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NaNoWriMo Week 2 Update: Effusive

November 14, 2011

Now that we’re coming to the end of week 2, I’m just practically vomiting words onto the page. It stinks, it’s messy, and I’m spewing a lot of it–so I personally like the metaphor. Thankfully, that seems to be whole point of National Novel Writing Month.

Just a quick update to celebrate my successes (and bitch about the challenges).

Like I was saying, the words seem to be coming a lot easier, but every once in a while I still fight the blasted urge to edit. Can’t help it. I’m just so used to it, not to mention my obsessive-compulsive perfectionist side kicking in at the worst of times. Speaking of which, I also read a great piece of advice from one of my favorite authors this weekend regarding research for your NaNo novel, which in a nutshell can be summed up as “STOP IT! STOP IT NOW! RESEARCH LATER DURING THE EDITING PHASE!”

That’s one pitfall I always find myself in, all right. The other day, I was writing a scene in which two of my characters are making hot, sweet love on a couch. I had the whole scene in my head, but all I was obsessing about was how to describe that stupid couch. I went on furniture and antique websites and the whole shebang trying to figure it out, until I stopped and asked myself WTF I was doing. No one is going to give two flying craps about the couch. Not if I do the scene right, anyway. I finally made it a damn Chesterfield, and moved on.

As of last night, I am at 30,028 words, but that’s basically me making the most out of the lead I gained during the first week. This weekend saw the first signs of slowdown in my progress. With my husband getting into the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta, my spare time went mostly to play with him. So we’re not even factoring The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim yet at this point, which is a little scary. The game box has been lying on my coffee table unopened since Friday, but that’s going to change this afternoon.

NaNoWriMo gods, if you can hear this, in the coming days please help me in my quest to balance dragon-y goodness with my writing.