Rift’s Half-Birthday Party

August 26, 2011

A candle for each month.

The awesome thing about MMOs is that when they have a birthday — or in Rift’s case, a half-birthday — we’re the ones who get presents:

  • 50% favor bonus
  • 50% prestige from PvP kills bonus
  • 100% experience from kills bonus
  • 50% plaques/marks bonus chance
  • 100% planarite bonus
  • 100% guild xp bonus
  • A special “thanks for attending” gift at the end of all the festivities
  • Oh, and cake…

Last night my husband and I took our alts for a spin and gained two levels, taking them from 39 to 41 in just a little more than an hour and a half. There’s something for everyone during the celebrations, but I am most pleased about the XP boost, hoping to ride this wave as close as I can get to level 50 before next Wednesday. I say if you have an alt, take advantage of this.

Happy half-birthday, Rift. I never thought I’d still be subbed after 6 months, but here I am and I’m by no means alone judging from the healthy player population, at least on my server. After half a year, I’ve still yet to run out of things to do thanks in part to the devs adding content faster than I can get through it, and never once has the game broken on me. It’s a milestone, all right. Good show, Trion, your success is well-deserved.

Now I have to wonder, what sort of goodies will we getting on their FULL birthday? And would anyone actually buy it if I said I’m going to celebrate my half-birthday this October? Worth a shot.


  1. Well, there is something to be said for an MMO that is flourishing after six months, instead of languishing. Plus, if you think about it, six months is milestone for a baby, not so much for a 20-something.

    Sctrz and I are planning a Rift marathon tonight. Considering where we are (Stillmoor and IPP) and that we out-quested our levels recently, the extra XP is a welcome gift from Trion.

    • “Plus, if you think about it, six months is milestone for a baby, not so much for a 20-something.”

      Damn, does this mean you won’t be getting me a present on my 27th-and-a-half birthday this year? 😛

      • Maybe some planarite.

  2. I stuck my head into Rift for a while last night to check things out. I was so rusty that I rolled up a fresh ‘toon to get my sea legs back. I really forgot how amazingly pretty the game is. The detail on the character models is really amazing, especially for a game that doesn’t push my rig very hard. I get better frame-rates from it than I’ve been getting from Star Wars Galaxies lately.

    • Yeah, I’m impressed with their graphics and how gentle they’ve been on my rig. My husband still sometimes stops all of a sudden in the middle of playing just to look more closely at details in the environment. We were in Iron Pine Peaks this weekend and he was like, “ooh, look at the gouges on the ice surface!” He got new legs on his warrior too, and they look really cool and shiny on the character screen, especially when they reflect when he whirls his toon around 😛

      • I upgraded my graphics drivers early in the summer and was amazed at the difference it made with Rift. All all plate armor is truly shiny now, I actually had to turn down the bloom in order to see the air(storm) rifts in IPP.

  3. I think Trion has done an astonishing job considering Rift is a game everyone considered “just a WoW clone” only a few months ago. It shows that there is still a market for a well realized game.

    I was considering looking into the game again for the celebration, but then I realized that I uninstalled it.

    • For a game that I felt was highly derivative of WoW (and still do, to be honest), Rift has done very well for itself. So many of the game mechanics are familiar and nothing new, but here’s where I think customer service and developer communication makes the difference. I think thus far Trion has been fair, always quick to fix mistakes, and since launch has been making efforts to please their customer base.

  4. […] and I chatted a bit and she ran me through the cake quest before heading off to bed. I spent the rest of the hour I played restoring my PvE […]

  5. Trion seem to be working hard at trying to do everything to entice and keep their customers. Thumbs up to them. I’m still subbed even though i haven’t logged in for a while.

    • I don’t log in and play every day myself, but my husband does mostly. I haven’t really felt the need to unsub yet, because they are so fast and frequent with their updates I can barely keep up with their content. I guess it’s nice knowing there’s something new to do whenever I feel the desire to log in and play.

  6. I think you might be onto something here mmochick. That would make Feb.12 a special day for me. Maybe no presents but maybe some cake? or half of one? LOL. I think there should be a rule that after age 25 we should celebrate half birthdays. I mean the older you get right, so why not?

    • Or maybe I should stop celebrating birthdays all together 😛 If I don’t, I get to be 27 forever, right? RIGHT?! 😀

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