The Secret World: Little Photo Album Of Horrors

July 5, 2012

Note: While none of these screenshots are going to be terribly revealing, I have to say this anyway to cover my ass: some of the following images may contain itty-bitty elements of spoilers. If you have plans to play The Secret World and would like to head in with completely fresh eyes, you may wish to avoid this post. I have also ordered the images from least to most spoilerific.

Wish you were here!

Nick: Look Dear, what a nice, quaint looking town sign.
Laeyn: Oh, oh! Let’s take a photo in front of it together like the annoying tourists that we are!

Zombies and fire, not good bedfellows.

Excerpt from the Templar’s Guide to Zombie Defense Training:

Always exercise caution when encountering a zombie on fire. Flames do not affect the undead as it would for humans in that it unfortunately acts as a poor deterrent; however, given time the zombie will eventually be neutralized due to the normal processes of combustion. In other words, flaming zombie kabob. While not necessarily an unwanted result, it’s what occurs in the interim that poses the biggest problem.

This does not bode well…

Kingsmouth town is full of disturbing images like this one, leading you to wonder what might have happened to the poor, hapless bastard who lost all that blood.

Yes, that WTF expression is completely justified.

The denizens of Kingsmouth — or those who survived, anyway — are a pleasant folk, just trying to make do the best they can in a bad situation. Unfortunately, I think being holed up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse has made a lot of them a little loopy. Though in the case of Scrapyard Edgar, it is entirely possible that he might have been like this to begin with.

I hope to hell that you’re not contagious.

Here’s an interesting article about Ragnar Tornquist and how his film background may have influenced TSW’s direction, which I found very enlightening (thank you to @PaganRites for originally pointing me to the link). From the cinematography and high production values evident in the game’s cutscenes to the quality of the script and talented voice work — it all make so much more sense now.


One of my favorite screenshots, not only because it is visually arresting, but also because the quest itself almost made me wet my pants.

Tarantella: “I’m sure ‘Not waving blades around in aircraft’ is on something like page 2 of The Templar Health & Safety Manual, Laeyn. Didn’t you read it?” Hmm, evidently not.

Guest screenshot from fellow cabal member Solaris, from our all-guild run of the instance Polaris (for quest Dead in the Water). Not much to say about this shot that wouldn’t be a spoiler, so I’m just gonna leave you with “Can you say, Cloverfield moment?”

I call this pic, “The Stand.”

Another shot of our heroes: Thermic, Tarantella, Laeyn, Solaris, and Dutty facing down a boss in Polaris. Being specialized for damage but possessing even just the wimpiest of defense abilities immediately elevated me to the position of main tank. A promotion on the battlefield, as it were. Taking a more focused path to tanking may be in order, but what impressed me was how quickly I was able to move some stuff around and still perform quite decently.


  1. I love the ‘clueless tourist’ angle! Very witty. At work and this really makes me miss the game! So fun!

    • Yeah, I don’t usually get the urge to play MMOs during the day, preferring to wait until nighttime to play with the husband. But TSW is actually making me want to log in right now.

  2. Cool pics, still haven’t yet figured out how to take screenshots in game on my MacBook Pro.

    • Can you not remap the Screenshot key? I did so on Windows PC.

    • I have no idea, don’t own a mac :S

  3. Great pics. Most of the ones I have are from the cutscenes. You’ve inspired me to try to take more.

    • I have a lot of both cutscenes and general game play. Awesome environments in the game means I’m constantly snapping away.

  4. I dunno if you’ve written about this yet, but any comments about the “no classes, no skill levels” deal with The Secret World?

    • Like the fact there is no Classes or Traditional Classes as well. Only trained skills and gear matters mostly which also allow for allot of versality eventually. Every skill on the ability wheel can in time be learned which will allow for many multiple specs in time and ability to play however a person chooses or fill a given role,

      • Think as well they will be allot of interesting skill spec choices over time as a character grows maybe sometime picking up a misc skill choice or two. Bit initially and for a while the focus will most likely be on skilling in just two weapon areas for effectiveness of skills.

    • Yeah, no classes and no skill levels, but there is still some form of ranking up (through faction mostly as an indication of how far along your character is) and gear improvement.

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