Riftshot Of The Day: How Do I Look? Too Evil? I Hope You Like Evil

June 29, 2011

Hey look ma I'm the Faceless Man!

Did I mention that the Rift update 1.3 also added a whole slew of new costumes, armor pieces, and cosmetic items? Now we can all play dress-up with even more wardrobe choices found from vendors across the world, special rifts, or the world event. Yes, please!

Last night, the second phase of the Waves of Madness event, “Against The Storm”, also went live. Still more dailies, but at least we’re getting to see some water rift action, that is, if I can only find them…


  1. Hawtness! lol

  2. Trion hired Guillermo Del Toro to do costume design, I see.

    • Thank you! I was thinking to myself, “Dude, there’s something really ______ about that thing” and the movie I’d been trying to think of was Pan’s Labyrinth.

  3. Yes, that definitely does have a Pan’s Labyrinth vibe to it, but I do like the faceless costume, it’s quite awesome.

    This world event is proving to be quite entertaining, to say the least.

    Great costume!

    • Apparently there’s also a pirate hat from this world event. And of course, the elusive mount. Have yet to see either, though both my husband and I have gotten masks of screaming abyss of our own 😀

  4. I swear I’m going to log in an play this week. X) Last night wasn’t my fault at least, had work stuff from 8 to 11pm.

    • Ouch, that’s a long day.

      The event looks like it will be going on for a while yet, so no worries! I would think Trion would communicate the phases better this time around.

  5. I recently downloaded the free trial for Rift. So far, it’s sooo much fun! I don’t know yet whether or not I’m going to buy it. If I do, I’ll let you know!

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