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To CE Or Not To CE

July 21, 2011

Pre-orders for Star Wars: The Old Republic started today. So, based on my anticipation for the game you might assume I’d automatically go for the boxed Collector’s Edition, but no no no that’s not the case. Different people have different reasons for wanting to buy CEs, but while I enjoy little exclusives and goodies as much as the next gamer, when it comes to CEs or other special edition purchases, personally I like to decide not with my heart but with my economically-minded head. And I have to say that currently, it is still unsure.

Pretty as CEs are, I wouldn’t say I’m easily dazzled by the quantity-limited nature or the little trinkets. Instead, more often than not I think about what I’d like to get out of it versus what’s offered. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for soundtracks and artbooks for pretty much any game, and I’ve passed on many a CE in the past because it was missing either one or the other. But believe you me, even if those items weren’t bundled I would have been getting those separately anyway, so then it comes down to a matter of value.

Take World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, for example. The only reason I bought the CE was because, yep, it included the OST and an artbook. And say what you will, but based on that, I think it’s a good deal. My thought process to rationalize my purchase, because even if I were to buy my must-haves separately:

The base game: $40
Soundtrack: $10 (on iTunes, but lets say $15 because it’s a physical copy)
Art book: Retail list price $25.
Standing in line in the cold with a whole bunch of other WoW nerds at the midnight release party: Priceless, ha!

At $80 for the entire thing, it was a no-brainer, even accounting for the other junk I don’t really give a crap about. A mouse pad’s just a mouse pad even if it’s got Deathwing on it, I don’t play the card game, and I didn’t end up watching the exclusive DVD and probably never will, but that’s all gravy. In my mind I’ve already broken even.

The SWTOR CE gives me pause, however. For a game like that, I really can’t believe there’s no artbook. Even though the soundtrack’s definitely a plus, that makes the CE probably a no-go for me. If you like certain little extras, that’s cool, but for myself, I can take it or leave it. I can’t say I’m too crazy about the journal of Master Gnost-Dural nor the galaxy map nor the Malgus statue. Actually, even if there was an artbook, I don’t know if I would have gone for it, because of course, they’re asking for $150.

Yes, I’m pretty psyched about SWTOR, but that just means I really want to play the game. That’s the most important part, and sometimes I think we can get blinded by the extras and lose perspective of that. Sure, the idea of the CE retail box is appealing and it’s oh so pretty, but do I really want to pay $150 for it when I’m like “blah” about more than half its contents? Even factoring the $60 for the base game and $15-$20 value for the must-have game soundtrack (very likely to be sold separately later too, methinks) does the other stuff really make up for the difference, considering all of it will no doubt end up sitting in a box somewhere collecting dust?

So last night at 3am I ended up pre-ordering the Digital Deluxe edition from Origin. At $80, I think I can live with paying the extra 20 bucks for digital items I can use in-game, at least.

Edit: Oh, FFS… Not 10 seconds after I wrote this up, my husband informs me he had ordered his copy of the boxed Collector’s Edition from Amazon. Guess this household will be blessed with a Gentle Giant Darth Malgus after all.