Feeling Better

July 18, 2011

I know things have been quiet here for the last week, so I’m just popping in to say I’m still around. I got really sick last Tuesday, and since then my regular schedule has taken a good pummeling. It was difficult to stay upright without feeling dizzy, nauseous, and weak as a little kitten, so I haven’t been writing. And quite honestly, there wasn’t really anything to write about, because I haven’t been doing anything relevant of note.

For the last week my days have been filled with sleeping, reading, eating (whenever I felt I could force anything down), rinse and repeat. It was just…BAD. The newest book of the A Song of Ice and Fire series A Dance with Dragons has been my constant companion during those days of bed rest. It’s a monster of a book, but for once I’m glad that it’s long as hell because it was something I could savor and enjoy, and get me through the times I was feeling crappy.

Like the post title says, I’m feeling better, if not 100%. I’m going to dust off this blog, but I do have a backlog of things to do, so bear with me while I gather my wits and thoughts about me. Cheers, all!


  1. Best wishes to you! I feared to get a summer flu, but a few Aspirins seem to have cured or at least delayed it.

    Funnily – or not so funnily – several ADWD main characters and armies will also be plagued with disease.

    • Glad I don’t have the bloody flux!

      • … or greyscale!

  2. Meh! Had something like that a few months ago… not fun. At. All.

    Hope you get better soon… not Soon(TM), but soon!

  3. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. 🙂

    • Thanks, it’s good to be up and about again.

  4. All three of us just got over some nastiness, though I was lucky and got only a mild version. Glad you are feeling better.

    How far into ADwD are you? I haven’t picked it up yet. A little frightened to, I think.

    • After a week, I’m about 2/3s in. It is a huge book, about four times as long as the average book I usually read. If you pick it up you’re definitely in it for the long haul.

  5. Very glad to hear you’re feeling better! Maybe you’ll accept my friend invite in STO soon. 😛

    • Yeah, I haven’t been gaming at all, really. I just logged on and accepted though, sorry it took so long!

  6. What is your nonspoiler opinion of the book so far? Rereading the series so I won’t get to it for a bit!

    • Probably a good idea to reread the series before you get into it, I wanted to because I had already forgotten a lot of events/characters. I only had the chance to do a quick refresher with A Feast for Crows the day before ADwD came out though. On the whole, it wasn’t so bad, I was glad to see there were plenty of reminders in the book without going through everything again.

      Without any spoilers, I would say the book reads like the previous installments in that they continue to push the story along, and there are plenty of interesting things happening. The beginning was a little slow going at first, but there have been a couple pretty big bombshells too. At about 67% into the book, I would give this book 4/5 stars so far!

  7. Glad you’re feeling better. Hope you get back to normal soon.

  8. feel better 😀

  9. Get well soon. Try to enjoy the down time while recovering.

  10. That is one gritty and heart-breaking series of books. Glad you are feeling better!

    • Yeah, but I don’t mind the heartbreak. That only makes the series more interesting, I think 😛

  11. Aw, that sux. Glad you are feeling better. I was laid out on my butt for almost a week myself, but only because our electricty went out the whole time and there was nothing to do. In related news, I actually read stuffs! One was a graphic novel called Foiled! that the Misses rented from the library because it looked like a video game thing. Sadly that was only the back image and the story wasn’t exactly awesome, but it was more angled to girls anyway so that could have been a big part of it.

    The second one was the first collection of the webcomic Gunnerkrigg Court. Was nice; left me wanting more after finishing it a short while later.

    You could say they were mostly pictures and less than full blown books, but at least I can say I read *something* since school, eons ago. Might not be as thick as the stuff you read, but it’s a start ^_^

    • Yeah, I just saw the pics on your blog. Looks like you had some rough weather! What a bad time for the electricity to go out though. We had a few days where we were out of electricity at our house earlier this year during the winter…but being cold and having no power is still better than losing power in the heat of summer.

  12. Damn, sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather lately. I’m glad to hear you feel better, though. I’ll send my best wishes out to the universe and hope for that to continue.lol

    Take your time getting back into the swing of things. It’s hell after you’ve been sick for awhile. Luckily, you have a pretty understanding following, based on the comments.

    Take care, MMOGC.

    P.S. – That cat(?) in the picture looks like Foamy the squirrel.

  13. Aw thank you for your warm wishes everyone 😀

  14. I’m glad you’re 100% again, being sick sucks. I don’t think I could handle reading ADWD while already feeling bad though.

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