Video Day: SWTOR, Wildstar, TSW, GW2

August 19, 2011

Here’s a very cool Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer of “Huttball”, a PvP warzone that has been making waves for the last couple of days. But it’s also today’s Friday update if you haven’t been following GamesCom.

Several things to highlight that may pique the interest of even non-PvPers — being able to prove your worth in a warzone against members of your own faction which should make for some interesting dynamic, and playing in an arena that’s essentially one giant death trap where “name-calling and cheating are all encouraged”. You’re on Nar Shaddaa, after all.

I totally want to be called a Rotworm. Those Hutts have a strange sense of humor.

Also making its debut at GamesCom, the debut trailer for Wildstar which looks like a…wild ride. Still, maybe it’s the style of the graphics, the quirky humor, or the funky music — all of which I really liked from the video, don’t get me wrong…the thing is, it makes me not want this to be an MMO.

I can see myself enjoying the crap out of this even if it was a single-player RPG…or the next animated  film by Dreamworks. Hey, it’s not like this trailer would be out of place shown before a feature presentation at the cinema. Doing some poking around made me think Carbine can bring a lot of potential to this title, though. Enough to sign up for beta.

This trailer from a few days ago also took my breath away, albeit in a completely different way.

The Secret World now has a release window, which hopefully means more information in the coming months and more to talk about, because there’s a void in my life that can only be filled by a good horror-themed MMO. As always, packed with creepy and a healthy dose of tentacles, their CGI trailers give me the shivers.

Commence countdown to April 2012.

Wrapping up with this awesome Guild Wars 2 trailer, which Huntersinsight has already thoroughly commented on, so I encourage you to visit his site. All I have to add to the discourse is simply “GIMME MOAR ASURA!!!”

I’m normally prone to choose the more “feminine” and “elfish” races to play, but there’s something about being a cute little Asura hacking away at something fifty times her size that greatly appeals to me.


  1. I am very much looking forward to The Secret World. Everything about the game intrigues me. I have a guaranteed beta invite. I just hope TOR and TSW don’t clash. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to dual sub for these two games. The Corps is going to have to make an appearance in RagnarTornquist’s new world!

    Then GW2 comes out! ARRGGHHHH!

    • I think about it this way…if TOR comes out on time “holiday 2011” that gives maybe 4 or 5 months for me to play the crap out of it, at least make it to end game so I can make some time for TSW in April. And then, well…we’ll see how well I can juggle. And yes, GW2 into the mix will complicate things even further 😛

  2. The huttball pvp looks wild to me, measured chaos. Love that they’re thinking outside the box with it.

    Wildstar to me looks like its aimed at children, but maybe I just don’t know enough about it yet. The floppy eared race just seems so out of place in any game I’d be interested in.

    • The animation does give it that feel. I’ve never actually played a “children’s” MMO (like Wizard 101, etc.) but I don’t think I would have a problem with it if it was one; I’ve had plenty of fun with all-ages games in the past.

      I did give a little groan when I first glimpsed the floppy ears, but let’s just say it wasn’t like I thought.

  3. Lots of great stuff coming out of GamesCom. I’m most looking forward to Guild Wars 2, but the Wildstar trailer is intriguing. I’m hoping that the game can come anywhere close to being as interesting as the trailer makes it look.

    Remember, of course, never trust CGI.

    • CGI is eye candy, that’s pretty much it…but I still love them 😛

  4. I’m pretty much foaming to play Secret World and TOR. Not sure about Wildstar, but it looks interesting. I can relate to your impression of the trailer, the characters are quite interesting. However in an MMO, NPCs rarely get developed very well. In any case, very glad to see more middling budget non-fantasy MMOs on the horizon.

    • That’s what I mean when I said I would love to see this as an animated feature film. Those characters look like a lot of fun. And if they end up as NPCs, I can’t see their personalities shining through so much.

  5. Wildstar didn’t really leave me with any impression. It’s like, I get what they were trying to do, that the characters ‘should’ be funny and that, but the video got too caught up with “WEE! ACTION!” that it detracted a lot from it over all. Again, I got the idea they were trying to convey, it’s just that I think it was too much for one video. I don’t know these characters and thus I don’t care about them, so while the jokes and banter might have been natural, I just wasn’t invested in their adventure. Or whatever they were doing lol Plus the pink hair looked kinda bad, the in-game bunny hair looks fine, dunno why they opted for something that like looked like a wire-y virtual wig. As Hunter said, most definately targeting kids, which is fine. Just not my bag.

    Now, as for TOR and TSW, that’s different entirely XD I actually came on here wondering if you’d talk about the huttball and yay! You did ^_^ It looks interesting, glad to see new mechanics in play in an MMO. I also just caught a big list of ‘reasons why you should be excited about TOR’ on mmo-champ and I had no idea there is no auto attacking. I like! Plus the crafting companion stuff sounds sweet too.

    I’m a bit bummed that they took so friggin’ long to come out with the Illuminati video. But of course ya gotta save the best for last, right -_^ The game is looking great, hoping to see more in-game footage and a bit more examples of how customiziation works as it sounds awesome to hand pick stuff like they mentioned.

    • Like I said, the Wildstar trailer had a bit of that old animated movie trailer feel to it. You know, the action, the character building, and the jokes and dialogue, etc. Maybe I just want it to be a cartoon because it feels marketed like one! Definitely does seem like it’s aimed for kids, which isn’t something I mind, really…in fact, it’s gotten me even more intrigued.

      And I debated whether or not to talk about Huttball, but that video got me excited even as a non-pvper 😀

  6. Mostly just interested in Secret World (very) and Guild Wars 2 which has been interested in for a while now. Neutral about anything else and not buying into all the hype.

    I’m still waiting to see and play the next generation of MMO vs more of the same stuff over and over in a different skin.

    • I’ve pretty much just given up on the “next generation” MMO. My thoughts are that if it exists, it’s not going to be something that happens overnight. It’s just too risky now for any developer of triple A games, but I think we can still look forward to little steps in each subsequent game that releases. I guess that’s okay with me, I’m still having lots of fun in existing MMOs and will be enjoying the upcoming MMOs.

  7. Had I not seen your writeup first, I would have assumed that Wildstar was Torchlight 2. Those characters look like the base classes from Torchlight.

    I am all in for Secret World. Age of Conan was amazing (stuff it haters) and I am looking foreword to what seems like a more personal and sandboxed approach to MMO gaming that The Secret World brings. I hope SWTOR comes out late fall, so I can get plenty of time in there before I need to split my attentions 😉

    • Age of Conan was amazing. They went and improved that game so much. I loved it when I played it again, and got the awesome expansion and quested around Khitai with my 80 PoM. I only stopped playing because of technical issues, which is a shame, really. Now that it’s free to play I always want to go back.

  8. […] heard much lately about account hacks, so maybe they’ve learned from prior mistakes. I also agree with MMOGC and would almost prefer to see the IP done as a feature-length movie instead of a game. Either way, […]

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