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Spreading The Holiday Cheer

December 23, 2011

First of all, thank you to the wonderful Stargrace of MMOQuests who once again ran Gamers Secret Santa this year — it took a lot of planning and organizing, I’m sure!

Anyway, I was very excited when I received my gift from my Secret Santa Naylie, Community Manager of EverQuest II. I confess, seeing something for me in the mail with Sony Online Entertainment in the return address was already quite the thrill.

I love my gifts!

Before this, I had never heard of Steam Powered Giraffe, so the first thing I did was look them up on Wikipedia: “Steam Powered Giraffe (SPG) is a musical project formed in San Diego in 2008 that is popular in the steampunk subculture. The act combines the visual of robot pantomime with sketches, pop culture references, improvised comedic dialogue, and original music.”

I didn’t even know Steampunk was a musical genre. But I love trying new things and I have to say, it is awesome!

And that’s not all. I also got:

It’s a Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures lightsaber keychain that lights up when I press a little button on the hilt. It’s so sweet! Besides the fact that I love anything to do with Star Wars, I’m also happy that I now have something to keep all my MMO authenticators together. And by “all” I mean my all of two…but never underestimate my ability to lose things. Especially small things, like security keys. I keep the keychain by my computer monitor now, and it stands out amidst all the clutter on my desk.

So thanks again, Stargrace and Secret Santa! And to my readers, thanks for stopping by MMOGC. May your holidays be filled with love and joy, and I wish everyone a safe and happy weekend.

(Oh, there was also a candy cane…but I already ate it.)