Steam Summer Sale: Damage Report

July 23, 2012

Real life obligations over the last year or so have made me miss out on the last few big Steam sales, so it came as no surprise that the one this summer has raised its wallet-assaulting head to bite me in the ass. Barely two days into it, and I knew I had to put my foot down or my family was going to end up living in a cardboard box by the end of the week. So, I gave myself a new rule: thou shall refrain from purchasing anything more than $5.00.

After that, it was easier to resist the temptations. Realistically speaking anyway, there’s really no wiggle room in my gaming schedule right now to play big games like Witcher 2, even at the very sweet price of about $10 and change. Instead, with my new rule in place I found myself mostly picking up games at about $2.50 to $3.75, many of which were classics, casual, or indies. This works much better for me. It also helps that I told myself some people spend more on a cup of coffee every day.

Of course, while my wallet may be spared this summer, my games list has expanded by almost a dozen games since the beginning of the sale. So unless someone invents one of those nifty remote controls like the one from “Click” or I can get my hands on a DeLorean with a flux capacitor, time is ever going to remain the limiting factor.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get on to the damage:

Back to the Future: The Game

Speaking of time traveling DeLoreans, this was the first title I fell victim to in this Steam sale. Picked it up when it was one of those flash deals, and the only game I was willing to drop a bit more than the agreed upon five dollar limit to buy. I’ve enjoyed other Telltale games in the past, and anyway, HUGE BttF fan here. HUGE.

From Dust

Who knew this little sandbox god game could be so addictive? Gorgeous too.

As the user, you can control certain types of matter (soil, water, lava), manipulating the environment to help your nomadic tribe accomplish goals or survive natural disasters like tsunamis or volcanic eruptions.

It was surprisingly challenging; I played until I got stuck, and also because I didn’t think my sense of decency could take watching any more of my poor little villagers get washed out to sea.

The Longest Journey + Dreamfall

I totally blame my The Secret World guildies for this one. While talking in-game about the great writing and dialogue of TSW, someone’s comment about it all being reminiscent of TLJ pretty much sold me. That and my new found gamer crush on Ragnar Tornquist led me to pick up this Funcom classic I’ve always known about but never played.

World of Goo

See, I love casual games like World of Goo or Plants vs. Zombies.

Thing is, I just can’t freakin’ stand playing them on a small screen like on a smartphone or even a tablet. On the other hand, on my computer with a mouse, I can do.


I’ve wanted to own Space Pirates and Zombies ever since I learned about it last year. Really love the gameplay, and the space setting.

Seeing as it was the final day of the sale, I decided to grab it. Also, I knew if I didn’t, I would have to live with the regret for the rest of my life until the next Steam sale.


By they way, I’m pissed off at all of you now. Why has no one told me about LIMBO before this?

This game makes me feel lucky. I mean, you can go through life fantasizing about the satisfying experience of one day spending $2.50 on a gem of an indie game which can keep you entertained for hours, and then one day BAM! it actually happens.

You play a boy in this puzzle-platformer, traversing dangerous environments and traps as he searches for his sister. I love the black-and-white film noire type presentation, and at times the game can get pretty creepy and just downright disturbing. I finished this game in about 5-6 hours, as some of the puzzles can be really frustrating, but always brilliant.


What can I say? Couldn’t resist (hmm, just how many times have I said this during the sale, now? Dangerous last words.)

Another one of those classics that I’ve never had the pleasure or joy of owning for myself, so I snapped it up the first chance I got. And just in time before Torchlight 2.

Dear Esther

I wish I could plaster my blog with screenshots from this game. Beautiful. Just, beautiful.

Gameplay-wise, I don’t even know if you can call Dear Esther a game. Completely story and exploration driven, you walk around this island in the Hebrides picking up fragments of the story whenever you hit a checkpoint and trigger a narration. There are no puzzles, no activities, and in fact you barely interact with the environment at all. The whole thing takes no more than two hours. Still, it is very atmospheric. Lonely and haunting, but in the good way. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery and the eargasm inducing music.

That said, of course I bought the game and soundtrack package for like $3-something. Considering Amazon sells the soundtrack alone for $7, I was quite happy with the deal.


This was very rough (as in unpolished), but I can see it being a fantastic time waster. Has high risk of becoming a dangerous obsession.

Still, in my whole life, I don’t think I’ve ever found myself sitting in front of the computer doing nothing else but listening to my music. But hey, if I ever find myself in that situation, I’ll be sure to keep this game in mind.


And here’s where I get to the part about how I love being part of this gaming community. Bastion was a gift from the very awesome and talented blogger Stargrace, who surprised me one day with the game and soundtrack pack.

Yep, the soundtrack too. She totally gets me! Thanks again, Stargrace ❤

Legend of Grimrock

Another surprise gift from another member of the gaming community. Thank you, Grey! Opening my inbox and seeing this brought me such joy and made my day. I am so very looking forward to playing this one.

These little gestures are just so unexpected, and it leaves me feeling so touched.


  1. Picked up World of Goo, Bastion AND Limbo through the Humble Bundle program (three different bundles though) … http://www.humblebundle.com/ makes me a happy gamer chick. 😀 Also, you don’t feel guilty if it takes you a few months to start playing one!

    • I hope you enjoyed LIMBO as much as I did. I still need to play Bastion; after hearing all the good stuff about it, I can’t wait.

  2. Not bad. I ended up spending less that forty bucks this summer sale, but I did pick up a couple of games that I’ve really wanted, and some DLC for kicks!

    • All told, I think I spent just a little bit more than $25. Pretty good, looking at the game list and considering the hours of entertainment it bought. It feels good to enjoy some indies and classics.

  3. I picked up The Longest Journey and Dreamfall during last years Steam sale as well as Borderlands. This year I didn’t purchase anything since I already owned some of the items that were on sale.

    You’ll have a ton of fun with Bastion and Limbo, those two games I highly recommend. Since you like Limbo, give Braid a try as well if you already have not.

    • Braid is going on my wishlist right now for the next Steam sale, thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Haha, I went from zero PC games to 8 thanks to this (you) sale.

    But receiving one as a gift is extra special 🙂

    • You’re very welcome…both for your now bloated game list and the gift, LOL 😀 Though, 8 is not that much. You’ve started on a dangerous journey though, wait til your to-play list grows to a few dozen and then a few hundred!

  5. If you want to make Limbo even better / more depressing, read some of the write ups where people theorize about what is going on in the game, and the narratives behind it.

    • I think I read a few of those theories on wikipedia. Yeah, some of those are real downers.

  6. Great, now I have to think of a new title for my next post!

    I picked up Dreamfall + Longest Journey pack too, couldn’t resist for that price and all that I’ve heard about it. I started TLJ and its a really refreshingly different sort of game than what I’ve become used to.

    • I started it too, and am enjoying the story which I am surprised to find has aged quite well. Gameplay feels very different for me too, simple yet very cleverly executed.

  7. Nice list of games there. I keep hearing about the great sale but I already have so very much I’m subbed for and spending on atm, if I add to the mountain of games I have going on I might never see the light of day again, lol. Awesome shots btw.

    • They’re times to hoard, so I have a pile of things to choose from on a rainy day. The pattern usually goes, I buy a ton of games during steam sales, then play them over the next few months until the next steam sale, and I do it all over again 😛

  8. Does Botanicula fall into the under 5 catagory. It’s great. And funny. World of Goo is awesome!

    • If it was 50-75% off during the sale, it sure does count! And hey, that looks good!

  9. I was so happy to be gifted Limbo! That one was on my list for a very long time.

  10. I didn’t buy anything during the sale, but I can’t claim that’s saved my wallet since it just means I bought everything I wanted when it was released. Well except for Spaz, thanks again for that!

    • You’re very welcome! 🙂

      And having limited time can sometimes be helpful; I refrain from buying new games right away knowing I’ll have no time to play, but end up buying them down the road during a sale like this. Still have no time, but at least I save some money, lol.

  11. I have fallen in love with Torchlight! I bought it a few months ago on an Xbox Live sale and it sat there silently waiting until only a few weeks ago when I decided, after getting into a Diablo 2 game-type mood after reading some Diablo 3 rants, to finally start a character in Torchlight. I’ve been playing it almost daily ever since.

    When I found out that I could pre-order Torchlight 2 through Steam and get a free copy of Torchlight 1 thrown into the mix, I finally got a Steam account and purchased that pre-order. So now I have Torchlight on the 360 and on the PC! I’ll have to start working on getting my Steam achievements for it soon. 🙂

    • Okay, Torchlight is now at the top of my list to play whenever I get some single-player game time. I wish I had known it was on sale on Xbox live a few months ago though, I would have gotten it there!

      Plus yes, Torchlight 2 is about to come out. So I guess I’ll have to get cracking right away 😛

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