5 “Quality Of Life” Rift Features That Have Spoiled Me Silly

August 24, 2011

1. Sell all junk

Straight up time saver that spares me the chore of sifting through all my bags picking out the grey items to sell to vendor. Lord of the Rings Online has a similar function that allows players to “lock” items they want to keep and to sell the rest, but this is just way simpler. All my vendor trash is gone with one click, and I am left with my gold and a morbid curiosity — what the hell would my drink seller need with severed Aelfwar fingers and old roc beaks?

2. Mounts straight out of tutorial

If you have the tartagon from the digital collector’s edition, nothing beats being able to mount up and ride everywhere even as a lowbie level 6. Even if you don’t, in the world of Telara, you can ride a mount as soon as you can afford one. In many ways, that makes a lot more sense. It’s not like MMO worlds are like the real one where your character has to wait until becoming a pimply-faced adolescent to get a license.

3. AoE looting

I’m just sooooo damn lazy. There, I admit it. So if you were thinking of leaving a smart-alecky comment saying “Come on, MMOGC, it only takes a few seconds to loot a few bodies”…try again. Another cool thing — being able to loot mounted. So nice being able to backtrack, see a sparkly body you missed, loot and continue on your merry way without missing a beat.

4. Quest item bag

To be fair, I believe Rift only added this feature quite recently during one of their updates. Every friggin’ MMO needs this. I can think of very little else that infuriates me more than getting an “Inventory is full” message, and seeing that two-thirds of my bags are filled with crap only used, made, or obtained during quests.

5. Customizable UI

From day one, I was impressed with the modularity, flexibility, and customization of the Rift user interface. It’s rare to get something so polished right out of the box, without having to download any addons or mods. And when I started another character and wanted to use the exact same set up? IMPORT! Ah, heaven.


  1. I completely agree with these. I would love to see them in every MMO I play. Clearly the devs in Rift have played plenty of games and had their list of quality of life improvements that they’d want as a player, and they gave them to their players. Good job Trion!

    • Many little things like this in Rift that I love, and I’m probably missing a lot more. But these were the ones that I could think of right off the top of my head, which I’ve experienced almost every day and thought to myself “oh my god, thank you Trion for making my MMO life that much easier”.

  2. Rift is so feature filled. It really is amazing. Beautiful game too.

    • Yes, beautiful and featured filled, which makes it all the more amazing it launched with barely a hitch (minus a few servers that experienced huge queues, that is).

  3. All of those are desirable. On point number one though, “what the hell would my drink seller need with severed Aelfwar fingers and old roc beaks?”, I’d like to direct you to the book Tales of the Mos Eisley Cantina and specifically the story “A Hunter’s Fate: Greedo’s Tale” where Wuher the bartender takes the corpse of Greedo and turns it into a powerful liqueur. You’re drinking vendor trash! 😛

    • Glad you followed that train of thought to its intended destination 😀 And man, I loved those Star Wars “Tales of the…” books. Most Eisley Cantina, Jabba’s Palace and Bounty Hunters gave me hours of good reading.

  4. Having a mount early is nice and I couldn’t care less about being able to customize the UI, but the sell all button, AoE looting, and quest bag are “must have” features now as far as I’m concerned, just like cosmetic appearances and in-game mail.

    • Haha, weird, being able to customize UI would be on the top of my list. I can’t stand a clunky, inefficient UI.

  5. Funny that I know BlueKae from STO–the only other games I’ve played with a customizable interface out of the box. I made this point on my post about SWTOR. The beauty of a customizable UI is that I can approximate my preferred UI layout in any game I play, regardless of the publisher.

    The AoE looting and early mounts are very nice, as is the new quest item bag. I wish there were a way to auto-sort my loot into so it’s easily found. Another new feature in Rift highlights new additions to the bags, so that makes it a little easier, assuming you don’t open your bags for something before you have time to organize them.

    On the last point, auto-sell: I have only this to say: while it is a great feature (I have a WoW addon that does this as well), where did the idea of vendor trash come from in the first place? At the risk of sounding like someone who wants stuff “dumbed-down” why have grey items/vendor trash at all? Why not just have the rough equivalent in currency off the bat. It would solve much of the bag space issue, as well. And don’t tell me it’s more realistic, when you are forced to choose between croc eyes that really would only weigh a few grams, and a 7 kg piece of armor. It’s a game mechanic that came from somewhere, and has continued only because it’s expected.

    • Seconding this. Vendor trash is a silly concept to start with, and it’s really an odd vestigial system to maintain. FFXII spun off a little into left field by making baddies *only* drop loot or trash, some of which could be sold to vendors who compiled the trash behind the scenes and unlocked packages of useful stuff. It was a deeply flawed system, but at least the mob droppings were vital to the player’s finances.

      …of course, I’d also ask deeper; what role, loot? Why do we expect that everything we kill has to give us something?

      • Yeah, and I don’t actually find the concept of vendor trash to be that realistic. From the first day I ever played an MMO, I wondered to myself why a vendor would want to buy something disgusting like a smelly old boot or all this other crap I picked up on my travels.

    • Regardless of the publisher, and regardless of the class, or regardless of the role I play. I use many different set ups even within the same game, or even on the same character depending on what I need to be doing. So being able to customize the UI is huge for me.

      Anyway, on the matter of vendor trash, I’ve always wondered the same thing. It seems to be one of those “vestigial” features left over from MMO after MMO , where it’s become one of those things that don’t really make sense but is a staple of any online game (and LOL btw, I actually wrote this before I had a chance to read Tesh’s comment, seems like we have the same idea and used the same word)

  6. Sell all junk and the quest item bag is the MOST important features that all mmo’s need imho 🙂

    • Isn’t it amazing how such little things can make all the difference?

  7. Hilarious! I love each and every one of these features. I’m glad that someone like Trion is out there challenging the assumptions enforced by older games.

    • Plus I think these features and others like them just make more sense. They make everyone’s lives easier, gets you faster on your way to do the stuff you like and enjoy the game. Mucho points in my book.

  8. Come on, MMOGC, in only a few moments one can part a small number of corpses from their bounties.

    • Ja, but in Rift, it’s only one moment to loot them all.

    • Smart aleck! 😛

  9. Oh GEEZ I loved the AoE looting in Rift. (I say “loved” because I don’t play it anymore. T_T) The game definitely had its perks then. Looks like it’s polished up a lot since!

    With Dead Island and SWTOR around the corner, I won’t have any time to get back into Rift – but reading about others’ experiences can be just as good. 🙂

    When it comes to the mounts, I did wish that they didn’t make a player wait until 40 to get the second fastest mount, and then wait 10 more levels to the fastest one. I think I quit at 48, and those levels were hard. Getting around faster may have helped – then again, getting knocked off your mouth the second you got hit was no fun back then, either. >< I hear Trion changed that – thank goodness.

    • Yeah, come to think of it, I don’t get knocked off my mount that often anymore 😛 And I guess the level 50 mount was meant to be something for the player to work for over the long term, because even after I hit 50 it was a while before I made enough platinum to be able to afford it. The level 40 mount, while slower, did serve me well in the meantime 🙂

      Ooh, Dead Island, I want too! Of course, I just bought Deus Ex and then the months ahead I’ll also be flooded with a whole avalanche of good games coming out. DI may not be in the cards :S

      • It was one of the early patches, after complaints from the players, especially running through lowbie areas. I still get knocked off, but I am playing in areas with two or more levels above me, so it’s more understandable.

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