SWTOR On My Wall

June 4, 2012

Every year, spring cleaning leaves me with a dilemma of what to do with my old graphic tees that don’t fit anymore or that are so threadbare that I’d never wear them again. It’s hard to bring myself to get rid of them, because usually I love the design, or it’s the shirt itself that holds sentimental value.

Last year I played the Star Wars: The Old Republic demo on both days of PAX East, scoring myself some free swag which included a SWTOR shirt on each day. On one of those days, my husband was with me so he received a shirt as well, which he promptly unloaded on me. On another day, a nice fan I met also gave me his tee. The point is, at the end of the weekend I found myself burdened with four SWTOR T-shirts, all of which fit like a tent on me, of course. You never ever find anyone giving out fitted tees or even size S at these things.

That’s the trouble with free shirts. As swag, they’re awesome, but when it comes to being worn, they’re often not very well made, they’re hardly ever the right fit, and — well, let’s face it — very rarely something you’d want to wear out in public anyway. I’ve worn my SWTOR shirts maybe…twice? Both times for cutting grass, I’m sure.

I couldn’t bring myself to throw out my tents — er, shirts — or give them away, so this weekend I laid a couple of them out and stapled the crap out of them over wooden frames made from canvas stretcher bars. The Republic shirt gave me a bit of trouble; the main thing was to get it nice and evenly stretched out so I didn’t end up with a egg-shaped symbol (harder than it sounds when you’re trying to do this all alone and with a too-large staple gun taking up one hand!) I kinda like what I ended up with. I can actually keep the shirts now, and at least they’ll see the light of day rather than lie crumpled and forgotten at the bottom of my dresser drawer.

They’ll be joining the other gaming/geek posters on the walls of our “Gamer Cave” soon. That’s just like a man cave…except that, you know, I use it too.


  1. Nice! Sctrz and I have the SWTOR posters I got at the Austin Launch Party in our master bedroom. (Sadly, no gamer caves until a teenage or two moves out.) I need to do something like this to display all the enamel pins I have.

    • That’s awesome! I have a couple SWTOR posters too from the same PAX East, but they haven’t gone up yet.

      I think enamel pins will look great displayed on a canvas/cloth background like that.

  2. Those turned out really well. I wonder if I can convince my wife to let me do that with a few of my shirts.

    • If they’re old and you’re gonna throw them out otherwise, why not? 😀

      I did the same thing to a comic-themed shirt I have. The bottom had been ripped, but the design’s still perfect. It’s this design, from the classic Morrison/Quitely X-men series 😛

  3. I have started on my spring (well summer now) cleaning in fits and bits. I am sitting on a ton of old t-shirts I can no longer wear in public (unless I’m painting a house or something), and I have a wall that really desperately needs some decorations. You may have provided the answer to all my wants 🙂

    • Haha, I’m glad. You know, it actually had me wishing I had more old shirts to do this with.

  4. They’re beautiful and they look really pro 🙂

    Also, they seem like they would have been VERY big t-shirts…?

    • Large and medium, I think. Men’s sizes though. Like I said, they fit like a tent on me 😛

  5. That’s a brilliant idea! This makes me wish for my own gaming cave…

    • A gaming cave is where I can put all my nerdy/geeky/gaming posters, statues, memorabilia…in other words, convention swag and CE loot 😛

  6. I’ve got half a dozen t-shirts (at least) that would be excellent for this. Thanks for the idea!

  7. […] SWTOR On My Wall. I love how these once-t-shirt, now-art pieces turned out. I kind of want to pet them to see how soft they are. I have some childhood shirts that I need to preserve like this. […]

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