NaNoWriMo Week 3: Almost There

November 23, 2011

Another quick update on my progress, before I retreat with my tablet and keyboard to a dark closet, in which I’ll stay locked until I write my word count quota for today. For various reasons, the 2000-3000 words a day average I’d been pulling at the beginning of this month has shrunk to 1000 or less per day this week.

How do you work when you’re under the wire? I personally like to create deadlines. I make mine midnight, so I can punch in my daily word count before I go to bed and see the stats on my page go up and up and up. In week 3, for more days than I’d like to admit, I would only sit down to write at 11pm and for that last hour I would pound out those words like my life depended on it. It’s like college all over again — bringing back to those days where I’m up ’til 4am in the morning with a 20-page term paper due in five hours.

My husband thinks I’m nuts, that I should just chill and write more the next day, and maybe he’s right. But there’s just something about that rush which gets my creative juices flowing. I know not everyone works this way, but for me, I seem to do my best work under pressure. And I need to have a semblance of routine in my life, I need to make myself — or force myself — to sit down to a writing session at least once in a 24-hour time period.

44120 words so far. I’m so close I can smell it. At this point it’s too late to quit. Factoring in Thanksgiving where I already know I won’t do anything but cook, clean, and eat, as long as I keep up with a thousand words a day, I should be able to do it. That’s not too bad, right?

It’s all Skyrim’s fault. Anytime I have free time, all I want to do is play it.

Oh, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. The NDA had to drop too. Hard to believe, but I think I might have written more words for my SWTOR posts than for my NaNo novel last week. Actually, scratch that. After scrolling down my blog just now, I can believe it.


  1. =) Just a huge =)

  2. Don’t give up now. Punching out a novel in one month is quite an acheivement.

    • Now that November’s almost over, I can say, yeah wow, what a ride that was!

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