The Saga Begins…

December 20, 2011

It’s Tuesday morning, do you know your estimated wait time? Yep, it must be launch day.

I just encountered my first ever queue on Sanctum of the Exalted, and yet at this moment I can’t say I really give a flying Fosh. Queues are an expected part of launch day regardless, but at the same time I am feeling nothing but gladness and contentment. That said, I think I’m still just a bit numb from the disbelief at the fact that this game I’ve waited for since its announcement has finally officially launched. Of course, I also can’t guarantee that I’ll be this calm or that I won’t be pulling my hair out in a few hours when I hit the prime time queues. Ask me how I feel again in the evening.

Anyway, enough bad grammar and incoherent rambling from me. Congratulations, Star Wars: The Old Republic team, the years of hard work have come to fruition, and the saga is now a reality. Happy launch day!


  1. Oh, I definitely expect the queues to be a little insane for the next few days. Even with the headstart program, quite a few people scheduled time off just to play starting on launch day. Add to that the fact that schools are out on holiday now and most people are starting vacation this week… I’ll probably queue up expecting to watch something on Hulu or Netflix while I wait 😉

    • Sean!!! I missed you!

      Yeah, I’ve got a book to read while I wait in the queue — just bought David Gaider’s new Dragon Age book Asunder.

      Gah, I didn’t even think about the fact schools are out for the holidays, though it should have occurred to me. Maybe it’s a good thing I’ll be too busy with Christmas parties in the next few days, wait for the insanity to die down a little before working on leveling again 🙂

      • Yeah, I freely admit that being in the market for a new job made me somewhat of a recluse for a bit; especially with two companies I was really interested in working for and didn’t want to do or say anything publicly that might affect my chances, And I just get like that when I’m uncertain on my future 😉

        Yeah, December (especially late December) is pretty much the trifecta for a launch: 1) Holidays 2) Personal Vacations and 3) People want to stay out of the cold!

        Luckily, I leveled up some during the Headstart Prog so I’m well off of the starter areas and actually just heading to Nar Shaddaa!

      • I get like that too 😉 I hope everything is good in your life though, and that you are doing well this holiday season.

        I’ve also leveled a couple characters during headstart, my bounty hunter just got her ship (I’m oh so happy about that!) and on my Jedi Knight I am also just starting Nar Shaddaa!

  2. I’m definitely fine with the queues! I think the SWTOR team is doing a good job on managing them too (at least right now, hee). YAY for the game launch!!

    • When I came home last night, no queues! Ah, those sneaky BioWare devs, tweaking with the population caps. Touche 😉

  3. Hey, while waiting in the SofE queue I did some reading, too! I stated to go through Master Gonst-Dural’s journal — pretty, pretty sweet!

    Anyways, this morning I went ahead and fired up my smuggler — dang, she’s awesome!

    • Oh damn, I haven’t even looked at that! Between importing songs from the soundtrack to my computer, admiring my Darth Malgus statue and typing in my retail code into my account, I totally overlooked the journal before packing the CE up again. I’ll have to dig it out sometime and read.

  4. I know queues suck, but I keep trying to encourage people to be patient. Trion was unprepared for the demand at the launch of RIFT and overcompensated by opening far more servers than they needed. After all the “tourists” left, those servers became graveyards. So don’t be too hasty to demand that Bioware “do something” about the queues. We all want healthy servers later. But to get that, we have to deal with some queues now. It’ll pay off. Just be patient. 🙂

    • Yep, I agree. I would rather have queues at the beginning (which in my experience last no more than a week or so anyway before they start to taper off) than to be on an empty server months down the road. It was why I never complained about the queues on my Rift server too much; our population was always healthy and the server was always lively.

  5. I’m bummed about the queues because my gaming time is extremely limited this week, but I’m not going to whine about them, because as much as they suck, having an empty server 3 weeks into the game’s lifetime sucks more.

    And I forgot Gaider’s new book is out today! It ought to have auto-downloaded to my Fire. Off to see!

    • Haha figured you would be getting the new Dragon Age book too, seeing as you’ve read the first two as well, according to goodreads 😀 The goodreads reminder about what authors on your shelves have new books out this month is a godsend. I just preorder and bam, it arrives in my Kindle and I see it the next morning. So nice 😀

  6. only 20-25 min queue; ain’t too bad; i remember looking at my bro’s early access day, and some queues were over an hour long!

    • Ouch, I guess he ended up on the handful of servers that are exceptionally full!

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