SWTOR: A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away….

December 13, 2011

You know what I love best about playing a new MMO? The first step — making your characters and naming them, and being able to put together intro posts like this one, which has been a longstanding tradition on this blog.

As you’ve probably heard, Star Wars: The Old Republic early access started today. For those wondering, the Republic Mercy Corps and our sister Empire guild the Imperial Mercenary Corps are on the server Sanctum of the Exalted. Look, I’ll happily play on server Jar Jar Binks if it meant being able to play with friends, but I was still tickled and a little relieved to see we lucked out with a pretty cool server name. I’m also happy to report recruitment is still semi-open for both guilds, so feel free to visit the links if you’re interested in joining the Corps.

For the Republic

Sha’lanni, Twi’lek Jedi Knight

Midway through the year, I think that’s when I came around to the idea of rolling a Republic force-user. Before that, I know I was pretty dead set on playing Empire exclusively at launch, but being a geek wife, I can also read Mr. MMOGC like a book — the guy’s an old school fan of the Jedi and keen on the idea of waving around a lightsaber (of course, helping found the RMC might have something to do with it too). In any case, Sha’lanni — I just picked the same name I used in beta — is the designated character chained to the Spousal Leveling Contract.

Again deferring to my dear husband, who tends to gravitate towards the caster archetypes, I let him choose the Jedi Consular while I’ll be taking up the tanking duties as a Jedi Guardian, which to be honest is my preference anyway. Guess I’m lucky I married a man who loves to heal.

So I was asking readers how they plan on tackling light side/dark side choices yesterday, while indicating that what I’ll do is probably roll my character, come up with a general idea of her personality, and see where to go from there. That said, I can kinda see it in her face already — a young up-and-coming Jedi, idealistic and perhaps a tad naive. Looks like I’ll be making light sided decisions with her at least for the next little while.

For the Empire

Xavindria, Human Bounty Hunter

I’ve dreamed of playing a Bounty Hunter in this game for so long, going so far as to completely avoid the class during beta to save myself the surprise, that the experience of creating this character and then getting to play her in-game felt a bit surreal.

When it comes to choosing an Advanced Class, I have no idea which direction to take her yet. Honestly, both Mercenary and Powertech sound equally appealing and I doubt I will mind whichever I end up with, so if anyone has experience with either ACs I would love to hear your thoughts and/or suggestions.

I have a feeling this class is going to be a hell lot of fun to play — for the brief time I had with my character, I was already bouncing everywhere with my light side/dark side choices. Fine, mostly in the name of fame and credits. My Bounty Hunter isn’t a bad person, but hey, fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.

I wish all the best to everyone who preordered and hope you will be getting into early access and the game soon. And if you ever find yourself adventuring on Sanctum of the Exalted, feel free to say hello!


  1. Congratulations on getting in! Your characters look amazing, particularly the angry, badass bounty hunter.

    I still haven’t gotten my early access email, but my sister assures me that she’s made alts on Sanctum of the Exalted server, saving my chosen names. Once I get set-up, I can’t wait to apply to the RMC — you guys look so awesome.

    And of course, my moniker basically demands that I be an artifact-hunting Consular. Or, you know, an artifact-hunting Inquisitor.

    • Speaking of the RMC, may I put you down as my referrer? 😀

      • If she says no, just use me. 🙂

    • I figured our guild lore would be right up your alley, we have our fearless leader Ryan to thank for that and the awesome website! 🙂

      I see you’ve been accepted into the guild already, but of course you could have put me down as a referral, I’m surprised you even had to ask 😛

  2. I played a powertech in a couple of beta phases, and while I really liked it, you might want to consider the mercenary, for the change it will offer from your knight. The power tech is a tank spec, like your knight, so going merc will allow you to try out healing if you like. More importantly, the PT is a very close / melee focused class, where as the merc’s abilities mostly work from range. I think you will get the most bang for your buck trying merc, and getting a whole new play style!

    • Thanks Ryan, I did go with Mercenary, for similar reasons you stated above. I’m already going tanky tank on my Jedi Knight, I figured having the option to heal on my BH would be the wiser choice. I plan on doing more DPS than anything, but having the choice is always good.

  3. Twi’lek, yes!

  4. Wow. Xavindria looks meaner than ol’Steeltoes ever did!

    What a fantastically smooth launch. I’m really impressed with the Guild rollout, and the staggered server implementation. I hope the rest of Early Start goes as well as today did. I’ve never seen a better first day in an MMO.

    May the Force Be With You!

    • Steeltoes has got nothing on Xav! You want to see mean, my BH is going to make Sha’lanni the Smuggler seem like Tinkerbell! 😛

  5. Your Bounty Hunter is my crush. 🙂 *teehee*

    • She’s got the looks and the talent! 😛

  6. I am foaming for my account to go active. Maybe by Friday?

  7. Ooo I’m so excited. Hopefully, today’s the day.

    • Saw that you got your names and characters made! Looking forward to playing with you and sctrz!

  8. […] I heard the male chiss’ amazing English baritone, how could I not?! I’m certain that GeeCee or Rowan will understand. chiss 4 the winimperial agents are the coolestSW:TOR ← Previous […]

  9. Haio, this is Yumi! I was happy to meet you last night and get into RMC. 😀 I figured I’d finally comment and stop lurking around your blog, hehe. I’ll have to make an Imperial character to get into IMC at some point too! This game is so awesome!!

    • Hey Yumi, very glad to have you on board! The game has been really impressive to me so far, even as someone who has been playing a long time in beta. I’m happy everyone seems to be enjoying it so far, and hope you have a good time with our guild. And also thanks for reading! 😀

  10. OTG-Republic ended up on The Shadowlands. We’re on there with Old Republic Dads. In fact, pretty much everyone you see has one of those tags floating under their name. One podcast even referred to our server as “The AARP Server”. Woot! The only downside is we really can’t complain about the queue since we’re the ones clogging up the server. In fact outside of the newbie zones there isn’t a time when our guild count isn’t higher than the zone I am in. Last night, guild count at 8pm, 100. Fleet? 68. And that’s only 1/2 our guild since we had to split it across 2 in-game guilds.

    Not only that but we get to snicker at our dark-sided brethren. OTG-Empire got assigned to Darth Vader’s Bathroom, er, Sith Medidation Sphere. 😀

    My non-spousal level contract toon is Resolute, a Mirialan Gunslinger. My first male toon in almost 4 years. In a departure from the cliche’ he’s green alien captain of a starship that woos normal human females.

    For the tank toon paired with my wife’s Sage (also a Mirialan) I remade Kristn as a Cyborg Vanguard. It so suits her personality.

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