2 Years Of Blogging

January 9, 2012

On Saturday January 7, 2012, MMOGC turned 2!

I’m a little stunned to think I started this blog two years ago and that I’m still blogging today. I’m sure I’ve already mentioned this, but when my life gets busy, writing is usually the first of my hobbies to go out the window. This was certainly put to the test several times in 2011, especially during the crazy summer. I definitely did not post this past year as much as I would have liked.

I admit, sometimes I still feel like I’m in way over my head. I am also astounded — but grateful and touched! — whenever I look at my WordPress stats to see that there are actually living, breathing human beings who read this thing. I am deeply humbled and honored. To me, being able to connect with other gamers and to be a part of the gaming community is the best thing about blogging. It’s the people, as well as the discussions that take place here that make it all worth while.

To my readers, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. 2012 promises to be even busier, but I’m looking forward to year 3!


  1. The Conga Rats said hello!


  2. Yay! Mine is coming up fast.

    • Yeah, a lot of us started our blogs up in Jan as I recall.

  3. Yay! Congrats on the milestone! 😀

  4. Your blog is awesome! I’m actually surprised one of the gaming blog sites hasn’t tried to pick you up to do articles for them.

    • Not sure if I would be interested anyhow, I already do one of my hobbies (art) for money, I’m not sure if I would like being paid to do another one 😛

  5. Gratz….i like following your blog…keep up the god work.

    Hi from the lowlands

  6. Hey. I just started following your work this past year. You do great work and always seem to find a way to get me reading more than just the first few sentences. Congrats!

  7. Happy Blog Day!

    I am always amazed how many people keep track of my own blog even when I don’t post for a while. Post as often as you want, we’ll keep reading!

  8. Congratulations on two years!

    I know what you mean about writing being one of the first hobbies to go, and I’m continually amazed that despite my frequent lapses I still come back to my blog. I think it’s a combination of publicness and having good commenters.


  9. Congrats! Happy blog birthday? Anniversary?

    I still remember when you shared it with me and I had no idea what you were talking about :p. I still don’t most of the time, haha.

  10. Congratulations! This has been one of my favorite blogs pretty much since I found it 🙂

  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Congratulations on your blogversary. You are a big part of the community and I’m glad to have you around!

  13. Congratulations on your 2nd year blogoversary! And glad to have been a small part of it. As well glad you’ve survived to still be here, Thats a milestone in itself.

  14. Congratulations and best wishes for a great third year. I’m only 23 months behind you in my own “adventure.” 😉 Two years may not seem like a long time in some respects, but it can be an eternity in others… especially when it comes to things like games or technology in general. Imagine what we’ll be talking about in another two years.

    • Definitely, keep it up 🙂 Good luck!

  15. Always a pleasure to read your posts. Thanks for finding my blog and alerting me to your existence, not to mention providing some of my first insightful comments.

    • I still remember finding your blog from a comment you made on one of my book posts, recommending me some of the Elder Scrolls books, I think!

  16. Gratz. I do read your blog from time to time, in fact you inspired my latest post!!!

  17. Well done! And to many more years to come one should hope!

  18. Happy 2nd anniversary!

  19. Wait games? I thought this was a Suicide Girls blog. Explains the lack of pics. 8/

    Grats S. You work hard and the blog reflects it.

  20. Congrats! Happy Blogeversary 🙂
    Always fun reading your blog.

  21. Uh oh, you have to watch out for the terrible twos.lol

    Grats on two years. I wasn’t here from the beginning, but I’m pretty sure I was here about halfway through year one. It has been an entertaining little ride, and in no small part thanks to the articles I’ve read on this site, particularly while waiting for SWTOR.

    Thanks for making the wait a little easier. Sincerely.

    • And thank you for your always insightful SWTOR comments and discussions!

  22. Congratulations! It’s crazy that we’ve been blogging for… two years?!

    Well, you have. I take breaks and change urls all the time.

  23. Thankyou for 2 great years…looking forward to many more.

  24. Thank you everyone! 🙂

  25. Congratulations! It’ll be 2 years for me come this February 17th and on Feb 1 it’ll be 1 year of video blogs. Yeah… I have more free time than you do. 😛

  26. Well Congo Rats, you are a great blogger, keep it up….and tell you the truth I’m sticking around hoping one day you post a dirty pic. LOL! J/K

    or am I.

  27. Aw! Awesome. Congrats.

    I have just recently decided to start blogging with any regularity. I hope I can make it two years as well.

    I just found your blog, and I love it. I’m so glad to find another cool girl blog about games and the like. I look forward to reading more!

  28. Belated Happy Blogoversary! (-:

  29. Congrats MMOGC!!!

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