Sims 3: “Family Man” Challenge

July 28, 2012

Note: One thing you have to know about me is, it is impossible for me to play Sims games “properly” like a normal person.

Time for a non-MMO post. This usually happens whenever my husband goes out of town, barring me from playing online games without him due to the clauses in our Spousal Leveling Contract, leading me to seek other gaming avenues for my entertainment. Coincidentally, I’ve also been looking for an interesting yet easy single-player game to amuse me for all those times I can’t sleep after a middle-of-the-night baby feeding.

Apparently Sims 3 was the answer, thanks to some recent chatter on Twitter taunting me, teasing me, tempting me ARRRGGGH! reminding me what a great game it is. Besides, every few months or so I tend to get into control freak mode and the irresistible urge to dig up my Sims and play them rises. It was time.

Anyway, the last time I went full throttle on Sims 3 was probably a few years ago, when it occurred to me what an excellent idea it would be to take my single male Sim and see how many children I can father on all the women in the neighborhood. At the time, I was patting myself on the back for being oh so naughty! Little did I know, there actually exists entire Sims 3 challenges built around this very concept. Only recently did I stumble upon the rules and guidelines for the ironically named “Family Man” challenge.

And indeed, a challenge it was. It’s all coming back to me now: the never-ending cycle of trying to meet new Sims, juggling multiple relationships, always waiting for that elusive “WooHoo!” option to show up — all the while having to remind myself to eat, sleep, take showers and go to the bathroom. As I recall, though, it did lead to some rather comical results. After a couple generations, none of my Sims could find girlfriends or boyfriends and get married because all of them were related to each other in some way or another. My family tree was a hilarious mess.

Last time I did this, I think I ended up with around 37 children.

I plan on doing better this time.

To be continued?


  1. I’m so so jealous that you a) thought of doing ‘family man’ out of your own fevered & twisted brayne and b) that you ended up with 37 sprogs!! A true Sim Grandmaster. I do mildly peculiar things with mine but nothing so inventive. However, I do end up with incredibly complicated backstories for them all (all in MY fevered brayne) which drives my actual game story. My current Sim distraction is a male womanizing jockey, desperate to become famous, who’s trying not to fall in love with his perky and gorgeous stable-hand, who lives above the stable block. Tell you what, getting 4 horses to always pee in their stalls so you can use the fertilizer for the garden requires concentration.

    I have a horrifying Gig-heavy amount of Custom Content too. Part of the fun for me is finding the best stuffs, and I have so much admiration (and not a little gratitude) for talented modders who are prepared to share their work with me. That goes for all modders for all games actually, but The Sims is where I indulge in mods most.

    I think The Sims is one of those games that gets a bit misunderstood by those that don’t play it. What might look like a rather small-girl-friendly, blissfully domestic casual game, is actually a darkly funny multi-faceted strategy game, that looks great and is enormous fun to play. Nevermind the field day a psychiatrist could have if they were allowed to watch your game.

    Sometimes murdering your way through a countryside or planning the genocide of a next-door state isn’t what your after, in which case “cheap stove and no doors” is just the ticket. Yes, I’m looking at YOU, GC!

    • Aha! I am back into Sims 3 and I place the blame squarely on your shoulders 😛

      And your talk of stables and horses also makes me want to get Sims 3 Pets. So if I end up buying that expansion in the next few days, I will blame that on you too. Good thing being a womanizer is keeping my Sim so busy. Too busy for dogs and cats and horses.

      LOL custom content, love it! Back when I was really into building homes and furnishing them in the game, I would download a ton, because none of the stuff available in game allowed me to build the dream homes I’ve always wanted. I didn’t put nearly as much time into building or furnishing this time around though; I just moved him into a premade house my Sim was quite eager to get out there and start sowing his wild oats 😛

      Sims 3 is indeed not as innocent as people might think!

      • Lol, I looooved building houses. It’s mainly what I did in Sims 2. I too, spent hours trawling the internet, trying to find lovely free furniture, accessories, plants, paintings, wall papers, floors… you name it. Without any guilt I used the rosebud cheat to pad my bank account and decorated away. 😀 I could also get carried away with clothes as well…

  2. LOL I am so adding “sprogs” to my regular vocabulary.

    • You should join us more on vent when she’s around 😀

      • Yes, I should.

  3. Pets! You must get it because it’s just fab. Unfortunately it brings out the worst kind of ‘awwwwwwww so sweeeeeet!!’ in me. I defy you not to make a noise similar to that when your Sim’s first pet does something VERY lifelike and adorable (feed your dog a treat and then rub it’s belly for eg) – they did their research with great care. As someone who can’t have pets at the moment, it’s an excellent substitute! It’s also fun watching the badly behaved things the pet gets up to while your Sim goes to work. They’ve done a much better job than with Pets in Sims 2. It annoyed me that the pets had jobs! Very silly. I promise Sims 3 Pets is very very worth it.

    My other faves are Late Night (because building Apartments is great fun) and Ambitions (more careers and interesting mechanics to go with it).

    Merely from a replayability stand point, Sims 3 is worth the money. Now people are finally producing genuinely new cc for it (meshes etc), even more so. I played Sims 2 right up to (& passed) the release of Sims 3. I *think* many of the expansions are on sale around the place too.

    And I’m very happy & proud to be responsible for pushing Sims 3 and feeding your habit. I now have to make sure IMC/RMC/KoM really does make that forum for us! Oh the laughs.

    I’m now VERY tempted to start playing now. Except Issue #1. ISSUE #1! *hyperventilates!*

    @rowan – don’t listen to me on Vent, I’m just a huge ghastly embarrassment! x)


    • You…stop…making…me…must…get…Sims…pets…ARGGH!

      I’ve been able to resist the other expansions quite successfully so far, I can deal with no Late Night or Ambitions, but pets…sigh.

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  5. 37?! DAMN, and I thought I got it bad with my sim with 20+ children! I have to get back in there and start making more. I’m on Sims 2 though, I like it better than Sims 3. :p

    …and yes, I am also someone who cannot play the Sims games “‘properly’ like a normal person.” 😀

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  14. […] Gamer Chick‘s recent posts about the Sims 3 Family Man Challenge reminded me about my own Sims 2 family man, Allan Greyjoy. I decided he needed to get back to work […]

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