A Long Weekend Of Patches

July 5, 2011

I hope everyone stateside had a restful long weekend this 4th of July. Personally, I had planned on getting in some gaming time, but instead found myself distracted by other activities — activities such as grilling hotdogs and burgers out in the yard, and enjoying many nights of firework displays around town, for instance. It was my first Independence Day in America, and I wanted to make it count!

I might not have done as much gaming as I’d have liked, but while I bustled about, my computer and internet chugged away at downloading updates all weekend, which was just as well:

Star Trek Online

I almost missed this, but Cryptic had another one of their Tribble test events this weekend, inviting testers to check out Season 4. I dabbled for as long as I dared, without revealing myself to too many spoilers. What little I did see was impressive enough, and I am itching to experience the new and revamped ground combat system as well as duty officers with my character on the live shard. Spending an hour or two on the Tribble test server this weekend also qualified players for a special reward, and this won’t end until 10am PST today so there’s still time if you hurry.

Age of Conan: Unchained

I’d been talking about jumping back into Hyboria ever since last week when AoC officially went freemium, but of course, I’m procrastinating already. I didn’t take the time to update the client until a couple days ago — and it was a massive download. Oh right, I’ve been away for a loooong time.

I’m definitely tempted to play, especially since I miss my level 80 Priest of Mitra, but seeing as full access to all the best gear, the best zones, and all the best content including the Alternative Advancement system requires a premium membership, looks like there’s a good chance of having to shell out at some point if I intend to do anything fun.

World of Warcraft

Another game I haven’t touched in a while, but decided to update anyway because of Blizzard’s recent announcement that you can now play WoW for free until level 20. I also got an email from them offering me seven days of free game time to experience Patch 4.2 Rage of the Firelands. Not that I have any interest in any new raids or gear, but one thing I do regret is canceling my WoW sub earlier this winter without first playing the Goblin starting zone. I may jump back in one of these days just to do that.


  1. Happy 1st Independence Day! I’m so anxious to go back to AoC. I absolutely love the game, sticking with it through thick and thin from day one. Problem is time! I’m already committed to another MMO and being a family guy, two is out of the question. I really hope Funcom is successful and grows AoC. Sorely underrated.

    • Tell me about it. I’m already committed to a couple MMOs as well, and my husband has recently gotten into Rift again and is always asking me to play with him. Too many games, too little time!

  2. Have you played a Warden in LotRO? Curious because I’ve duoed a Warden to low-60s with my wife’s Mini. I then hopped over to AoC to give it another go on one of my previous trial-to-level-5 toons. After about 25 minutes I wanted to throw things at my monitor. Why? Because I had played a Warden in LotRO.

    Curious if you’ve played Warden and, if so, if you have any tips to get over the frustration of AoC’s abysmal (by comparison) combat system.

    • No, I’ve never played Warden. My main is also a Priest of Mitra (so a caster) so she is spared whatever combat system AoC utilizes. I’ve played Bear Shaman that requires melee and the directional strikes though, and I honestly didn’t think it was so bad. I liked it for being different, actually.

    • I don’t have any advice. I think the combat in AOC is actually a step up from the norm, but playing a Warden spoils everything else in comparision. So, lobotomy?

      I wish other games introduced a class half a cool as the Warden, especially since I am so bored with LotRO.

  3. Glad you got to enjoy the ‘splosion craziness that is July 4th. 🙂

    You can play the goblin starting zone easily in the 7 days of free game time Blizz is offering you. I’ve been gone for a while, but I guess I haven’t hit their “hmm, she may actually have quit our game” meter yet since I haven’t seen that offer. I don’t think it would tempt me back since I’ve done both the goblin and worgen starting zones. I must say, they really should have given both races their own starting cities instead of dumping them as refugees on others. I had a blast with the goblin and wish they hadn’t decided to throw them into an orc slum. It is worth doing their zone. I considered keeping a 3rd level goblin just to drive around their town in my sweet convertible LOL. The worgen architecture was really nifty and it is sad that they are now living in a tree. Lost opportunities there.

    • Well all the houses they lived in were made of trees, they just are living in an extremely raw version now ^_^ Plus, due to their new form, a bathroom is just a branch away…

      The goblin starting stuff is great, and really would fit the 4th of July theme with all their explosions n’ stuff. Towards the end it does get a bit long, but the very first area you mention is great. I too wanted to make a low level Gobby alt to just drive around and soak up the details I missed when I first machine-gunned that questing zone.

      • LOL yeah I hear you get to drive around in a sweet ride and pick up passengers like a NY cabbie in one of the quests!

    • I think I ended my sub back in Jan or Feb…I was still surprised to find the offer, I figured I would have had to be gone a lot longer. Anyway, I really enjoyed the Worgen starting area, and I hear the Goblin one is very different. I too wished they had given them a starting zone, was a little disappointed to find that I shipped off to the night elf lands as soon as I was done with the Gilneas storyline.

  4. Sounds like you had a nice 4th 😀 I’m feeling the same way about AoC. I want to play it but I know it will end up being a sub if I do, lol.

    • Yeah, it’s what’s probably making me hold off for now. But I like to be prepared 🙂

  5. Happy Belated 4th. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed that famously bright and barbecued American holiday the way most of us do. Never too old for fireworks, and who ever outgrows an awesome grilled burger?

    As for the new patches, I have to admit, AoC almost demands me to try it with their promise of a f2p model. I have virtually no knowledge of the game, or its classes, but I may have to give it a shot. STO I’ve never really considered playing, but I have heard some good things about it. As for WoW, my sub ran out a week ago from when I finally bought Cata. I doubt I’ll ever go back. I have done the Goblin starting area (it’s pretty kewl), and the Worgen starting area (It’s… not bad, but not really my taste, I guess). Other than that, I’ve just run out of anything I want to do. Rerolling is all that is left, and I just can’t do it again. I’ve leveled one mage to cap, and one Goblin Hunter to near cap in Cata, and though the starting zone for the Goblin gives it some variety, past that the leveling experience doesn’t differ between classes too much. (Plus, I dislike how virtually nothing from the starting zones is ever mentioned again once you leave.)

    I guess I’m just ride-or-die for TOR until it launches. But luckily there are other distractions to keep me occupied until that day arrives.

    Since Gabe from Penny Arcade was able to at least convey his feelings on the game in beta, I’m hoping this won’t be crossing any lines (though feel free not to answer if you don’t feel comfortable with it), but what are your thoughts on TOR on a scale of 1-to-10 so far? No tasty details needed, I would just like to see how a tester feels about the state of things so far? 🙂

    • I know what you mean. Very little motivates me to play these days, and whatever I have I am trying to fit into my days. It would be hard for me to get back into WoW these days, I think, knowing that to play my level 85 means going back to the gear progression grind, and it’s that or reroll…which is not something I want to do either. I feel like you in that sense, I just can’t bring myself to level another character…I already have about a half a dozen 80s and a smattering of lower level characters.

      I’m afraid I still can’t say my thoughts on TOR, because I’m still in the beta, but I did read Gabe’s take and I will say that it made me so happy to read his thoughts. It’s nice to see something positive from someone in the press side of things for a change.

      • Fair enough about staying true to the NDA. Absolutely understandable — and even commendable. 🙂

        Reading what Gabe had to say really made me feel like the praise for the game that I have heard isn’t just fan-pumping. Yes, Gabe is a known Star Wars nerd, but he is also as soft as a sledgehammer when it comes to dishing about a game. He doesn’t give praise where he doesn’t feel it is deserved.

        I hope those of you who are still in testing enjoy it, and that you spot as many bugs that need fixing as possible.

        Just do me a favor and find a vista on Alderaan and Coruscant that I can camp at to take screens of the zones when the game finally launches. 😉

      • That’s what I hear. I frequent Penny Arcade for their comics but not for the articles so much, but I was happy to hear that Gabe isn’t one to hold back and I hope his readers kept that in mind. Being able to read the thoughts of someone who is in beta is also very different than reading those of someone who played a 30-45 min. demo.

  6. I’m decidedly “meh” about the Goblin area, I mean it was sort of amusing, I guess. But a bit too industrial/grungey for my taste, and I’m also a 6-year veteran of the Alliance, which may also have something to do with it.

    • A longtime veteran of the Alliance here as well, so I know what you mean 🙂

  7. Considering how much I enjoyed AOC, I definitely need to check out the F2P version. As soon as I have the time, right?

    I did restart WoW because of that offer and I don’t regret it. There was so much of the expansion that I never got to before I burned out again that I’ve been having a great time. Heck, I still haven’t tried a Goblin or a Worgen. Lots to do.

  8. Oooooooooo AOC F2p? Back when i was still into WOTLK i was reaaally thinkin of playin that game, simply because my Mom got me into Conan and i read the books, and seriously, who doesnt want to go around hacking heads, pillaging villages and being a general bad ass?

    Your blog really though was the (and still is) my main source of wanting to play it though, it’s just the graphical deficiencies of my computer and lack of cash to play or buy a game that isnt perfect that held me back, but now i think i’ll give it a try.

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