Rift: I Just Can’t Say No (…Or You Make It Really Hard To Say No, Anyway)

June 7, 2012

A lot has been going on lately, but I have not been letting news of the upcoming Rift expansion escape my notice.  Storm Legion is touted to be three times bigger than what is in the game right now, adding two new continents each with their own storyline, as well as what is apparently a new player housing system.  We’re also told to expect more gear, more dungeons, more souls, more crafting. Just more more more more MORE.

When it comes to pulling off a great expansion, I have high hopes in Trion. After all, they have always churned out content faster than you can say rampaging mechanical colossus. A look at their E3 live stream today had me convinced it’s going to be awesome.

Rift, it’s not funny. I am so overwhelmed with games this year, but you make it so damn difficult to say no. Still, while extremely tempting, a resub is probably not in the cards right now. With a level-capped Cleric waiting on the sidelines, I guess I’m in no big hurry.

However, I can definitely see myself picking it up again come this fall, which is when the expansion is reported to be released. I know a few of my friends have already jumped back into Rift, and to others who have not reached level 50 yet I can see why it might be a good idea. Not surprisingly, encounters like the one we see with Mr. Gi-Mongous up there in the live stream video will be endgame content. With action and sights like that, I’d probably want to be prepared too.


  1. Wow, you and Syp are really tempting me to get back into RIFT. But, even without the expansion, I’m already excited about the 3 faction PvP in the upcoming update.

    • Yeah the 3 faction PvP is going to be interesting. Even without though I’d be all over this; PvP isn’t something I do a lot anyway, but with this I’d be wiling to give the battles a try 🙂

  2. Hmm, I’m wondering if I need to give Rift another chance!

    • I read your tweet about only having had a few days with it before SWTOR came out…I say if you get a chance, go for it! There are lots of cool things that come later in the game.

  3. No! Bad MMOGC! Bad! No! Stop it! Lalala, I can’t heaar you!

    … Crap, it’s already too late. It started with a little, ‘Oh that looks nice’ and has grown into, ‘Want want want’ in the length of time it took to read the post. *sigh*

    I had seen the news of the new Rift expansion, but honestly I didn’t think it’d have so much… stuff. I wasn’t quite pointedly ignoring it, but I wasn’t all that keen to jump right in and discover much about it, either.

    You have, for better or worse, turned me around on that front. See some of you in Rift in the near future, I would guess. 😛

    • Sorry 😛 Heh heh

      I’m most excited about the two new continents that’s going to increase the world by three times. Exploration and seeing the new sights and sounds has always been one of my favorite things to do in MMOs.

  4. Should I give rift another try? Guild Wars 2 beta weekend says no.

    • Actually, GW2 beta weekend hasn’t been factoring into my decision not to get into Rift right now, personally. Other games have been doing that just fine! I don’t want to overdo it with GW2 as it’s one of my most anticipated MMOs, so I guess for others who don’t want to spoil GW2 for themselves too badly Rift can be a good choice for now.

  5. Muahahahaha! Join us!

  6. I Love Rift, i dont think is any other game as good as this. First time since Asheron’s Call i dont feel robbed by paying monthly fee, it reallt worth it. Buyed 1 year and having great fun at telara.

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