Screenshot: SWTOR End-Of-Testing Dance Party

December 5, 2011

You know me. It’s just not a real party unless I can dance to the end of the galaxy in a teenie weenie gold bikini. And don’t think I didn’t notice Qyzen the lecherous Trandoshan totally checking me out…

And so ends my six months of  Star Wars: The Old Republic beta. After so long, I have to admit it was quite the heartfelt moment (at least as heartfelt as you could get club-dancing in a slave girl outfit), but as everyone knows, the launch date is almost upon us. On the 15th, early access begins for the first wave of pre-orders. On the 20th, the game will be officially released, and so our galactic adventure can begin in earnest.

What a ride it’s been. My thanks to the BioWare team of course, but I also owe much of my enjoyment to my guild the Republic Mercy Corps/Imperial Mercenary Corps. The pre-launch guild program may be locked now but it’s never too late to join us, and I shall pass on further details such as status of the guild and server info as soon as I know.

Onwards to launch!


  1. That picture is so boss. Desktop background: achieved.

    • Wish more peeps had been turned towards the camera though 😉

  2. Woohoo!! Shake it, baby!!

    • Since you’ll be grouped with sctrz the whole way, I’m sure you both can get to Social II in no time as well. Get her to buy a slave girl outfit 😉

  3. Better Qyzen than Khem Val! End of Beta dance party was fun. Chaotic but fun! See you in early start .

    • Ewww Khem Val. I’m already kinda freaked out by some of the players I’ve seen who want to romance Qyzen…and no, they weren’t joking.

  4. Outstanding! 🙂 Can’t wait for the 15th!

  5. I was sad to say goodbye to my level 23 Commando when my second weekend beta was up, but I now know how to do things far better and for that I’ll forever be grateful to her. 😀

    • Yeah, saying good bye to beta characters is sad, but I also got so used to it after like five builds and having my toons wiped or be unplayable each time 😛 Losing my 50 was the hardest, but I’m like you too, I was so happy to have experienced everything with her, and at least I took plenty of screenies!

  6. The dance videos of the end of beta celebration have given me much entertainment over the past day or two. I certainly enjoyed the end of the weekend beta dance at Vaiken Spacedock’s cantina – and that was probably 1/7th the size of the end of beta celebrations that occurred just the other day.

    If BioWare is letting people in by pre-order registration order, I should be playing within the next 10 days (got it and registered my CE within hours of the announcement).

    In the meantime, holidays are going to be a great filler. Lights, hot chocolate, Christmas movies – plus a long, sappy soliloquy for the blog in honor of the holiday.

    When the 15th comes around, I will be ready to see this long 3 year wait come to an end.

    • Yep, that weekend must have been huge. There have been dance parties after every build as well, it’s always cool to see all the jedi with their lightsaber/glowsticks flipping around 😀

      And yes, if they do it by order, I should be able to get in on the first day as well. I think I was up at 3am preordering and thank Amazon and Origin for being good with sending the codes within minutes.

  7. I hate that I missed the “end of days” stuff from my toon being stuck. I can say it has been one awesome year of testing! Man, how things have changed form the first day I logged in….

    • Yeah, Maric’s main was stuck too. He ended up having to make a level 1 and trekking out to Coruscant, LOL.

  8. Funny pic! Sounds like you really had a great time.

    • It really was great…onwards to Dec 15!

  9. Any word on gifts for beta testers (just to insight rage from both sides)? 🙂

    • I doubt it, and I’m not expecting any. It sounds sappy, but being able to test was gratifying enough 😀

  10. Wow your guild sounds awesome, almost the exact kind of thing I would love to be a part of. I skipped on the whole pre-launch guild process because I wanted to pick my own server, but maybe I can apply after launch depending on where you guys end up. 🙂

    • Of course! If you ever need it, the links are:

      http://www.republicmercycorps.com and http://www.imperialmercenarycorps.com

      I originally wanted to skip the pre-launch guild process too, but I wound up co-founding the RMC/IMC and I couldn’t be happier. This is really a great group of people.

      • LIES! We are a terrible group of people. We make her wear slave outfits and dance for our amusement. Above picture is proof.

  11. Early access was moved up to the 13th. I’ve uninstalled the beta client and pre-loaded the release client now — looking forward to my email that tells me when I have access.

    See y’all in-game!

  12. I know this sounds crazy but do you have any detail screen shots of the slave girl outfit? Front/back and shoes? I want to make that costume for celebration!

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