Screenshot Of The Day: My Life Is Now Something, Something Complete

July 18, 2012

I know this blog has been inundated with other topics lately, but I am subscribed to Star Wars: The Old Republic and still playing. My heart therefore weighed heavily upon me yesterday with the news about another round of layoffs at BioWare Austin, and the departure of the game’s executive producer Rich Vogel. My thoughts are with those affected by the restructuring.

It does sadden me and worry me a little that things seem to be falling apart over there, with the numerous cuts and falling sub numbers. I don’t know about you, but as a SWTOR player I feel in great need of a pick-me-up right about now.

For me, it’s this:

Ever since last June when we first found out about Blizz, obtaining an adorable Jawa companion had been one of my ultimate goals. In a way, it sort of reaffirmed my decision to play a Bounty Hunter.

For the last couple months, playing my BH Xavindria to level 50 has been my project. I think I mentioned recently that she’s on Hoth right now, a bit shy of wrapping up Chapter 2. Well, I still haven’t finished, but what I did manage to do was complete the planet storyline, and you know what that means — I was finally able to unlock Blizz as a new crew member!

I wish SWTOR all the best. But no matter what happens, I know I’ll be okay.

‘Cause I’ve got my own little tanking Jawa. I’ve got Blizz. Xav’s life is now complete.



    Blizz is the greatest. He’s like a small ego boost that you can put into a suitcase for a trip, unpack when you get there — and then he’ll thank you for bringing up along. Once I was at max affection with all of my companions, I brought him out for almost all of my conversation, especially when I was talking to Darths.

    • Yeah, I just got him so I haven’t had much time to interact with him. Can’t wait to take him out for a “test drive” 😛

      • Rule of thumb: appreciate him and let him fix things, and he will love you forever and ever. And he’ll say things like, “Blizz didn’t pay attention, figured that Boss knew what the yammering was about.”

      • Oh no way, that’s brilliant! So Jawa!

  2. You have achieved something that is also on my “to do in SWTOR” list. It’s not fair, really, because Mako and Blizz are my two favourite companions, and both of them are on the Bounty Hunter, a class I have had to put on the back burner in order to stay and play with my friends in game!

    • To-do list! That’s exactly it! And Blizz has pretty much been on it for more than a year. Well, finally scratched that one off 🙂

    • Seriously! The Bounty Hunter has some AMAZING companions.

      Except the last one. We don’t talk about the last one.

  3. Ah Blizz. He’d be perfect for my Mercenary. Dunno if I’ll ever get there.

    • It sucks that he’s so far along the BH story, not until the end of Hoth.

  4. Congrats on getting the coveted Jawa! 😀

    It’s strange about the companions. On my Smuggler I played the entire game through with Corso because he fit the exact role I needed in a companion (yay ranged tank for my healer!) but over time I came to really appreciate the character as well. Originally I thought he was a little annoying, but later, well, I can’t do without him both in combat and as a valued friend. Honestly, I haven’t played with any of the others except a bit with Bowdar to see how he differs in combat from Corso (I dislike the dash ability because it seems… bland). I still appreciate all my companions immensely though and if I just want to change things up a little, all I need to do is switch companions.

    I wish SWTOR all the best. I know I’ll be okay though because Corso has my back… while standing in front of me. 😀

    Right now I’m focusing a bit more on STO (the fleet starbase mechanic dropped and it takes a bit of work from several people to just get things going decently) and Mass Effect 3 (yay more multiplayer content), but I’m gearing up to do more SWTOR in the near future on my own BH Agorwal. I’m a huge fan of Mako, but unfortunately, I’m leaning towards healing again, so I guess I’ll have to handle that when I come to it.

    • LOL, I remember hating Corso on my Smuggler. But then since he was the only female romance choice, I felt forced to drag him around with me. Really though, I was crushing on Darmas the quest giver guy you first meet on Coruscant…well, that didn’t end up well.

      One of these days I have to find time to get back into STO. The thing is, I’m sure there are tons of changes since I left, and I’m feeling a bit intimidated about learning all the ropes again. Gonna have to make sure I have a lot of time.

      • No worries on STO! The changes are all pretty good and they’re all pretty straight-forward. Yeah, the skill tree has been drastically changed, but just find a skill planner online and mess around with that before committing to a build. At least, that’s what I did.

  5. This is something that I’ve always struggled a bit with in SWTOR. The BH has cool companions, but I just capped a Trooper. The SW has a great overall story, but I’m not enjoying the gameplay to the point where I’m half considering ditching the character. (Then again, this might be an argument for trying the BH, since at least I like the class mechanic.)

    Theoretically I can eventually see it all, but given the amount of time it takes to level a character it’s a bit disappointing that something about that character is going to be less than interesting.

    • I agree, the mechanics of the complementing classes on both factions are too similar and I have to mix things up a little. Or maybe play an advanced class or something.

      So far, I think I like the BH story second best, after the Smuggler. It’s definitely worth experiencing at some point. The trooper story was okay, and so was my Jedi Knight’s.

  6. I really like the BH companions. Even the boring Mandalorian dude I enjoy running around with because I feel like his mentor. Never got the hang of the devil looking dude, but I eventually got to where I could group effectively with all of my other companions.

    • LOL the mandalorian dude is the female romance option but I’m just not feeling him AT ALL. He’s like a teenaged kid compared to my BH, sort of disappointed about that. So far up until Blizz I’ve been running with Mako almost exclusively. She’s like my BFF 😛

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