A Change Would Do Me Good

June 22, 2011

When the good folks at Rift posted the list of allowed destination shards for Defiant (North American) transfers, I was surprised to see Faeblight on the list (edit: or at least it was the night of June 22). Even tonight I was still hit with a queue when I tried to log in.

Granted, it’s a lovely server and my main will ever so faithfully remain there, but getting hit with long waits every time a new patch or update for the game goes live gets old fast. Especially when all I want to do is hop in and play a little on an alt.

Thus my pretty little Rogue was transferred to Estrael tonight. I am still stunned at over how simple and painless the whole process was. It was everything Trion said it would be — I clicked a button, typed in a confirmation, and seconds later, I was at my new home and that was that. They don’t even make transferring your cable or phone service this easy. Are you telling me that Blizzard has been making us pay $25 a pop for this? I am Jack’s wounded sense of indignation.

Anyway, moving off an overpopulated server was one thing — but knowing how capricious I am with my alts in general, I’m also hoping the change will inject a new interest and quality of enthusiasm into leveling again, especially with several others I know also moving their Defiants to Estrael. Few things I know are better motivators than a new home, new friends.

Even so, I have no guild lined up yet, which makes me wonder if part of me didn’t just do a character transfer for the sake of a character transfer. But who cares, the point is thanks to Rift, I did it ’cause I CAN.


  1. Yeah I’ve always thought WoWs server transfers were outrageous, and I’m hoping in Guild Wars 2 it will be even easier with fewer restrictions.

    • It’s so ridiculous now that I think about it. My husband and I must have spent a couple hundred dollars over the years with our transfers. Sighhh.

      • The problem for WoW is server transfers weren’t common back when it was designed, actually I don’t think they were offered by any game back then. So the transfers could be a very manual and time intensive process for WoW, but much easier for Rift if Trion designed their systems with that in mind.

        Of course, since people pay it, it’s not in Blizzard’s interest to fix their architecture.

      • True, and you’d think over time they could have lowered the price of the transfers as they became more common.

  2. Oh no! I’m all alone now on Faeblight…. Actually, I have no idea since I haven’t logged in for quite a while.

    • You’re not alone! My main is still on Faeblight, and I’m not moving her. I plan on playing a fair bit for the next little while too, now that Waves of Madness is out and there’s that water event thing. I miss doing rifts (and I’m sick of fire and earth in Shimmersand), so I’m looking forward to it.

      • I’ve been so out of it, I haven’t even read up on the new changes. I am looking forward to focusing on water rifts though, they’re my favorite rift type.

  3. Well, you made it before me. The hotel internet has me just barely 9 minutes away from the full patch download. I started about 5, it’s now almost 9. :\

    • It was pretty long for me too. I just transferred, and that was right after the patching got done. And I had started it up before I left for dinner two hours before that. I can’t imagine with hotel internet :\

      BTW, let me know what you plan on doing with your and your GF’s Defiants! Had any twitter/blogger guilds sprung up yet?

  4. Very cool…Glad you came to Estrael. All my characters are currently there and I really enjoy the roleplaying community there.

    Your character you transferred is Defiant, I’m guessing? I am in a great RP guild on the Guardian side, and also in a smaller one on the Defiant side of things, just in case that interests you.

  5. Trust me, programmers are also curious as to why Blizzard charges for what is a script to copy database entries. We’re talking compsci 101.

    • Charging for it isn’t really issue for me, I’d gladly pay if it was reasonable. 25 bucks is not really though.

  6. Considering how poorly other games treat us, you are almost required to try this out when it’s so easy. Such riches may not come our way again.

    • I hear ya. I mean, there are a lot of people I know on Estrael that I’d love to play with, but I could have easily made a new character for that. I can’t deny part of the reason for transferring was simply because I wanted to give it a try 😛

  7. I’m guardian on that server. I will not think twice before I strike you down young padawan

    • Well, good thing it’s a PvE server then, am I right? 😉

  8. […] announced free server transfers have gone live with some remaining kinks – for instance, the crowded Faeblight server was initially on the destination list, only to be removed by the time you’re reading this.  That aside, there’s an […]

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