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Cryptic For Sale

May 18, 2011

To be honest, I’m not all that torn up about the news regarding Atari’s decision to sell Cryptic. Sure, I’m a little sad because anything that results in instability can’t be good —  but certainly I’m relieved that many of the concerns earlier were simply blown out of proportion, that Cryptic isn’t the sad image of “the kicked puppy standing in the rain” and everything is business-as-usual.

I’m still looking on the bright side. Not that I have anything against Atari, but it’s probably accurate to say that many of the wonky decisions I’ve doubted in the past have in fact come from the publisher and not Cryptic. I have also seen how the developer has chafed under their thumb. So frankly, if Atari currently wants to shift their focus away from development and expand into “casual online and mobile games” instead, I see this as the best for everyone…just my two cents.

After all, things have also been going well for Cryptic lately; based on what I’ve seen from Star Trek Online, they work their tushies off over there. At this juncture, I think what the company needs is a partner that will actually take pride in their work, as well as the resources to keep doing what they do best.

As long as things continue as normal (it appears to be so) my support remains with the dev teams and their games and future projects, regardless of where the wind takes them. Here’s hoping someone out there will recognize the talent and potential that Cryptic has, because they do good work and ’cause they’ve got streeeeength of the souuuul, and no one’s gonna bend or break — okay, sorry, couldn’t resist.

Best of luck, Cryptic. May you find a buyer in good time and keep moving forward.