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Is A 3DS In My Future?

August 8, 2011

In the wake of a recent price drop announcement, I have been really considering. When I first experienced the Nintendo 3DS, I thought as many other people did, “Hey, this thing is pretty damn cool!” But the price has always held me back, not to mention none of the titles in the initial line-up of games jumped out and me and begged me to buy.

But on June 19th, that changed. Enter Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time 3D, or the remake of game that changed my childhood forever, turning me into “girl-who-simply-plays-whatever-the-hell-her-brother-buys-and-plays” to someone who appreciated games for all the effort and value they represented — details like gameplay mechanics, the depth of design, and most of all music and sound. I just really loved that game, and I loved my N64. So it is uplifting when I see other N64 encores on the horizon, like Star Fox.

Okay, so I won’t deny part of the appeal of the 3DS is being able to relive some of my childhood nostalgia. And while $250 is a little steep for those beloved childhood memories, $170 on the other hand…maaaaaaaaybe.

In any case, the price drop has my attention, and at this point, the future still looks promising with the potential for new games. So, while I’d been sitting on the proverbial fence for months now, I would not be surprised at all if this weekend I suddenly find myself a proud owner of a certain new portable gaming console, just saying!

My only concern, however, is the 3D feature. I am aware that the system is completely playable with 3D turned off, but hey, it being the main selling point I would want to make the most out of it. 3DS owners, feel free to chime in on this. I do wonder if reports of headaches and eye strain have been exaggerated in the media, but I know everyone is different. Myself, I experienced a wicked case of double vision the last time I was play testing a unit at a demo station — expected, since I’m so near sighted in one eye as for it to be legally blind.

But then again it was kinda fun because it was like drunken game of Pilot Wings. In a stroke of irony, I may just have to wear glasses when I play.