The Secret World Of Laeyn The Vain

July 12, 2012

Inspired by my post from yesterday, I have to say that one of my favorite things about playing Barbie Dress-Up–I mean, The Secret World is the many looks I can come up with for my character. It’s not enough that the game’s missions and the theorycrafting potential of the ability wheel can keep me busy for hours; I probably head to London’s Pangaea every other day just to buy new outfits from the in-game clothing vendors there to fill up my dressing room. I am embarrassed to even think about how much Pax Romana (TSW’s in-game currency) I have spent on clothes alone.

And let’s not forget the other sources of clothing items. For the fashionistas like me, here’s a list of clothing rewards you can obtain from quests, achievements, etc. so far. I have not even had to spend any real world money in the store, and don’t think I even need to.

I’m going to echo my cabal leader’s sentiments here and say that probably one of wisest choices Funcom made for this game is allowing you to progress your gear through the use of talismans without affecting the outward appearance of your character and clothing you choose. Even then, for the weapons and focuses whose models you enjoy, I hear tell of an item you can buy from a vendor that will allow you to copy its mold to use with another item’s stats so you can maintain the look as you upgrade. That makes me happy, as I am completely enamored with a badass sword I picked up over the weekend and would love to keep being able to look at it for a good long while.

I change my clothes every day. Sometimes even twice a day. Anyway, enjoy the glamor shots, because I can’t be “Laeyn the Vain” without being content with just showing off my outfits in-game. And if you’d like to share links to your own fabulous outfits in the comments, please do! (Psst…I think cowboy hats are sexy!)

Aforementioned badass sword Laeyn.

Templar Laeyn.

Casual Laeyn.

“Couldn’t care less” Laeyn.

Hot pants Laeyn.

“Just woke up and put on her boyfriend’s shoes co-ed” Laeyn.

By the way, what I would give for a real life version of that Innsmouth Academy baby blue hoodie…


  1. All I want is a bloody lab coat 😦 *sniff*

    • Not sure about an actual lab coat. But there’s a pretty cool white leather long coat (for females) that looks close.

    • Yes! A lab coat! And lab goggles. And those blue nitrile gloves I used to wear in chemistry class!

    • Is that a lab coat that’s bloody or just a bloody lab coat? Though either would be nice to have.

    • You can get close.

      I think you need to be Illuminati tho to get this deck.

      • Wow, love the mad scientist look.

  2. “Hot Pants Laeyn” is not dressed for Tanking, but gets the job done!

    • Yeah, they are quite aggro inducing aren’t they? 😛

  3. This is definitely a great game for fashionista photogs. I took about a shot/second of one fight the other day. My “Bugs” post has one of them, Dortmunder fighting zombies with Dex-y in the distance.

    • I should say, it reminds me of taking a bazillion screenshots from STO.

      • Yeah, my screenshot folder is already filled with close to a thousand shots.

  4. I ended up breaking down and buying a coat and glasses from the in game store. I just couldn’t pass up the double button pea coat and white rimmed Ray Bans. It’s my Audrey Hepburn look.

    • Oh, those nifty unscratchable glasses!

      I may one day crack and hit up the store too. But only once I’ve exhausted the in game vendor choices. They’ll only keep adding more too.

  5. Love the piece. Great screenshots. I think you should have makeovers between Inferno bosses.

  6. Cool pieces. It seems TSW is succeeding as a pseudo-Barbie Dress Up game, as you put it. =P That’s actually a pretty awesome hook. I never thought about how being set in a world day world positioned TSW to really shine in terms of appealing to the fashionistas among us.

    Just one example of how much potential the world they’ve built has. 😮

    • I am pretty glad that they have this clothing and dressing room system in place, as right now the character creator is still pretty lacking. So many people’s features look the same, but at least we have a wide variety of clothing items to tell everyone apart, so there is that!

  7. Great work GeeCee! Love your character, and really love all the costume changes!

    • Thank you 🙂 Hard to believe, but this is only just a small fraction of my outfits (or maybe it’s not so hard to believe? Heh heh)

  8. I took the following screenshots last night and just loved the last one with the ladies all dressed in their similar outfits. I refer to these ladies as the Kingsmouth Academy Cheerleaders. The game is really starting to remind me a lot of The Matrix Online with its evolving storyline and fashion options.


    • Oh, I loved the Savage Coast. And lol nice outfits on those ladies. Roleplayers?

      • I wish I could say the ladies in question were roleplaying it up, I am on Arcadia after all, but alas they were silent and just standing in the middle of the road.

  9. “By the way, what I would give for a real life version of that Innsmouth Academy baby blue hoodie…”

    Coming soon according to Ragnar:

    • Yep, I saw that. Leading me to profess my love for him and for him to reply back. LOL, cracked me up!

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