SWTOR Guild Formed: The Republic Mercy Corps Needs YOU!

August 15, 2011

Guilds. Whether they be called fleets, clans, supergroups or any other name, they’re obviously very important to me, as evidenced by the many times I’ve promoted or referenced my guilds on this blog. I’ve been lucky; in the past I’ve been in some great guilds where I’ve  been made to feel like family, where logging on is like coming home.

Which brings us to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Seeing how it’s a game I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, seeking out a group of like-minded people who were going to be in it for the long haul like me became my priority. I’m not a fan of guild-hopping, and my preference is to find a good group of people right off the bat — where relationships and guild unity can be built upon from day one, where members are goal-oriented and dedicated, where our characters can “grow up” together from level one to endgame.

My plan was to wait until closer to launch before I started looking, but of course, that was before a fellow blogger offered me an opportunity to be involved with The Republic Mercy Corps.

From day one, I was embraced as an integral part of RMC, was able to work with the leadership, and was even invited to take part as an officer in the major decisions of the guild. The RMC philosophy is first and foremost to have FUN! Don’t believe me? The working guild title was originally “PARTY HARD!” — seriously, don’t ask.

The RMC is a semi-casual, family-friendly and no-pressure guild — but at the same time dedicated, goal-oriented and driven. Whether you’re into raiding, PvP, roleplaying, or what have you, there will be something for everyone. Current plans are for rolling on a PvE server, but many of our members enjoy PvP. Along with heroics and raiding, we will be striving for — and achieving — excellence in PvP activities, but never at the expense of our members’ or other players’ enjoyment. Feel free to read more about about RMC’s mission statement.

Lore hounds hopefully will also recognize the significance behind the Republic Mercy Corps, named for the organization that served as volunteers in the Galactic Republic’s military. We encourage but do not require RP, but if you’re a fan (or even if you’re not!) check out our guild lore, the RP backstory that will drive our mission and let us know what you think. The Star Wars universe is one steeped with lore and history; for many, SWTOR will be the perfect opportunity to start their RP career — though this just in from leadership: sorry, no RPing a Jawa-killing sociopath allowed! Dammit.

Strong relationships, dedication to the guild and inclusion are the foundation of the RMC. Guildies can depend on support no matter what their level, and find teams to complete quests, heroics, or flashpoints. Involvement and a good standing in the SWTOR community is also important to us, as evidenced by the above image created by none other than our Guild Leader DavidRHall, which won second prize in a community-organized guild poster contest. We are new but we are growing, and so far I’ve been impressed by the maturity and positive attitude of our members, and well as their passion for the game.

Our website and guild portal are now up and running. If you’re interested in joining us, we’re always seeking similarly dedicated individuals! We place no demands on time or schedule, but rather on character and merit. I value guild unity and am the type of gamer who prefers to “grow” with my guild, and I feel very fortunate to have found this great community of SWTOR players who love the game. Check us out. Apply through our site if you feel the RMC will be a good fit for you, we’d love to welcome you on board!

(Oh, and Sith, Bounty Hunters and Imperial Agents, do not fret! We are also currently in the process of setting up an Empire sister guild.)

“We are all in this together, and we will win this together. Be the hope. Join the Republic Mercy Corps.”


  1. I’ll look into joining up as one of my alts after launch. I’ve got my own guild to run. 😉

    • Ah, nice! Good luck with your guild 🙂

  2. How anyone could kill a jawa is beyond me. What’s wrong with people! 😉

    • Blah, jawa-killing sociopaths still make more sense to me than jawa-romancing enthusiasts! 😛

  3. You guys sound pretty awesome. So far it looks like our GL is still enthused to run a SWTOR guild, but if we ever decide to let someone else do most of the heavy lifting, it is nice to read about guilds that sound eerily similar to our own in temperment. 🙂

    • Absolutely, great to see other guilds dedicated to their members and passionate about SWTOR 🙂 I for one love seeing your SWTOR tweets and your enthusiasm about the game.

  4. Sounds like it could be fun. I think @sctrz has her heart set on a badass BH. But we’ll have Republic alts, for sure.

    • And you’re welcome to join us! Feel free to check out the Imperial Mercenary Corps also, we’re currently working on it.

  5. If only you guys were Empire! In all seriousness though RMC looks good.

    • Thanks for checking us out. By the way, we’re also in the process of setting up an Empire sister guild right now, the Imperial Mercenary Corps. Here’s the website, though it’s still in the works and not as complete as our Republic site yet http://www.imperialmercenarycorps.com/

  6. Hey, I know these guys!

    It’s a work in progress while I get some new footage and VO in, but you can check out our WIP recruitment trailer here.

    Also for those asking about Imperial guilds – the Imperial Mercenary Corps is up and running. Founders and leaders of the RMC will be co-heading both guilds, we just have not found the right someone yet to officially head the IMC. There are at least three dedicated full time members to our Imperial sister guild as of now, so you won’t be alone if you feel like applying. As with the RMC, the IMC is seeking people who are friendly, outgoing, helpful and passionate about the game, and looking to progress as and with a guild.

    Applications can be take on either website for those interested!

    • Look at all this love for the Empire! I may just have to write a post about the IMC when we get the guild website squared away.

  7. If only you all were Evil Empire guild you can count me in. I only play for the evil empire because its so good to be evil bad.

    • Wow, I am surprised by all the Empire love! Not that I’m surprised, I was all Empire leaning before focusing on the RMC as well, but you can be sure I’ll still be playing the crap out of my bounty hunter in the Imperial Mercenary Corps 😀

      • In any MMO i’ve played i just generally never play for the goody good guy side. I’ve only always and consistency played for the bad guy or evil side and leave all the kiddies to play on the too goody side. Being bad or evil just seem more fun.

  8. I’d definitely be interested in the sister guild. I have a hard time playing the goody-two-shoes types. Looks like Lono and I are of the same idea. I am pretty excited to get to playing as I have not really set foot in an MMO for a while. It makes it pretty tough to blog when you are not actively playing anything.

    • I know what you mean. My MMO time has gone down in the last few months too, typical of the summer. Even before I started this blog I anticipated some down times, which was my motivation for starting more a general gaming blog.

  9. Doh, somehow I signed it PidPid. I am out of practice!

  10. Sounds like we will need an Imperial Mercenary Corps overview in the coming weeks… nudge nudge wink wink

    • I’d love the IMC but I plan on going full darkside and I don’t want to screw up your redemption thing. If ever you make the switch to evil, I’m in

      • We will not tell players how to play their characters, be it RMC or IMC. The only rule we wish to follow is not to gank. That said, if you get attacked, we’ll get the whole guild out to avenge. 😉 We enjoy PvP, but are not a griefing guild.

    • Hmm last comment was eaten.

      I’d love to give the IMC a go but you guys are going the redemption path and I want to go full on darkside. I don’t want to screw up your theme so I’ll abstain for now. If ever you guys switch to evil, I’m in!

      • Bah, lore is just “guidelines” anyway! When I play Sith in the IMC, I’m going full on dark side asshole!

        I actually even pushed for our IMC lore to allow more for “individualism” so I can still be an evil jerk 😛 In guild chat and interactions with other players I’ll still be my nice and sweet self of course, but NPCs and questgivers beware! 😀

      • App to the IMC sent! NPCs beware!

  11. If I end up getting the game and a new rig and all that stuff, I might give that Empire guild a look-see. Also the Misses might nag me to go all goody goody gumdrops and play a jedi something, bleh >.> But even so, at least I’d have a guild I could apply for on ‘that’ side as well ^_^

    I disapprove of the guild slogan, but it did make me giggle 😛

    • Did you know, I recently found out the mister was actually leaning more towards Republic as well because he would like to play a Jedi? But he wouldn’t have minded going Empire either when I initially was set on playing a Bounty Hunter. I guess I wouldn’t mind either side either, because at some point I do plan on playing every class, but it’s nice to know we’ll be doing something the mister prefers for once, since he always seems to defer to my decisions 😛

    • The Empire slogan is going to change, even tho some of our leadership is in love with it. Our old lore was different from what was settled on for the IMC, and had more to do with members of the IMC atoning for the evils of the Empire. It was decided tho by all founding members that I was a sissy and needed to re evaluate the lore, so with the help of others (most notably the owner of this blog) we revised it to still be anti-empire, but not ‘good’ per say. Rather, member of the IMC are more like anarchists, fighting for independence from all tyannaical governemnt, republic and empire alike. (Using the Empire’s resources to do so just suits their needs better!) In this capacity, players can choose how they would approach these ends. A purely selfish and evil character can be just as justified as a benevolent one.

      In the end, we are not as pure RP guild, on either side. This lore is just a basis on which to build a foundation.

  12. I wanna play a trooper, so this sounds like an excellent guild to be a part of. If Scarybooster joins in I would be SOOOO happy. 😀

  13. Very nice – great sites, branding, lore, etc. I’m in Australia – I guess that’s not going to fit? Though I noticed you have ‘other’ time zones in your application forms.

    • We actually have a member already who lives in Australia. Just one for now, but we are of course interested in making sure no guild members get left out. When we get closer to launch, we will be for sure pushing to make sure members in every location have others who they can be questing and running warzones / heroics with. Its entirely up to an individual as to whether or not they thing it will work for them, but part of our guild philosophy is to make sure everyone who wants to be included, is.

    • Hey, that’s cool I didn’t even know that we had an Australian member. The only concern is like Ryan said, we won’t want anyone to feel alone when they’re playing at off-times. I think our guild will be primarily US, but we’d certainly welcome an international community. I’ve been in guilds in the past where we’ve had members from all over the world.

  14. SU? EU?

    • I mean US, not SU. I don’t even know what SU means…

    • Et tu, Brute? We are primarily US based, with members across all timezones, but we do have members in England and Australia as well.

    • US and like Ryan said, across all time zones. I’ll be rocking on the East Coast 😀

  15. […] long time ago, in blog not too far away I read a post by MMOGC that was calling for gamers to join a guild she was helping to form for what was the most […]

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