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The Unifying Force: SWTOR Allies & Adversaries

September 23, 2011

Those who have followed Star Wars: The Old Republic for a while might recall that way back in March (wow, has it really been that long?) BioWare announced their Guild HQ and Pre-Launch Guild Program. People began registering their guilds on the SWTOR site, setting up their forums and inviting members.

Of course, back then I was still guild-less and clueless, and aside from thinking that it’s kinda nifty that we were being offered this service, I was pretty ambivalent towards the news. I did, however, anticipate that the later phases might be where things start to get interesting.

But even I didn’t expect how much excitement can come out of just the simple act of linking guilds.

The story: On Wednesday, the Pre-Launch Guild Program officially transitioned into Phase 2: Alignment, prompting guilds to designate other guilds they want to play with as allies or adversaries so that BioWare will to put you all together on the same server. Now that I’m a member of the Republic Mercy Corps, when my guild leader asked us officers to start seeking other guilds to add — primarily guilds with medium to large player bases who are interested in rolling on a RP PvE server — I thought immediately of’s Delusions of Grandeur.

Okay, so I didn’t suggest them for completely selfless reasons, even though DoG is pretty much the only guild I’m familiar with at the moment that has registered themselves as RP as well. I do know some friends from DoG already, and have already entertained thoughts about how cool it would be if could play together on the same server. So I was thrilled when they expressed interest in being our guild’s allies and making our sister Empire guild their adversary as well.

Before I knew it, my guild officers were getting really excited, we also had dark side-oriented DoGs expressing interest in rolling alts in the Imperial Mercenary Corps, my notifications were going off every two seconds due to Twitter and email conversations, new categories in our respective forums were set up, new relationships were formed…it was just a flurry of activity which got my internal SWTOR hype-o-meter all worked up again.

I guess my point is that it doesn’t always require important game information or a fancy new trailer to drum up excitement; sometimes, it’s the features that encourage community and friendships that have the most meaning to the players. I know it is for me.