SWTOR: Troopers Bring The Big Guns

May 27, 2011

A new Trooper progression video from Star Wars: The Old Republic:

/Cry. I am so torn.

My plan: I’ll be playing Bounty Hunter for sure, but I think I’m also going to roll a Republic character to play with friends from the other faction, and this is also the character I plan on locking in to the dreaded “Spousal Leveling Contract”. My husband is old school and would prefer to play a Jedi on the “good” side anyway, so this works well. Either way, the Bounty Hunter will be the character I play on my own terms, but this also means I’ll be spending a good chunk of time on the Republic alt, and I want to make my class choice a good one.

Before this video, it was a three-way tie between the Jedi Consular, Smuggler and Trooper. Now the Trooper, the class I thought I’d be least likely to play when I first heard about it, is actually edging out in front. It’s got a couple great things going for it, like if I ever get the urge to carry a huge ass gun…or knife some Sith in the face. Not to mention the female version will be voiced by the very talented Jennifer Hale.

Funny story, but I also have a soft spot for the Trooper armor, especially the sets in the above video that include the “butt flap” (my apologies, but I don’t know the technical name for that nifty piece of cloth hanging over his backside).

In most games, I usually turn on the “Hide Cloak” option because more often than not, parts of my character’s model or the graphics of my weapon strapped to my back will cut through, and in my opinion it just looks terrible. During my time at PAX East, however, I was practically in a trance watching the Troopers run in the Taral V demos, fixated with the way the backs of their heels kicked up the butt flap with every stride instead of showing through. Cloth actually moves like cloth should! Sorry…but it was pretty mesmerizing.

I think other people thought I was weird, being riveted by something so little when there’s so much more happening on screen like the environment and combat to be oohing and aahing over, but sometimes it’s the developer’s attention to little details like that which affect me the most.


  1. IDK, maybe it’s because I’ve in a profession where I’ve handled assault weapons, but the chainsaw/snowblower grip/stance of the Commando’s blaster seems ridiculous to me. As ridiculous as the shoulder armor in WoW. I have the same problem with similar weopons in STO and avoid them on my captains. Where did that design idea come from?

    • I know what you mean…I’ve never handled assault weapons and even to me it looks a little bizarre. It also made me think of STO immediately — I use those types of weapons on T’Andy too because of her career and specialization, but I’ve always thought that grip/stance looked awkward.

    • Stallone/Arnie?

  2. OK, I was just informed that the style of gun matches similar weapons in the Predator and Alien movies. Doesn’t make it any less ridiculous to me, but more understandable.

  3. I have seen a vision of my future. It is me taking a ton of alts up to five or ten to see the basics of different classes.

    • That’s my future too, I already know it. The trick is to prioritize which classes to tackle first! XD

  4. Gah!

    That was propaganda! Made me semi-interested in it, then baffle me when the jedi pushes that one dude off the cliff, only to see that this storm-trooper (mind you the class IS called “trooper” to start off with, the suffix of “storm”) only to find he’s on Jedi.


    As for the grip, it’s pretty common. Heavy Weapon Guy from TF2. (“An’ zees… iz mi VEAPON!” Also, try that line out randomly on the ladies, guys. Works wonders.) While the reality of the situation might not exactly match with what games has offered, did you ever look at soldiers holding their gun at awkward angles? It looks like they are tearing their wrists off when they let the gun sag, but it still feels okay.

    I think that is what’s goin’ on here. The left arm is keeping the gun hovering, while the right arm is piloting the gun like a rudder on a motorboat. As for how long can someone actually hover the gun of that size… hows about we completely ignore the lightning shooting out of people’s hands and just say that the armor he has equipped comes with some of the current Army tech that let’s soldiers lift massive quantities without any fatigue?

    And if I had to choose, I’d go Commando. (In game, not RL, sheesh!) The Vanguard didn’t do a thing for me. Unless that’s like a tank spec, then I guess I could. Shooting people while holding threat seems to be a win-win for me 😀

    • Yeah, Troopers in the Old Republic fight for the Republic. They are yet the dutiful soldiers for the “good” side 😛

      I dunno, because I think that’s exactly how I hold a hedge trimmer, and let me tell ya, I can’t keep it up without feeling like my wrists are going to break! Maybe they have super strength tech, or maybe weapons were made with super light materials. How a Trooper manages to control the gun while it’s spitting out bullets with just the hovering arm is beyond me too, it must be like handling a jackhammer. Though have you seen that one idle animation for them where they shake out their hand like it’s getting a cramp? 😀

      And yep, the Vanguard range tanks! 😀

      • Haha, I have not seen that animation, but I’ll keep an eye out for it now! I dunno about the physics involved, maybe the force pushing back against you from firing changes the muscles you are using from the triceps to the biceps, as you have to ‘push’ back against it. Heck, maybe that’s a mini-endorphin, a ‘blood drunk’ affect! “It hurts when I *stop* firing, so if I continue to unload on those Sith scum…”

        Range tanks, you say? Bioware… you sneaky, sneaky bas’tids. (There is a Sith-version, right? :P)

      • The Bounty Hunter Powertech can play the tank role though I’m not sure how ranged it is since they do use a flamethrower.

  5. I’m not for the trooper myself but the armor did look nice and Bioware has been paying a lot of attention to details.
    For me I’m definitely looking at playing the Imperial Agent and Sith Inquistor. The latter trailer really sold me xD. Perhaps the Smuggler too for the more comedic storyline. Look forward to seeing so more.

    • The comedic potential of the Smuggler appealed to me too, which is why it’s going to be so hard to choose my Republic character. And I’m also sort of enamored with the playstyle of the Jedi Consular, from what I’ve seen.

  6. Love the armor. And look forward to playing a big gun slinging toon than a spell caster in a mmo. But my only nitpick is that I’m seeing so many guns/gadgets that are beyond amazing but this is the Old Republic..yet the stuff looks more modern than SW Legacy era if you catch my drift.

    • They got the trooper armor right, looks iconic, but also with some cool-looking BioWare touches.

      I know what you mean, that’s sort of similar to the criticisms about tech in the Star Wars universe looking like it’s never really changed, even though it’s been like hundreds or thousands of years.

  7. I hear ya about the capes. In all MMOs save one I’ve always turned off helms and capes if at all possible. City of Heroes = cape awesomesauce.

    • Ah well, understandable. If you’re a superhero and you’ve got a cape…dude, you gotta show it off! 😀

      • Well, there’s that but it is mainly because Cryptic did capes right in CoH. None of this static movement loop tripe that other MMOs had. They were the first to have the cape react naturally to the movement of the player.

  8. Forget a Wow killer. Make that LIFE killer. its not bad enough so many class choices, not bad enough theres so many advanced classes. but i’ll never feel right about my choices wholly. Just blah all my alt slots will be full i just know it…i wont have anytime for anything either. Trooper has been hot to me since day one however. Definitely will have a trooper named Rambo Calrissian 🙂

    • Rambo Calrissian! LOL nice 😀

      I was the complete opposite…Trooper was probably the lowest priority for me, behind even the force users even though I had no interest in the force users…

      But damn you BioWare and your wily marketing ways. Trooper is now probably in my top 3 or 4.

  9. The cape and cloth physics were a highlight of any videos of Taral V from PAX East. I remember looking at the Jedi cape and thinking, “So I actually get to wear what looks like a cape in SWTOR, and not something that looks like I just tied a large floor rug to my back? Marvelous.” It may seem like a minor thing, but it really isn’t. Subtlety is important, and little details like that have an immense impact on the presentation, as a whole.

    Trooper is looking much better to me now. I hadn’t considered rolling one in my top 5 classes, but I think that is likely to change. If I had to guess which ac I’ll eventually run with, I’d go with Vanguard, based on what was shown in the video above. I just love their style — armor style, yes, but their use of a multitude of gadgets doesn’t hurt their cause, either.

    I thought this was a pretty good update. I wasn’t expecting anything too earth-shattering this close to E3. Progression videos are so popular, however, I wasn’t surprised this update was met with a fairly warm reception. I think maybe people are just satisfied when they get to see something — gear — that they will be aspiring to obtain at launch.

    For me, that aoe take-you-out-of-stealth move has me thinking wicked PvP thoughts.

    • Yeah, the way the cape moves and ripples, it looks so natural and actually makes your character look good. On the other hand, cloaks in games like WoW have always made me think of a long piece of cardboard taped to my shoulders. Agreed on your statement about presentation, whether or not I’m satisfied with the way a game looks, everything starts with your own character.

      If I do end up rolling a Trooper for my Republic alt, I’ll probably do the opposite of what I choose with my Bounty Hunter, ie. if I choose tanking spec with the BH, I’ll probably go Commando for the dps/healing for the Trooper. Though, I just recalled that BioWare has said that the BH’s role will be similar to that of the Trooper on the Republic side. That might ultimately make me decide to choose something else for my first Republic alt, in case the two classes are too similar in playstyle.

      Looking forward to E3. Did you get the newsletter from BioWare yesterday about checking swtor.com on June 6? That image looks like it could be a shot from a new trailer, do you think?

      • I cannot believe I missed that email… Well, I didn’t precisely miss it, but I definitely didn’t look through it all. I remember checking it, but doctor’s appts really dominated my time recently.

        That image looks like a still from the cinematic snippet we got when the Deceived novel was being hyped. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did turn out to be from another cinematic. I thought it was a little peculiar to spend a hefty sum on an awesomely detailed animation for a novel. Who has that kind of cash to throw around? …Ok, we all know LucasArts does, but seriously.

        If it is from a new trailer, I imagine it will be a combination of footage of both sides, and important events pertaining to both sides (Malgus helping to retake Korriban, Satele rediscovering the Jedi homeworld, etc).

        Personally, I hope to see Satele Shan make a more prominent appearance in any new cinematic. She is the most important figure for one side of this great galactic war, and she has, so far, only been in one video — and that wasn’t even confirmed until about a year after the video was first unveiled. I am an admitted Imperial player, but even I feel like the Republic needs a little time in the spotlight to make the rivalry between factions seem a little less one-sided.

        I have no idea if the June 6th reveal will be a cinematic. However, you can bet your ass that I will be there checking frequently that day. Guaranteed.

      • Yeah, I recall something similar from the mini trailer for the Deceived book. Even so, I wasn’t 100% sure if that was supposed to be Malgus, though I don’t see how it could be anyone else or who else it could be. The sith in that image just seems a little young, plus he’s dual wielding which I don’t recall if Malgus has every done the same.

        Makes sense if we get a new trailer for it to feature both sides this time, since we had a Empire centric trailer first and a Republic centric trailer after. Wouldn’t it be amazing if it turned out to be a release date trailer? Probably not, a girl can hope 😛

        I’ll be keeping my eye on the swtor site June 6 as well…that is if it doesn’t crash again due to all the traffic (a very likely scenario though)!

        And I hear ya about doc appointments, hope everything is okay!

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