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The Secret World Of Laeyn The Vain

July 12, 2012

Inspired by my post from yesterday, I have to say that one of my favorite things about playing Barbie Dress-Up–I mean, The Secret World is the many looks I can come up with for my character. It’s not enough that the game’s missions and the theorycrafting potential of the ability wheel can keep me busy for hours; I probably head to London’s Pangaea every other day just to buy new outfits from the in-game clothing vendors there to fill up my dressing room. I am embarrassed to even think about how much Pax Romana (TSW’s in-game currency) I have spent on clothes alone.

And let’s not forget the other sources of clothing items. For the fashionistas like me, here’s a list of clothing rewards you can obtain from quests, achievements, etc. so far. I have not even had to spend any real world money in the store, and don’t think I even need to.

I’m going to echo my cabal leader’s sentiments here and say that probably one of wisest choices Funcom made for this game is allowing you to progress your gear through the use of talismans without affecting the outward appearance of your character and clothing you choose. Even then, for the weapons and focuses whose models you enjoy, I hear tell of an item you can buy from a vendor that will allow you to copy its mold to use with another item’s stats so you can maintain the look as you upgrade. That makes me happy, as I am completely enamored with a badass sword I picked up over the weekend and would love to keep being able to look at it for a good long while.

I change my clothes every day. Sometimes even twice a day. Anyway, enjoy the glamor shots, because I can’t be “Laeyn the Vain” without being content with just showing off my outfits in-game. And if you’d like to share links to your own fabulous outfits in the comments, please do! (Psst…I think cowboy hats are sexy!)

Aforementioned badass sword Laeyn.

Templar Laeyn.

Casual Laeyn.

“Couldn’t care less” Laeyn.

Hot pants Laeyn.

“Just woke up and put on her boyfriend’s shoes co-ed” Laeyn.

By the way, what I would give for a real life version of that Innsmouth Academy baby blue hoodie…