Datacron Tours Of The Galaxy

January 23, 2012

One month later, still have my sub to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Still working on leveling to 50. Still having a ball.

I’ve been meaning to save some of the specific content for levelcap. Mostly stuff not related to leveling like crafting, companion-management, and of course, the big one — datacron hunting. That and filling out my codex was something I’d anticipated doing at level 50, as it seems like it’ll be the most time-consuming goal on my SWTOR to-do list.

Of course, it didn’t work out that way. For the last two weekends, Republic Mercy Corps has been organizing datacron hunting tours. Curse my guild for being so fun and social. My fellow guildies can be so inconsiderate sometimes with their involvement and helpfulness.

The exercise is definitely an opportunity to foster communication and cooperation for any guild. It’s just like a corporate workplace team-building outing, except it’s fun and you don’t get the urge to kill yourself during and afterward. Admittedly, hunting for datacrons with close to twenty other people is infinitely more enjoyable than doing it by yourself (especially when clumsy-footed old me is always requiring rescue from Jedi Sages whenever I fail a jump or fall off some ledge).

The addition of datacrons is probably one of the better decisions BioWare has made in this regard. Whether you choose to hunt for the elusive shiny little cubes alone or with a group, it’s something I applaud because it’s an activity you can do anytime, even at endgame, that doesn’t involve grinding instances and repeating dailies to a disgusting and ridiculous degree.

The reason leveling has always been my favorite part of playing any MMO is simply because in most themepark-type games the first time through from 1 to levelcap is a process you can experience only once (for the sake of the argument, I’m ignoring my time beta). For example, I always remember the awe and wonder of stepping into a new zone for the first time, as subsequent visits will never be the same again. The other reason I like to take it nice and slow is because I never expect a new game’s endgame to be robust and I don’t usually see a pressing reason to get there until at least after the first big update. And speaking of updates, as much as I like doing flashpoints and am looking forward to doing ops, I wouldn’t mind if the future encompasses more than just instances and raids — say, stuff like datacrons and more content of that nature. With a good mix, I think I could be very happy.


  1. I haven’t gotten the chance to do too many Datacron hunts, just as a side activity. If get them all it will be cool., but I’m not sweating it. The Codex on the other hand. . . I’ll have to look again, but the last time I checked, the Codex progress tracker was all messed up, left over from beta, when apparently there were more titles and such.

    • Yes, I think I saw several guildies talking about that the other day. Not sure if it was about the same issues, but there are apparently some entries that are not obtainable, depending on your alignment etc.

      I don’t know if I like that. I would love to see a “real” achievement system in SWTOR one day.

      • Oh I don’t mind the Codex. I’m actualy not fond of the overblown achievements systems is some recent MMOs. “Congratulations! You logged in!!”

  2. These are just the kind of things I wish more guilds organized and participated in. Guilds need to be about more than simply pushing raid content or PvP groups. I remember (back in That Other Game) I used to log in because I liked the people in my guild. I wanted to hang out with them, do things with them. Even showing up to the raid was more enjoyable than just for the loot because I liked the people I was doing it with.

    These days, unfortunately most of what you find are either totally impersonal mega-guilds that exist simply for the perks, or “hardcore” guilds that demand you treat the game like your job. So hearing about guilds like this gives me hope that some people still do appreciate the social aspects of MMO’s.

    • Yes, our guild tries to mix up the activities a little, stuff like datacron tours or PvP fight nights against our sister guild and world boss takedowns. A lot of our players are into heroics, hard modes and ops too, but many of us like the fluff stuff too 🙂

  3. I keep missing those hunts, thanks to a happy waggly puppy tail that needs to be out and about Saturday afternoons.

    But here’s a tip I found! Use it at your own peril because I’ve only tried it on one spot.

    Sometimes when you’re hunting a datacron you’ll miss a jump and wind up somewhere that a) you couldn’t get to “normally” but b) you can’t get to the datacron from.

    I’ve found in those situations you can jump down, of course, but sometimes using /stuck will reset you back on your perilous climb, and save you having to do all the preliminary steps again.

    • Thanks for the tip, I may have to use that trick on Nar Shaddaa, where I hear the jumps are pretty bad. I was able to do everything up to Taris on the first tour, and last weekend’s tour we did Tatooine. So I’m still missing NS, which my husband and I will probably see to doing that on our own time if we can’t find anyone else. Usually I rely on him to make the jump, that way he can use his Jedi Sage “rescue” ability to pull me up if I fall 😛

  4. I’m saving the datacrons until I hit the level cap. I figure It will give me something fun to do on my own schedule. I did the same with thing virtues in LoTRO and it kept me entertained for a decent stretch the first time I hit the cap there.

  5. Well in relation to aspect of space, mysteriously got got returned to space station Sol. I thought I used to be lvl 50, now i’m just lvl 45 after watching like a bagillion achievement and points update scroll up the screen for a about minute.

    Anyway you need to do a STO post sometime now that its FTP when you can escape the draw of the Force.

  6. I never imagined I would have the chance to dust off my old Mario-style platforming skills and put them to use again – then SWTOR came into my life with its datacrons that just call to you when you spot them in the landscape.

    I agree that datacrons are a fantastic addition to the MMO experience. Whether hunting them solo or in a group, I have enjoyed each and every one (except maybe for the one on Belsavis that requires Rakata energy cubes…).

    My favorite hunt so far, personally, might have been getting the two datacrons you can only get via the Jawa balloon on Tatooine – and that was mostly because it was me (level 48 Operative dps) and a ‘pub (level 50 Guardian) staring each other down for half an hour+ daring each other to make the first move.

    I am already looking forward to doing the +10 to all stats datacron on the fleet, and I still have several worlds full of others that I have not yet searched out. Should make for some entertaining – sometimes frustrating – hunts in the next few months.

    Props to Bioware for putting these things in the game. Good times.

  7. I have not been able to do any datacron hunts, either. Part of that is because I love the story so much, I just kept switching characters to see all the different plots. I am still addicted to my Jedi Sage, but I have a friend who got the game to play with me, so I stopped playing her so he could catch up.

    I am still having so much fun. I’m not sure If I have ever enjoyed a game this much. 🙂

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