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Star Trek Online: Bonnie Kiiiin Bonnie Kiiiiin, I SEE YOU

May 16, 2011

Federation News Service, killing for a story.

My experience with Star Trek Online this weekend exemplified what I like so much the game. Late Saturday night, I found myself drowsing at my keyboard but not quite ready to go to bed. With the Series 2: The Devidians rerun in full swing, I decided to hop online and do an episode before I crash.

I found my Federation News Service fleeties already finishing up the series, but as luck would have it they had to go back to the first episode, and so I happily jumped on board. What I like most about STO is the fast, straight-forward and self-contained nature of the missions. When I run them with friends, I get all the social benefits associated with running an instance without the hassles like roles or worrying if encounters will last for hours and hours.

I plugged away at the rest of the Devidian series the next day and relived the creepiness of the later episodes, taking a page from Scopique and playing it in the dark with my headphones on.  This series is probably my least favorite (not because it wasn’t well done, merely because I felt the other two were even better), but atmosphere is clearly still the strength of this arc. Recalling how it first debuted during Halloween weekend of last year, it’s hard to believe it’s been so many months since I first played it. Even now, it still give me the creeps. Stupid “Bonnie kin” voice!

As you can tell, these reruns are giving me reason to play STO a lot more again. But while I’m happy to replay and earn fresh rewards, I still long for the day a new Feature Episode arc returns.