’re keepers.

    • Yeah, expensive for “lowbie” starter gear. It’s nice looking stuff for what you begin with though, and you can mix and match. The boots in the shot are actually the mage starting boots, I believe. I just dyed the lining a goldish color.

  2. I wish I’d been online as I’ve picked up both the white and black dye recipes, so I could’ve saved you some coin.

    I’ve been hoping for a wardrobe system since launch, so I’d been hanging on to a few robes that I really liked the look of. Unfortunately I didn’t think to hold on to any good looking gloves or boots, so I’m going to have to poke around the auction house a little bit.

    • Thanks for the thought, Kae, but I also saw that mats for both the white and black dye recipes. I didn’t have any of the rare herbs on hand, so while it might have saved me some cash, it would still have cost me a pretty penny.

      Be sure to check out rare planar vendors, maybe you can use some leftover sourceshards to buy some pieces. The clothier has the nice starter pieces (you can get some interesting combinations by mixing and matching, and using dyes) and also the armor vendor standing a little to the left the clothier and dye vendor.

  3. She looks very lovely! I wanted to buy a few items from the clothier but they were just too much 😦

    • Yeah, I can’t believe how expensive the items were. And it’s 10 plat for the second wardrobe slot. I guess it’s a luxury feature, which seems only high levels can take full advantage of.

  4. She looks like an angel. 🙂

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