Screenshot Of The Day: Kill Him, Mr. Bubbles, Kill Him!

July 21, 2012

Starring Kysha my Asura Guardian and DoubleUnder, my own, er, “pocket” Charr Big Daddy.

So is it just me, or are the Asura just so ridiculously adorable? Like, deadly adorable.

For many, the highlight of Guild Wars 2’s third and final beta test weekend which started yesterday is of course the ability to create Asura and Sylvari characters. I always figured that when the game officially launches, it’s going to come down to either one of these races for me.

However, last night as I was fiddling with the character creator, it occurred to me that due to my husband’s dislike for any and all cute, diminutive and “puntable” races in MMOs, playing an Asura with him might very well lead to some, ah, irreconcilable differences.

So that’s it, folks. Asura for beta, Sylvari for launch.


  1. Cute screenie. Yeah I swore I would not roll one because of the cute factor. Now I’m thinking of going Asura rogue as a main at launch. They are just an atom of awesome!

    • I may go with an Asura alt. Perfect excuse to play it when the mister isn’t around, if you ask me!

  2. You are so cute!! I just wanted to put you in my pocket and take you home!!

    And FYI, the Sylvari will never look that cute! Dont give in to the will of your husband!

  3. I had to minimize the eye size slider on all of my asura characters. These things are maybe cute on first glance but if you look a little while longer they go way over the creepy side of the uncanny valley.

    • LOL, er…I was the opposite. I sort of slid my eye size all the way to the right on purpose 😛

  4. Really really enjoyed the Asura this weekend. They do seem cute until you get a look at their teeth.

    • Yeah, like a mouthful of sharp tiny needles. Creepy.

  5. The Asuran Engineer “saved” GW2 for me. I was having a real hard time finding a race/class combo that was “clicking” for me – but man did I have a blast once I rolled one up. Great story, great class, excellent weapon synergy.

    You’ll find me as a rifle-toting Asuran Engineer come launch time!

  6. Asura will be the first race I play for sure. So adorable!

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