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SWTOR: The Care And Feeding Of Level 50s

February 6, 2012

About a year ago, I made myself a promise that with any subscription MMO to which I commit myself, I will not quit or be distracted by other online games until I hit the level cap. As it were, it was one way for me to give the game a chance to show me the goods, but ultimately it also became a pretty effective way to deal with my case of altitis and gamer ADD.

Anyway, the point: I hit level 50 in Star Wars: The Old Republic around a week back, making my Jedi Knight the latest addition to my stable of level-capped MMO characters. So, at least I’ve accomplished one of my goals.

Where did I go from there? Well, in this strange universe where BioWare is apparently biased against Jedi and makes random decisions to make their lives miserable, I had to finish my class storyline before even having any ability to make a decision for myself. It was something I planned on doing anyway, but I was a little baffled as to why Jedi Knights and Consulars had to do this first in order to even open up the Belsavis dailies, whereas my Trooper guildies were already off and doing them without having to conclude their storyline and well before hitting level 50! And yes, I was a bit annoyed too, as I am whenever choice is taken from me, but I suppose Jedi are held to a higher standard?

Oh and speaking of dailies, long time readers will know how I feel about those. I already do enough real-life chores in my day, and it’s ironic to hop online in my spare time and have to do virtual chores as well. And yet, I’m PvE focused, so when the level progression stops it’s time to work on gear progression, and that’s the way SWTOR works as well. About two hours to hit up and do the Belsavis and Ilum quests, earn daily commendations, buy gear and mods with said commendations, work at it until you are geared enough to do hard mode flashpoints.

Already I’m seeing players in general chat LFM for these hard modes, more often than not calling for those interested to have so-and-so amount of health along with a sundry list of requirements. This is probably the most disconcerting thing of all (though I admit this is a bit of a moot point, since you’d have to lobotomize me before I agree to PuG a hard mode at this stage).

Mind you, that we’ve come all this way to do the same old dance is less of a complaint, and more of my own personal observation. I understand that end game is hard to shake up, and there’s probably no safer route than to go with player expectations and what they’re familiar with. I’m going through the steps myself. This is life at 50.

But hey, there’s always alts — and SWTOR has the advantage of seven other storylines to experience, and at least now I can start a new character guilt-free.