Creatures Of Darkness, Prepare Thyselves For a Merciless Thrashing

July 31, 2012

Me in my long-coveted outfit from the Witch Hunter deck, which I finally completed last night in The Secret World. The hubby is in his Exorcist outfit which he says makes him look a little like Father Guido Sarducci. Wait, who? Oh, old SNL references.

Of course, the irony is that while I’ll be sporting the Witch Hunter get-up, I don’t actually know how much I’ll use the deck itself. The abilities seem tailored to a high-DPS play style which shines when dealing with single targets, but doesn’t have much in the way of survival. It also appears built around quite a lot of impair effects. This has implications for its usefulness.

As you know, there are a ton of options in the ability system in TSW. The idea is that given time, any player can gain access to all of them. What I find interesting is how the game is also always encouraging you to tinker with your deck, throwing tough fights and other obstacles your way to make you think about your current build and how you can tweak it to increase your potential. Effectively, you have to constantly adapt to the environment in order to survive.

As to why I probably won’t be using my Witch Hunter deck (much), I’m finding a lot of mobs in Egypt to be impervious to impair effects. Most bosses also are. Thus I’m still currently running around in a Blades/Chaos burst damage self-build that relies heavily on penetration, but this weapons combo also has a lot of synergy in the defense and survival department which means I also have a set-up for tanking on the fly.

I really should be branching out into firearms for some ranged damage (as I discovered being melee only has landed me in a few precarious situations) but the next deck I’ll chase is probably the one with Hammers and Chaos (Templar Warlock). Heck, with where my current points are right now, I’m already halfway there.

Speaking of which, when it comes to point allocation I’ll admit I’m sometimes driven more by the clothing items they reward. However, I’m sure the Witch Hunter deck will get some use as it’ll most likely be my go-to PvP build when I do Fusang.

In other news, “Unleashed” patch 1.1 was released today, adding more missions (seven in all, five of which are investigation quests) and new fashions — not to mention that completing all the new missions unlocks “a new achievement and unique clothing rewards.” Looking forward to the brain work out and the hats and glasses and handwraps, oh my.


  1. I keep hearing about “investigation” quests. Can you explain what these are, how they work, etc.? Or point me to a good source? I still haven’t picked up #TSW but these sound pretty cool based on the name alone. Thanks!

    • In the game, there are certain quests marked by a light green icon (not the side quests) with a laptop or something on it. These are the “investigation” quests, and whenever I see them I know I’m in for some thinking because they usually involve a puzzle of some sort, or research. Usually you are given a riddle or some other hint, and from there you work it out.

      For example (and I’ll try to avoid spoilers), sometimes you have to hack into a computer and you get a hint to work out the password. Or you are given a code to decrypt. Sometimes the entire quest is a logic puzzle. Or you might have to look up information (like in some of the quests I’ve done, Egyptian history, literature, art, etc!) to progress. Other times, it’s about reading between the lines of a note given to you in a mission.

      Basically, investigation quests are mind benders, and more often than not will take you to google or wikipedia 🙂

      I love investigation quests, even though sometimes they take me hours to figure out (I try not to cheat and look up the solutions unless I’m REALLY stuck and have no other leads to follow). Sometimes they make me feel so dense, but the high you get when you do figure one out is so worth it 🙂

      • Wow! Those quest types alone are enough to make me determined to buy and play the game sometime. Can you do only those quests? Or will you not be able to handle the “area” because you are not strong enough if you only do those?

        My SWTOR sub still has 3 months on it and I am not sure I want to have 2 sub fees going at once …. but you have me tempted!

      • You probably can’t get by just on investigation quests alone, since they are limited and only a small fraction of all the quests (others are your story quests, regular main quests, sabotage quests, and side quests). And they are scattered through the game world given to you by NPCs. For example, there were a handful in Kingsmouth, but once I got to Savage Coast there was only one or two IIRC. Again, only one or two in Blue Mountain, but once I got to Egypt the number of Investigation quests went up again (and even some of the side quests and main missions played like investigation quests, despite their designation).

    • In case you hadn’t heard, TSW is having a free weekend this weekend, in case you want to give it a try.

    • Hi Adaram! *waves* come and play TSW! It’s great!

  2. I’m on a break from MMOs while we pack up our household for the big move in a few weeks. I can’t WAIT to get back to TSW once life is back to normal down there in sunny North Carolina…

    But in the meantime, your posts about TSW are very much appreciated, MMOGC!! Let’s me live in the secret world vicariously until I can go back there myself.

    • Ah, that explains why I haven’t seen you around in game for a while! I didn’t know you were moving to North Carolina, all the best to you on your big move!

  3. I am like this close to buying this game! I blame you!

    • You must join us for the free weekend! And hey, if you end up liking it, I’ll gladly take the blame, though if that happens, I think you mean “credit” 😀

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