SWTOR: Which Class Will You Choose?

August 9, 2011

I have a confession to make. While I’m curious as to what classes my fellow Star Wars: The Old Republic players will be rolling come launch, there is little other reason for this post but for me to shamelessly geek out over cool videos. Oh, and to instigate even more frustration in those who are unable to decide which class to play first at launch, of course. Muahaha–

Oh, wait. While we’re on a roll, I have another confession. The truth is, I think I’m a little torn myself now. I know, I know. After going on for months and months about playing a Bounty Hunter and chortling gleefully at my friends who couldn’t decide or were constantly switching class preferences, I can’t believe I am now in the same boat. Chalk it up to increasing restiveness as we inch closer and closer to “Holiday 2011”.

After last Friday’s release of the Jedi Consular Records, here’s all eight SWTOR class trailers in all their glory:

Trooper – The Hook: War is gritty, but it’s our duty. To fight for hope! Freedom! And the Republic! Not to mention doing it all while sounding like FemShep!

Bounty Hunter – The Hook: Nothing turns him on more than a death mark on your head. This used to be my clear first choice, and now I wonder was it really ever?

Smuggler – The Hook: I think that one Smuggler line “I wasn’t planning on living forever anyway, I’m in!” says it all.

Imperial Agent – The Hook: Playing with sexy toys, flying in sexy ships, making out with sexy aliens.

Sith Warrior – The Hook: Angry, violent, and bent on destruction. Sometimes it’s just fun to be bad.

Sith Inquisitor – The Hook: Evil and power-hungry, and yeesh, evidently with a megalomaniac complex. Yes, being bad can be fun, but sometimes being bad while crazy and deluded can be even more fun!

Jedi Knight – The Hook: If you’ve ever fantasized about being Luke Skywalker.

Jedi Consular – The Hook: Truth, calmness, and unity will lead us to justice and victory. I also want to say that the music in this trailer doesn’t even really sound all that Star War-sy but it’s amazing and probably my favorite out of all of the trailer themes.


  1. Jedi Consular or Jedi Knight for me, it’s going to depend on which one lets me be a Twi’lek! I also want to see the armor progression for the Consular first because I don’t really want to look like a nun all the time.

    • LOL! You’re so right, previous footage and images of the Consular does give that impression! That’s actually why I was kinda surprised at the new Consular trailer and what the guy is wearing. It’s more colorful and ornate than anything else I’ve seen them wear.

  2. Sith inquisitor all the way! I can’t wait to try to take over the galaxy only to be stopped by a group of unlikely heroes and also to be betrayed by my apprentice. Preferably by being thrown down a shaft, the way all true sith must die.

    • Haha, Sith Inquisitors do everything bad assed. Even their deaths!

  3. I just watched these all again. It’s got to be smuggler, ain’t nothing cooler than that. Really interesting that they managed to evoke such a string of different feelings and attached them to each class.

    • Yeah, the music, the dialogue, the footage they show and the cinematics and camera angles really capture the feel of the classes and their stories. The trailers get better and better but even the ones from way back look really good.

  4. I’m still struggling with this as well – but I think my first will be a Jedi Knight. But probably shortly after that would be either the Agent or Smuggler to check out the sneaky folks.

    • I’m struggling now too, but I do know that my first two characters will probably be a non-force user and a force user, just to try both.

  5. My choice will somewhat depend on a few other people (as far as which allegiance to go with) but, if I have my way, I’ll be playing a Sith Inquisitor that rules the galaxy (or at least a server) and probably have an Agent as my secondary.

    • I know what you mean. I think part of my drifting away from the Bounty Hunter can be attributed to the fact that the guild I’ve joined up with started off with a Republic focus, even though we will have a sister Empire guild. Very likely my decision will ultimately be influenced by where all the people and action is 😛 But that’s okay too, all the classes look great.

    • This guy looks familiar. This bog keeps good company!

  6. I really wanted to play the smuggler, so when it looked like our friends wanted to guild up on the Empire side, I was undecided. We’ve since decided to go Republic, so I can go with the smuggler after all. I’m looking forward to having all the best one liners, the smart alec comments, the love of my ship, and hopefully some of that scruffy nerfherder charm.

    • LOL, it’s exactly what I was thinking. The problem with games where certain classes/races are restricted to certain factions is that these difficult decisions always seem to pop up. I’m kinda in that situation now, even though my guild will have branches in both Empire and Republic. But like I said, I think I’m ultimately going to end up where the most people/action is.

  7. At some point, I’ll be rolling up a Smuggler. I want to play someone who is outside of the establishment. Since I’m not going to play on the Sith side (so no Bounty Hunter), Smuggler is the only way to do that.

    • Oh, absolutely, that’s why I wanted to play BH in the first place. The Sith have to answer to their emperor, the Jedi to their Order, the Trooper to the Republic and the Imperial Agent to the Empire. BH and Smuggler don’t really answer to anybody or anything…well, that is if you don’t count credits 😛

    • I am curious, why adamant against playing sith side? I usually dod a bit of both sides of a game just to see the different storylines.

  8. It’s such a tough frickin call :(. I like being a cool dpser, so Republic side it’s kind of a three way tie, i want to be a Jedi Knight or Trooper, but Smuggler was the class that came in and stole my heart at the last minute, not to mention you only live once, and i wanna try a Sith Warrior, Agent also looks like a thinking person’s class where if played right, you’ll have alot of fun wreaking havoc, but i wonder if Smuggler is equally as devious.

    What draws me from conventional thinking is the fact that none of the classes have the same story, just the thought that as a BH i would probably end up making a 2nd just to go back over my actions is what wrecks me, in the end, i just want a class that’s heavy duty, that can deal out some punishment, maybe Trooper just sounds so bland in my mind off of the top, but it may be the class least used, and i can find some comfort in it?

    Either way, i just want to DPS and be unique, and feel like a bad ass while i’m doing it…….it’s probably going to come down to Agent >.>……..i really hate agents in my heart for no obvious reason, but i know it probably matches my style for dps and for pvp.

    • I remember when no one really knew about the smuggler, and then their video came out. And yeah, talk about that class stealing a lot of hearts at the last moment! We definitely have that awesome new cinematic trailer to thank, where that gunslinger practically stole the entire show. Hell, I wanted to roll a smuggler right then and there.

      And LOL at your hate for agents for no obvious reason 😛 It feels like they’ve been another class which has sort of gone without much exposure, and in my mind they have it worse because there hasn’t been any famous or widely popular IAs in the Star Wars EU.

      • Dont get me wrong, i LOVE Spy’s, but my idear of spies was always a rogue bad ass who does his job, says nothing, has very little fanfare…almost like a contract killer/mixed witha guy who knows everything……..to that end, i just dont like the “Secret Agent Man” swag, NORE do i like the tone of IA’s.

        It’s just…like a sniveling.groveling, bastard who champions the cause of a twisted Emperor, whom doesnt even give you the credit or time of day to show respect…..at least that’s how i picture it. In a way, it’s almost like…being a rebel without a cause.

        I mean, think about it, Smuggler’s control their own destiny, the same as Bounty Hunters, they’re above/outside and even A PART of the law, and breaking it, and bending it, and torturing it…i mean, to be a Smuggler is to be a low down, dirty, cheap, gunslinging scrumbag, BUT HE GETS HIS DUE AT THE END OF THE DAY!

        Bounty Hunter’s are merciless, villainous, no good assclowns who drag you out of a cantina to ship you off for God knows what. Why? MONEY.

        What does an Agent do it for? Backstabbing, dirty, seedy Agent Prestige and some Alien tail on the side?

        ………..It just doesn’t fit my moral compass is all 😦 BUUUUT, i do like the idea of being a wiseass with a sniper rifle and some stealth, and tricks with mines, and being one of the few, and proud Agents who handle business. I just FEEL like everywhere i look, there’ll be Jedi and Troopers, much more than Agents and Smugglers, but what you recite is true, it’s probably because there’s no true Agent Representative outside of *shiver* Grand Moff Tarkin types o.o? Admiral Thrawn maybe??

      • That kinda fits into my theory of certain classes being beholden to someone or some organization, and others being more free to do what they choose, at least when it comes to roleplaying choices. Of course, based on the light side/dark side feature in the game, I can assume you can turn to outright insubordination if you wanted to! Like, I know they’ve said you can be a dark Jedi if you want, much like in KOTOR…I wonder how things can work out then.

  9. Prior to Gametest, I was rolling Jedi all the way. I love the Consular Sage class. However, details excluded, now I’m really torn between Sage and Commando. If I had a Sith saber to my head, and had to choose this moment, I think I would roll Commando.

    • You know what this means, right? Blame gametest! I was so set on rolling BH all the way, just like you were set on rolling Jedi. But yeah, details excluded, I am now torn.

    • Troopers. All the way. It was my first choice and my last.

  10. I fear we will see a lot of Jedi (knight and consular) and a few less sith (warrior and inquisitor). And both jedi + sith will be above 70% all players.
    Only less than 30% players will play the other classes.

    Everyone wants use lightsabers…

    • I’m not so sure of that. When you look at Star Wars(TM) fans, there are a wide variety. There is a lot of love for the Troopers (take the 501st) and especially for Han Solo.

      The only class I worried about was the Agent but their story is so badass that it will easily compensate for it.

      I think at first you’ll see more Force users but over 4 or so months, it will level out more. My guesstimate, at least.

      • Interesting to see I’m not the only one a little concerned for the Agent. When it comes to the non-force users, Smugglers have Han Solo to champion their class, Bounty Hunters have Boba Fett and a gajillion other badass BHs in the lore, Troopers have the 501st and the popularity of The Clone Wars to bolster them. Meanwhile the IA is a little under-represented in the Star Wars universe.

    • @João Carlos – I’m not sure about that either. Just from reading the comments alone, I’m kinda surprised at the variety and balance, in class choice and even in the factions. I know it’s a small sample, but even the polls I’ve seen on the forums where several thousands of users have responded, the numbers seem pretty even. I suppose I can see the numbers of force-users maybe coming out a little ahead, and I guess we won’t know until the game comes out, but I don’t think we’ll see such a gross imbalance.

    • Faction preference seems to sway by server type. PvP servers are seeing 2x the number of Sith guilds, with RP and PvE servers seeing just slightly more Republic.

      I would say you are in safe bet territory saying that the dress wearers will be in abundance. Bounty Hunters are a go to as well. Agents, Smuggler and Trooper will take hit, but it just means they will be in higher demand for groups and guilds!

      • Those are interesting stats…I can’t say I’m that surprised to see a higher number of Sith guilds registered for PvP servers, some of the more prominent pvp guilds in MMOs have always been on the “evil” side. Wonder why that is….

      • I don’t think it’s hard to see why at all. PvPers fancy themselves the Badass. “Good” factions are not perceived to be that, too “goody two-shoes.” It fits into the desires to be the cool kid. Plain and simple.

      • I don’t know…I guess because the PvPers I’ve known fancying themselves as the badass don’t usually go too far 😛 It’s not exactly a rational, mature justification for going “evil” side! 🙂

  11. I will be going Jedi something that’s for sure!

    • Nice, a lot more people than I expected going Jedi!

  12. I didn’t even need to blink. Jedi Consular here. ❤

    • It’s nice to see so many Jedi’s and Republic supporters…. more people to dominate under the rule of the Sith! And… we shall have peace.

    • Jedi Consulars look fun as hell…they were my favorite class when I was at PAX East 😀

  13. My guild is already full of Sith Consulars and Warriors so I’m gonna stick with my MMO Rogue tradition and go with Imperial Agent: Operative. However, if I hadn’t made up my mind prior to reading this I would definitely pick it now after that brilliant synopsis you put up… Who can pass up sexy gadgets!?

    • It’s cool, you’ll be like James Bond in space, flying in an Aston Martin spaceship! Imperial Agents do have the sweetest ride… 😛

  14. I have such mixed feelings about this game.

    But if I do play, I’ll have to go with the smuggler or the bounty hunter because Han Solo and Boba Fett are my personal favorite Star Wars characters — just like almost everyone else I guess.

    To put my feelings about SWTOR into perspective using Star Wars movies rather than other MMOs, I feel slightly less enthused about playing this than I do about watching Episode II: Attack of the Clones but more enthused than I do about watching the Star Wars Holiday Special.

    • I’m quite excited for this game…but I also totally know what you mean about the Star Wars Holiday Special. Who wouldn’t? *shudder*

  15. I’ve been decided on this question since I first saw the vid for him: Sith War-*RAWR!* While other classes look ‘okay’, that’d still be my top pick by far. I really don’t like the personality of the inquisitor, but I might give it a shot to go saber-staff ninja. Till I grow weary of her attitude, anyway.

    If I went Jedi (HAH), I’d go Commando, mini-gun style. Maybe a dabble of tanking if possible. I really liked their video for Consular you posted (Is that going to be the WoW Pally? DPS, Healer, Tank?), but I’m quite disappointed with what they did to the Jedi Knight video. The Misses loved their previous RPG games and I thought it was an awesome bit of luck that they had a female jedi in there (ya know, to maaaybe get her interested in the game as well, just in case -_^). So I showed her the clip only to see it was badly edited and was so random it really didn’t show much of anything. But she kicked some guy into a sarlac pit. So… yay I guess >.>

    • The video for the inquisitor kinda freaked me out, to be honest. In a word, she sounded INSANE. But I guess some people like that 😛

      The Jedi Consular video was really good, I think it’s one of my favorites. I mean, the trailer didn’t really put the class above and beyond any of the others, but it was so well made. The music and the atmosphere just really made me get into it. Like I said back in March, when I saw the JC at PAX I had a feeling it was going to be one of the more interesting classes to play. Definitely has that pally feel, especially since they updated the class to make it able to tank now.

      Oh, and I too was a little disappointed by the Jedi Knight trailer. It just seemed so…typical. I was watching it, trying to pick out an interesting hook, but there really isn’t. The trailer Jedi is your run-of-the-mill fighting for hope/justice/peace kind of Jedi, but I guess that’s what makes her class :S The Sarlaac roundhouse kick was quite cool though 😛

  16. My problem is that first, I want to be a Twi’lek, but I don’t want to be the ‘cool kid’ classes (ie anything related to Han Solo/Boba Fett, or anything that wields a lightsaber.)

    In my ideal world, I can be a Twi-lek Imperial Agent who uses her former slavery and sexy ways to entice secrets from her prey. On the good team, I’d want to be a bad ass Twi’lek Trooper.

    I really want to check out Imperial Agents, but I don’t want to be a human (or a blue human). I play a human in real life. Don’t want to do that in Star Wars!

    • I have a thing for Twi’leks too 😛 That was the race I really wanted to play even before BioWare started showcasing some of the playable races.

  17. Ok, I’ve been meaning to post this ever since I saw the title of your post…

    Which class will I choose…?

    … It’s FRIDAY, FRIDAY – gotta re-roll on FRIDAY! ♪

    • Hey, Rebecca Black references are a bannable offense on this blog! 😛

      • NOooooo…! And I’d been waiting this whole time for a reply, too 😛

      • Okay okay, just for you. *takes a deep breath*


        Now I feel dirty 😛

  18. […] For something more wholesome, MMOGamerChick made a list a few days ago of the videos for the eight SWTOR base classes. […]

  19. […] read more about the game as we get into September and people try out the beta weekends. Meanwhile, MMO Gamer Chick has a post showing the intro videos to all the different classes which may help a bit with getting the look/ […]

  20. My guild is going to be Sith, so I’ll have an IA:Sniper there, but I’m thinking that I want my “main” to be a Trooper:Commando spec’d as a Combat Medic.

    The idea of a heavily armored BFG-wielding healer is very appealing to me.

    • Nice! And here I am, I can’t even really decide on a class anymore, let alone an advance class like you have. From reading the class information, there are definitely ACs that appeal to me, but I’ll definitely have to play to decide in the end,

  21. Gen. Natalye Aheda, Havoc Squad – reporting for duty. Trooper till I die. If it bleeds, we can kill it.

    • Nice, female trooper, going for that Jennifer Hale goodness. She is so talented!

  22. /
    (that’s a guy with his arms raised. Because he’s partyin’ partyin’… nm.)

    Thanks 🙂

    • Wow, something broke there, lol. \ 0 / Spaces should do the trick.

  23. OK This was the first chance I’d gotten to go through all the videos again, since you threw this out on my birthday.

    The most recent video of the Jedi Consular (whichever is the healer) is awesome, but only swayed me a little. I’ll definitely have it as my third alt. Second (solo) alt is definitely the Gunslinger, has been since the armor progression video, “long” before the trailer showcased him. Gunslinger would be my main if @sctrz wanted to play Republic side.

    However, since she *has* to be a Bounty Hunter, looks like I’m gonna go with Inquisitor. I like the insanity, I guess. I was undecided until rewatching the video, which I am about to do again. Now I just have to convince @sctrz to be a male BH.

    • That’s interesting you say that, because by all accounts the Sith Inquisitor should have a similar play style to the Jedi Consular, because they are the faction “mirrors” of each other.

      And why does @sctrz have to be male?

      • LOL So I can role a female Inquisitor. XD Of course, girl-on-girl-is hawt. XP

        You may or may not be able to answer this, but do you know how the “SLC” will be affected by roling different classes?

      • My vote is for girl-on-girl action, let @sctrz roll a female! 😀

        And forgive me, “SLC”?

      • “Spousal Leveling Contract” – I got tired of typing it out.

      • Ah, I see. Even if I was able to say anything, I think that remains to be seen. At this point I have no idea.

      • As far as the classes having mirrors, some seem obvious at first, but I began to question that assumption.

        So Inquisitor=Consular, and Knight=Warrior. Seems obvious, but I also thought that Trooper might equal Warrior, because what else really does? I think possibly BH, but that seems like the obvious Smuggler analog. And Agent doesn’t seem like a Trooper analog either.

        I was thinking/hoping they’d mixed it up a bit so there wouldn’t be a straight mirror of the classes. That would keep it a little more interesting. They could still maintin some sort of PvP balance by having mirrors among the advanced classes, but those wouldn’t have to match class by class.

  24. It was interesting to see that you are possibly wavering on your choice to be the Bounty Hunter. I didn’t expect to see that, though, I do understand (a lot of people change classes with time and new class trailers).

    Since the day when all the classes were first revealed, I knew I would be rolling a Sith Warrior for my main; that has not changed to this day.

    There are just too many positives for me playing a SW.

    *I get to play a class voiced by Steve Valentine (and how could I not want to hear Alistair trade deadly quips before doing a darkside 187 on someone?).

    *I get Vette — a companion that, reportedly, will cry on the ship if I do too many darkside things in her presence (though she may sway me to be nicer when I have her in the group). Plus, Catherine Taber is awesome.

    *I get a Jedi companion that I can lure over to the darkside.

    *I get Force Charge.

    *I get some of the sweetest looking gear in the game.

    *I get to kill Jedi.

    That’s too many positives for me to ever think of switching my class this late in the game. No. I am a Sith Warrior. A Sith Jugg. A Sith Vengeance Jugg for PvP.

    I’m ride-or-die for the Empire; More specifically, I’m ride-or-die for the Sith Warrior.

    Although I do regret that I don’t get my own Jawa like the BH.

    • I guess one of the biggest reasons for my change is that I’ve recently gotten involved in a Republic guild…even though we’ll have an Empire sister guild, I guess working on it has focused me onto the Rep side as of late. My first Empire character will still be a Bounty Hunter though, and actually, I guess that works out better in the end. My Republic character will be played with my husband’s character, locking her into the spousal leveling contract. This will leave the BH for me to play on my own terms whenever I want, which is sort of what the plan was anyway 😛

      And is it weird of me that knowing Steve Valentine is the voice of the Sith Warrior actually made me want to roll a male SW? Like, for the first time ever I’m considering playing a male character, and all because it’s the same voice as my beloved Alistair! LOL…I know, i know, my Alistair obsession is scary.

      • Lol, no, I don’t think it’s weird of you to want to play the SW class for that reason. I’m told a lot of girls found Alistair very agreeable in Dragon Age: Origins. I guess someday I’ll have to pull out the “licking a lamppost” quote and see if I can pull it off, too.

        I noticed you posted about it in its own topic, but I didn’t post anything. I’m not sure I have much to say on the subject. I’m getting into the game with a number of rl friends and acquaintances, and somehow I was delegated the task of finding the right server for us (which means one that, ideally, is on CST). Until I find that server, it would be premature for me to commit to a guild.

        Once I find out what server we will be rolling on, I think I’ll take a look around and see what guilds are out there for that server.

      • Hmm.. forgot to add (joining a Republic guild) after “topic” in the second paragraph.

    • Hmm, actually, listening to the Sith Warrior in the trailer…it doesn’t really sound like him at all. Are we sure it’s Steve Valentine? I’m also listening to other Sith Warrior sound clips, sometimes it sounds like him, sometimes not. If it’s him he must be able to do a huge range of voice!

      • It’s been confirmed that it’s him, but I think he is basically doing his version of Fenris’ voice from DA1, which does suit the Sith Warrior more than Alistair’s voice.

  25. […] read more about the game as we get into September and people try out the beta weekends. Meanwhile, MMO Gamer Chick has a post showing the intro videos to all the different classes which may help a bit with getting the look/ […]

  26. Trooper tank for me. Although not really for story, just because I like to tank and the ranged mechanics look interesting.

    In terms of story I really want to try the imperial agent!

    • The agent storyline does look fun. And the Chiss in the video is so suave. 😛

  27. RMC calchar reporting for duty *salute*. this recruit will be pursueing the trooper class SIR!

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