SWTOR Sith Inquisitor: “Treachery Can Break Even The Mightiest Foe”

May 13, 2011

Late last night Gamespot posted a new video along with an exclusive Q&A, the curtain-raiser to what was expected from today’s Star Wars: The Old Republic Friday reveal — the Sith Inquisitor class update.

First, the video. Love the deception, love the force lightning, love the calm and cool-headed attitude of this badass Zabrak chick who is the very model of an upstanding emissary to the Empire. When considering most of the class videos that came before, it’s also a breath of fresh air to see someone who isn’t brutishly running around bashing in people’s skulls. As Daniel Erickson pointed out in the Gamespot interview, the Inquisitor is the “thinking-person’s Sith”; their strengths are in treachery and manipulation.

But if I have to nitpick, I can’t say I’m a fan of the “warlockian” outfit used in the video. I hope having to endure those monstrous shoulderpads isn’t part of the “rigorous trials” process on the long journey to unlock the secrets of the dark side.

If I haven’t already made up my mind to play a Bounty Hunter, I think I would have seriously considered the Sith Inquisitor. In the words of lead combat designer George Zoeller:

“Through advanced class and skill selection, the player can mold this class to fill any of the traditional roles of characters in massively multiplayer games.”

Yeah, especially in light of the bombshell that dropped last month updating the Inquisitor and Jedi Consular to tanking classes. I predict the two classes will fill similar roles in the game, and while I’ve only seen the Consular in action, if the Sith Inquisitor displays even a fraction of the same versatility I witnessed…well, I stand by my declaration — that in terms of gameplay, I think these two classes will probably be the most versatile and interesting to play.

However, I’m still going to have to give the SI the edge here — nothing beats being able to zap people with force lightning coming out of your fingers!

That said, the Sith Inquisitor Advanced Classes are very different. Assassins wield double-bladed lightsabers and they have the potential to fulfill damage, support, or even tank roles. Sometimes they even get to wear cool ninja-type armor like this! Now that’s an outfit I can learn to love:

Sorcerers, on the other hand, rely more on force-based abilities to do battle — lightning strikes and force storms are the kind of powers you find in their arsenal. They can also use the force to control their enemies or heal their allies.

Sorcerer armor style, however, is a little more distracting. I don’t even really know what to say. It’s like sci-fi meets shamanism. I love it, but at the same time I don’t — it’s a great look, but it’s also going to take me some time to get used to seeing it in the Star Wars universe:

As with every class update, the information also includes a known associate/companion: Khem Val, a member of force resistant and not-so-pretty Dashade species who according to his description sleeps dormant in the tomb of Naga Sadow on Korriban, waiting for a worthy Sith Inquisitor just like you to come along to finally wake him from his stasis. I assume you don’t do it with a kiss.

And of course, the ship — the same one that Sith Warriors use which was first revealed in their update — the Fury-class starship . Or what I like to call the love child of the Millennium Falcon and an imperial TIE Interceptor.


  1. The bombshell of the day was given the right circumstances according to what i read, and Inquisitor can be redeemed and switch allegiances….blew my mind.

    • I think you still have to stick with the same faction, but yes you can be a light side Sith for sure, or similarly, I dark side Jedi. Or grey if you prefer! 🙂

  2. I won’t lie, it looks like a cool class.

    However at the opening of the video I couldn’t help to think: ‘Cripes! WoW shoulders, why?’

    IMO Hoooooge shoulders don’t really have any place in this game. Feel free to correct me though. 🙂

    • My fault for having not read your article all the way through. Yes, we are in accord concerning the shoulder pads of doom. “Rigorous Trials” indeed! ;P

      • I really don’t like big shoulders, no matter how cool they look. Harkens back to my WoW days, I think, it irritated me how sometimes they are so big that they obscure my own face.

  3. I’ve never considered playing a Sith (bounty hunter excluded), until now. Like a poster on Massively said: “My two classes I will play are Jennifer Hale and Sith Inquisitor.”

    • I’d play the female Trooper just for the awesomeness that is Jennifer Hale.

  4. Based almost entirely on that video, that’s probably the class I’m going to try first at launch. I agree the shoulders are over the top, but force lightning, stealth, telekinesis, and whatever those other two powers she showed off were just look like way too much fun to pass on.

    • I think it’s going to be fun. They get to have very cool looking abilities, and I believe the class itself is going to be pretty versatile.

  5. Well, maybe the shoulders are a little much. But they are nowhere near the Epic Epicness of WoW’s shoulders. She does look pretty badass, I find myself with difficult decisions regarding TOR classes. Probably end up with another full stable of alts.

    I meant to say on your last Friday update how awesome they are. I have only occasionally actually gone to the site specifically to check out the updates and didn’t realize that it’s not super clear what has been updated. Your posts are an excellent digest and point me where to go if I want more detail. Great job.

    • I’m not an alt person but I already know I’ll be going all out with SWTOR. It’s a little different though, because each class will have their own story, so it’s not just a matter of repeating the same content.

      Thanks for the compliments! Covering SWTOR updates every Friday has become a tradition for this blog, but I’m glad it’s actually helpful to some.

  6. i’m not sure if i can get on board with the armour or not. don’t think its something i want to wear, but looks generally okay.

    • In the video, magenta and purple…just seems a little much for a Sith Inquisitor. The ninja outfit in the first image is nice though.

  7. I’m slipping lately. I used to have so much to say about the Friday Updates (of course real life health issues have been kicking my ass lately, so I don’t think a reprieve is too much to ask).

    This update definitely deserves some kudos, in my opinion. Sith Inquisitor has been one of the most highly anticipated classes since all the classes were first revealed. BioWare certainly didn’t disappoint with this video and all its crazy lightning-flinging, glowy-eyed stealthing, and excellent voice acting. They really gave the SI class a very polished intro.

    I think maybe I am a little more forgiving of the armor than most because I never played a ‘lock in WoW. I didn’t have a chance to get sick of the look.lol It does look a bit more garish than what I am used to in the Star Wars universe, I’ll admit. However, I also have to remind myself sometimes that we’ve never seen a true Empire of the Sith in the flesh, so to speak — and if they were anywhere near as bombastic as Palpatine, with his Nazi-esque military grandiosity, I wouldn’t put it past them to wear something that would really make themselves stand out.

    • No worries, we all have real life obligations to take care of! Sorry to hear you’ve been sick, hope you get back into Sith fighting fit condition soon 🙂

      Garish is a good word to describe the costumes. Seeing the Sorcerer armors was a huge shock to me, I didn’t expect the “tribal” style touch at all. Palpatine may have been bombastic and grandiose, but his wardrobe was definitely more subdued 😛

      Looking forward now to the Consular update. We’re finally on the last one!

  8. Short question. Jedi wizard, everyone flips. Sith sorcerer? Yaaaa nobody says anything….give me a break.

  9. I don’t get why so many people are bothered about the armor coming from this game specifically the shoulder pads. It almost comes off like a fear of anything remotely similar to WoW, that anything possibly based on that dreaded and vile digital code would swiftly engulf the SW license and kill it off faster than a Death Star facing Aldaraan.

    While I get a giggity out of the Sith stuff, this one was not my style. Maybe because it was a girl, or possibly the thick-as-peanut butter posh accent, the whole thing reeked of Blood Elf mage (boo! hiss!) to me. Not Good Eats.

    Thooough, I was just wondering the other day when they were going to show someone able to use that dual-edged sabre they showed the chick wielding in the CGI they made eons ago. And now I know where!

    Also, is the internal dialog bit going to continue from this point on in the reveals? Because it kinda weakened the whole thing, to me. All the previous ones were strong enough on their own to remain silent, while this one consisted entirely of dialog. Sort of a, “I have nothing to say, but I’m going to say it, non-stop, for the next two minutes.”

    • I’m personally not fond of the shoulders, but not because of anything to do with WoW. Yes, WoW shoulders bother me, but it’s the sheer size I’m unhappy with, no matter what game it’s in. It’s distracting, somewhat unrealistic, and more often than not it obscures my character’s face whenever she is facing sideways. That’s the biggie for me, when I’m prevented from taking nice screenshots of my characters because their huge shoulders are in the way 😛

      I think you’re thinking of the progression videos versus the class videos. All the class videos have had dialogue, and in fact, I actually thought the Sith Inquisitor here was the least verbose of them all 😛 You should hear the smuggler! 😉

      Yeah, so the progression videos are something different, and they show different types of armor as the class levels, branching off into the two advanced classes, as well as some abilities. These class videos on the other hand come with the class updates and give you some of the background as well as sort of the “feel” of the class.

      • Ah, that must be it. I saw the part about ‘choose your class’ and was all “But they only showed the one…? o.O”. Definitely more of a fan of the silent progression vids than these, yes XD

        I can see the issue with them affecting screenshots. You have made a comment once or twice about taking a few of those things -_^ The only reason I brought it up is because the last few times you posted a vid, at least three people agree the shoulders are distracting or downright terrible. Little odd, as I honestly didn’t even notice them either video. If someone is frying my brain through my eye sockets and turning my skull noodles into Sith dust, the last thing I would do is fixate on their choice of shoulder-wear XD

        I wonder if this issue will be loud enough for them to have the option of hiding them, like cloaks and helms. (Cloaks never bothered me, in fact I really liked the long cloaks from WAR, but in WoW, some helms are just awful and I usually prefer to see my toon’s face… minus tier 2 and 3 for warrior. Those were some beefy sets ^_^)

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