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Rift’s Half-Birthday Party

August 26, 2011

A candle for each month.

The awesome thing about MMOs is that when they have a birthday — or in Rift’s case, a half-birthday — we’re the ones who get presents:

  • 50% favor bonus
  • 50% prestige from PvP kills bonus
  • 100% experience from kills bonus
  • 50% plaques/marks bonus chance
  • 100% planarite bonus
  • 100% guild xp bonus
  • A special “thanks for attending” gift at the end of all the festivities
  • Oh, and cake…

Last night my husband and I took our alts for a spin and gained two levels, taking them from 39 to 41 in just a little more than an hour and a half. There’s something for everyone during the celebrations, but I am most pleased about the XP boost, hoping to ride this wave as close as I can get to level 50 before next Wednesday. I say if you have an alt, take advantage of this.

Happy half-birthday, Rift. I never thought I’d still be subbed after 6 months, but here I am and I’m by no means alone judging from the healthy player population, at least on my server. After half a year, I’ve still yet to run out of things to do thanks in part to the devs adding content faster than I can get through it, and never once has the game broken on me. It’s a milestone, all right. Good show, Trion, your success is well-deserved.

Now I have to wonder, what sort of goodies will we getting on their FULL birthday? And would anyone actually buy it if I said I’m going to celebrate my half-birthday this October? Worth a shot.