Always In Motion Is The Future

June 10, 2011

Unsurprisingly, with everything that happened this week, today’s Star Wars: The Old Republic update was a recap of their events and features at E3.

  • Of course, the “Return” Cinematic Intro was the centerpiece. Last year, the “Hope” trailer had everyone excited about the Trooper, while this year, everyone is talking about the Smuggler. Bah! And they say BioWare gives no love to the Republic.
  • A preview trailer of the features we have to look forward to in SWTOR. Quite honestly, I liked that video just much as — if not more — than I did “Return”. It lacks the bells and whistles of a cinematic, but it has something better — actual gameplay footage.
  • A trailer for the Operation of Eternity Vault, a raid on the planet of Belsavis. There’s still not enough endgame information for me to make a judgment, but I’m curious. To recapitulate my own thoughts, I used to be a lot more interested in MMO raiding, but not so much anymore since I discovered how quickly I lost interest in the grind and gear progression. Don’t get me wrong — I’ll raid in SWTOR. But to be perfectly honest, unless they do something very different, I can’t see myself being converted in the long run. Don’t worry about me though, there are always going to be other classes to play. My favorite part of an MMO has always been the leveling, the journey, the experience.
  • The Tatooine Developer Walkthrough. Sith Sorcerors and Sand People and Krayt Dragons, oh my! And I still can’t get over how damn huge that place is. My sense of exploration is tingling.


  1. Bioware definitely had a great E3 and the best showing of SWTOR to date. It is disappointing that an actual release date was not given, as it was somewhat expected to be their big announcement. I have a feeling that Bioware and EA are in full strategy mode with being coy about release. It has been stated that Bioware has not spoken about game mechanics (much to the dismay of it’s fanbase) because they are afraid of Blizzard poaching ideas. I also think as soon as Bioware makes the TOR release date announcement Diablo III will also ‘surprisingly’ be announced to launch in the same timeframe.

    • Unless I’m mistaken, D3 is having a beta pretty soon with a release Septemberish-Decemberish. And D3 got postponed for the very reason of other companies poaching their ideas in the first place XD

      Not to defend Blizz, of course. Just stating what I heard. Personally, if they botch D3 as badly as they did SC2, I’m about done with the company. Never should have joined up with Activision >.<

      • I used to think D3 would be an automatic buy for me…but then I thought that about SC2 as well, and in the end, it turned out I decided to wait and I was even afterward I ultimately decided it wasn’t worth getting. I still have sights on D3 though, but it’s no longer on the list of games that I must buy on day 1.

      • Hmmm what would other companies ‘poach’ from a game that (like SC2) is practically a higher res rendering of a 12 years old game?
        Blizzard is really good at adding ‘polish’ and fancy cinematics to its games, not innovating or coming up with new ideas… SC2, WOW are a good example

      • It’s not always a bad thing. I’m all for innovation but sometimes true ingenuity is improving upon what works, rather than reinventing the wheel all together. At least for the basics 🙂

    • I think BioWare’s just being careful. The 2011 release is most likely a done deal, but of course, things can happen. At this late stage, they can still backpedal for more time, but if they gave a hard date now and had to renege, they’ll have a bloody riot on their hands.

  2. This is my mien kampf of end game raiding.

    At the end of the game, the last thing i want or want to become is an elitist bastage who tells me who, what, when, and where i can raid and why. I hate the idear of someone getting all the way to the end of the game to not see the magnificence of end game, to not know what it’s like to heal someone’s full bar with a little heal, to hit something for 9,999 9,999 , 9,999 on their screen, because i wont lie.

    What drives me at the end of the day is to play a game, and have fun, my idea of fun is playing at the top level with the top level gear and challenging everyone to work at their maximum the same as i am.

    After 8 hours of sitting around playing a GAME afterall, i dont want to play with people who’re terrible or cant get the concept of /dontdanceinthefire. I understand that everyone isn’t great, everyone doesnt really care like THAT, and i dont, but i play games to conquer them, not to die repeatedly and get nothing for the time i put in, just my raid 2 cents.

    I also think raiding is kind of a bottom to the top revolving totem pole. People at the top should help those at the bottom achieve better things without thwapping them over the head with a rule, or pretending to be better than anyone else because of the little bit of gear they have that will be obscelete by the end of the next dungeon, it’s all love, we’re all nerdy gamers who enjoy a game one way or another, why not look out for the next guy and make the experience fun and as LESS of a grind as it has to be.

    Some things cant be changed, like the culture of a game and gamers, by a developer all by themselves.

    You cant break the holy trinity, but you can make classes fun and accessible and ABLE to do the three things that need to be done……….people will STILL come out of the woodwork and say, “Oh jeez ya know, i’d still prefer a trooper over a consular to tank this…and um, maybe the consular could heal and not the trooper?” EVEN if the roles were reversed, people just can’t accept certain things, it makes me wonder why….and rant over my favorite blog, maybe you have the answer MMOGC 🙂

    • You bring up a good point, which is why I’ve always thought the hardest part of any MMO isn’t the leveling, isn’t the dungeons or the raiding…it’s finding a good group of people or guild to play with.

      I see game time as my time, and I’m not going to put up with someone who tells me when, where, how, and with whom to play either. Good thing is, I’ve been pretty fortunate in the past with guilds; my last one in WoW was a really tight group that did help each other out in the way you described. On the other hand, while I definitely agree that not everyone is going to be great at playing, the individual player him/herself also has the responsibility to at least do their best. My first guild ever was a gong show, because more experienced players would help, but some of those being helped would simply take advantage of it and freeload.

      It’s like you said, it’s the culture of the game and gamers; holy trinity, accessibility, etc. are some of the many things devs just can’t up and change overnight. So much depends on a gamer’s personal initiative and finding the right environment and niche for themselves. To me, it has always been about finding like-minded people to play with. Anyway, that’s how I see it 😀 That said, it can definitely be tough, given the nature of MMO communities these days.

  3. Agree’s with Travis above as well, so no point to repeat it. Just hoping the game at the end don’t turn out to be like WoW and some of the elitist who raid there.

    The game footage video looks pretty cool though. Still neutral in my expectations of the game just so i have no disappointments either way or waiting for the game. Cheers to the dark side 🙂

    • I hear ya about the raiding. I’m pretty excited about the game, but with regards to the endgame and raiding I’m just going to wait and see. It’s one of the few areas of SWTOR where I’m neutral and have no expectations. Sometimes it’s just nice to be surprised 🙂

  4. I think the story aspect of this game cannot be properly conveyed in video. Watching someone else make the dialogue choices will probably feel nothing like watching my own toon, who I created carefully, answer them, vocally. One of the things I look forward to most in SWTOR is, that personal investment in my toon. Just knowing that I can shape my character’s personality through fully-voiced quests makes me more excited than I can describe. I haven’t even played it yet, but I already feel an attachment to the SP Jugg that I will roll, thinking about how “he” would answer a given question, or what direction “he” would go in with a quest.

    PvP is likely where I will spend most of my time at endgame if PvE is anything like WoW. I already did hardcore raiding in a former life and, quite frankly, I don’t feel like wading through all the giant douches and turd sandwiches. I am playing SWTOR because it looks to be a fun game, not because I want to take on a second job, with work (raid) schedules, and sucking up to bosses (DKP) thrown in. If other people want to use the game for a second job, who am I to say they shouldn’t be allowed to? I’ll just keep my distance and enjoy other facets of the game besides PvE (once again, if it is anything like WoW).

    One thing about this game that has me excited for endgame is crafting. In games like WoW, crafting is not a true endgame activity — it’s just a subsection of raiding (you have to raid to get the best recipes, you don’t get them through crafting like in SWTOR). I would love to be able to get to endgame and focus on crafting, with some PvP thrown in. I’ve always been an econ-minded MMO player. I play the market (kiosk), make cash, and then spend it on frivolous things I don’t need (Mechano-hog, anyone?). I hope BioWare keeps to what they said and crafting does turn out to be a worthwhile endgame activity in SWTOR. That alone will earn a sub from me.

    • I agree. I had a thought earlier this week, while reading some of the hands-on reviews coming out of E3. I assume those that had a chance to play with the demos got 30-45 minutes, an hour tops. It sounds like a long time, but knowing the way BioWare invests in the story as a whole, there’s just no way anyone could get the full scope — or even an inkling — of the class experience in that time frame. Not to mention the points you made about personal choice and investment. You can’t possibly form a connection with a character you know you’ll only play for the duration of a demo. Made me think it might be best for me to take all these write ups with a grain of salt.

      I’ll probably be doing a great number of things at endgame. From what I’ve seen so far, this game looks huge with lots of things to do. For example, I’ll bet even hunting down all the datacrons will take a long time.

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