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August 17, 2011

No surprise here, but I purchased myself a Nintendo 3DS last weekend when the $80 price drop went into effect and also picked up a few games, including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. So far, I’m loving my new little gadget. So much of it is gimmicky, but screw it, I’m enjoying it all while it lasts.

And speaking of enjoying something while it lasts, I also picked up Nintendogs + Cats.

Let me just make something clear: I already have two dogs — that is, two real dogs, a couple of adorable Cavalier King Charles spaniels that I just love to death so you can say I’m already quite well acquainted with all the joys of dog ownership. I don’t really need a pet simulator any more than I need an instruction manual on how to put on my socks, so then why am I so in love with this freakin’ idiotic game!?!?

Well, it definitely has its charm in the short-term and in time may feel like a glorified 3DS tech demo, but for now I’m completely taken with my Nintendog (a Cav, of course; as if there was any other choice for me). The game’s certainly good at igniting my inner 10-year-old, and of course, there’s that word again — gimmicky. Maybe I’ve had my head in the sand, but one thing I had absolutely no idea about and was delighted to learn was the 3DS’ use of Augmented Reality cards, so I wasted no time whipping out the AR camera and putting my Nintendog in all sorts of precarious situations.

Watching my puppy chase his tail around in circles on my desk in eye-popping 3D is not only super trippy but also evidently a great way to waste half the morning.

I am a sad panda because the cool 3D effect doesn’t show up in pictures.

Waiter, this is unacceptable! There’s a Kirby in my cup! And he just crapped out a puppy!

In a Luigi hat, d’awwwwwwwwwww…

My other (real) dog Mara is the prissy one who would have chewed up the AR card before putting up with any of my crap, whereas Strider (the real dog in the above photo) is the smart one who knows as long as he shuts up and stays still, the faster he’ll get things over with and the sooner his crazy lady owner will leave him the hell alone. Which is probably exactly what he was thinking when I took that picture.