The Unifying Force: SWTOR Allies & Adversaries

September 23, 2011

Those who have followed Star Wars: The Old Republic for a while might recall that way back in March (wow, has it really been that long?) BioWare announced their Guild HQ and Pre-Launch Guild Program. People began registering their guilds on the SWTOR site, setting up their forums and inviting members.

Of course, back then I was still guild-less and clueless, and aside from thinking that it’s kinda nifty that we were being offered this service, I was pretty ambivalent towards the news. I did, however, anticipate that the later phases might be where things start to get interesting.

But even I didn’t expect how much excitement can come out of just the simple act of linking guilds.

The story: On Wednesday, the Pre-Launch Guild Program officially transitioned into Phase 2: Alignment, prompting guilds to designate other guilds they want to play with as allies or adversaries so that BioWare will to put you all together on the same server. Now that I’m a member of the Republic Mercy Corps, when my guild leader asked us officers to start seeking other guilds to add — primarily guilds with medium to large player bases who are interested in rolling on a RP PvE server — I thought immediately of Multiplaying.net’s Delusions of Grandeur.

Okay, so I didn’t suggest them for completely selfless reasons, even though DoG is pretty much the only guild I’m familiar with at the moment that has registered themselves as RP as well. I do know some friends from DoG already, and have already entertained thoughts about how cool it would be if could play together on the same server. So I was thrilled when they expressed interest in being our guild’s allies and making our sister Empire guild their adversary as well.

Before I knew it, my guild officers were getting really excited, we also had dark side-oriented DoGs expressing interest in rolling alts in the Imperial Mercenary Corps, my notifications were going off every two seconds due to Twitter and email conversations, new categories in our respective forums were set up, new relationships were formed…it was just a flurry of activity which got my internal SWTOR hype-o-meter all worked up again.

I guess my point is that it doesn’t always require important game information or a fancy new trailer to drum up excitement; sometimes, it’s the features that encourage community and friendships that have the most meaning to the players. I know it is for me.


  1. How do you think that Allies/Adversaries will benefit guilds? “Alliances” have always been of some questionable value and impact to guilds (by my own personal experience, I would love an anecdote telling me otherwise though). Do you think this system will really encourage guilds to work with each other?

    • I do, actually, but with a caveat. I think for guilds who have an existing connection to each other, like are made up of friends/people who know each other, or have been affiliated for a long time, etc. will find this system beneficial. I also think RP guilds that have already formed their own ally/adversary relationships over many games already have this, judging by some of the planned events and stuff I’ve read about on various game forums.

      I myself have been part of a co-op group of 3 or 4 medium sized guilds that worked out really well for raiding and PvP content. Everyone got to stay in their guilds, but we were still able to accomplish larger achievements by banding together. We all had accounts on each others forums and it was easy to send out messages through this network and find the people we need. And the end, I got to know other guilds’ members very well, even on a first name basis.

      But I personally don’t think it would be as effective for guilds that randomly find each other or link each other on a whim. I think for a system like this to work a guild would have to be concerned with content and finding a good match, having clear goals and making sure through research and relationship building that the other guilds are on board with it too.

    • We’ve found in past games that sometimes our guild isn’t quite the right fit for others, they may mostly be be PVP or have a core of players who are less casual than we are, but there are always a few of their members who get left out of things like raiding. We either get some of their alts in our guild, or we fill slots in each others raid groups, but we don’t have to compete to do that. Those were the early days of WoW before Cata and all the changes to guilds that squished our cross ties. Still, we’re kind of hoping to hook up with a guild or two from our old servers from either WoW or Rift and have the chance to play together again.

      Right now our GL has friends who had a long standing guild in WoW and intend to start it up in SWTOR. We’re happy to see that we can take advantage of the guild pre-launch, but also still hope to be on the same server with them. Well, once they get their butts in gear and get their guild launched.

      • I was surprised my WoW raiding co-op worked so well, but since it was my brother-in-law’s guild that my husband and I joined after they had already been up and running for about a few years, I guess they had all the details and inner workings hammered out already. We always had one hardcore group and one that was more casual, with people in the latter filling in for the people in the former when required. It worked out well especially when everyone had different alts they could bring.

  2. As far as I know this is the first time a system like this has been implemented in the MMO genre.

    If the Guild Phase system works as intended, Bioware should be commended for trying something new.

    Everytime an MMO launches, I fret about getting on the same server as my friends and rushing to get the guild name secured.

    Hoping with this implementation this will be a thing of the past. Now if only I could reserve my toon names! 😛

    • It was like that with Rift. Everyone was just sitting on their hands waiting for a server list to go up, and once it did it was only a limited time to spread the word and get it all worked out.

      I also assume BioWare will have measures in mind to ensure relative population balance between the servers, given how they will allocating guild allies/adversaries to their servers beforehand. IMO Rift screwed that one up by opening up more servers as they filled up, resulting in the first couple of RP servers remaining very overpopulated for a long time.

  3. I’m thrilled! I was concerned we would end up playing on opposite servers, so this has worked out perfectly.

    • I know! I was so happy we were able to make this happen.

  4. I am going to be really interested to see how this system pans out. First game I am aware of to formalize guild alliances. Though both DF and EVE offer ways for guild to flag each other as friendly, hostile, or neutral if I’m not mistaken (which I may well be, I’ve never played either).

    And I guess I know what server I’ll be rolling on 🙂

    • Yeah, a lot of guilds already have allies and adversaries they play together with in a lot of MMOs these days, I just see the SWTOR guild program as taking it a step further.

      Definitely a good way to have friends be able to play together, without having the hassle of their respective guilds trying to coordinate it all on the day of launch.

  5. Maybe I’ll have an alt that’s in your guild… all I really need is an excuse to RP. My friends don’t typically RP though, so yeah…

    • I know we sound like hardcore RPers from our guild lore and description, but we’re not, really! That said, a lot of our members do engage in some light RP, and it is definitely encouraged! For many SWTOR may be their first venture into the world of RP, and since this is Star Wars, a lot of folks find it easier too.

  6. I’ve remained unhyped about Star Wars though the news can seem exciting when i read things. I’m still neutral. But i’m sure i’ll play it. I’ll probably join up again with the group at Multiplaying.net with DoG and that works out great since they be Dark side as well. So in a way we be playing together again it would see.

    • Actually, multiplaying’s DoG is a republic guild, just like my guild the Republic Mercy Corps, which is why we decided to ally.

      But the RMC has an empire sister guild the Imperial Mercenary Corps, which will be welcoming any dark side players from DoG who want to play the Imperials or Sith. You are more than welcome to join as well, if you wish.

      • Hmm yeah you are indeed right i finally guild registered and the Multiplying guild is indeed a Republic guild. Aww!! Well i can always join your sister guild possibly to play evil empire.

  7. […] another positive turn of events related to The Old Republic; our guild, Delusions of Grandeur will become allies with the Republic Mercy Corps (and rivals to their evil counterparts, the Imperial Mercy Corps). We weren’t really expecting to […]

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