Sims 3 Saturday: Two Sprogs And Counting

August 4, 2012

The “Family Man Challenge” saga continues. One of the first steps to every Sims game is setting up your Sim in your neighborhood. I saw to that by moving my Casanova into an unoccupied lot across from the Single Moms household and almost immediately started working my charms on both its residents, Fiona McIrish and Molly French. In retrospect, that was my first mistake, and I’d made it right off the bat. Note to self: it’s always a risk trying to concurrently romance two Sims who live in the same household. If one finds out about the other, IT’S ALL OVER.

Despite this initial fumble, I plowed on (the first of many bad puns in this series, no doubt). My first success was Fiona McIrish, which came much quicker than I thought. It did help a lot that she was flirty little Sim, just like me, so all I did was spam suggestive jokes and amorous hugs until we were a couple. Getting the option to have a child was easy after that.

Agnes Crumplebottom was next. Not much of a story behind her, I’m afraid. She just literally showed up at my house one day and said yes when I asked her to stay over. Little did she know… (By the way, at this point, the game helpfully informed me that my Sim was getting a rightly deserved “bad” reputation.)

Between running around romancing all these women and keeping up with my daily needs like food and sleep, I was barely finding time to clean my house. A messy abode sort of cramps my style, so that was when I hired a maid, Kate Pistachio. Maybe I was starting to get a tad too ambitious here, but the moment Kate showed up at my door for her first day I work, I knew I had to have her. While chatting her up, I found out she was a kleptomaniac (wait, what? Why am I still hiring her to clean my house?)

Towards the end of my play session, I have to say I was feeling pretty good. Two hours in and I was already juggling four Sim relationships, and two of them were already expecting. But here I must have gotten too cocky because that was when my troubles began.

It all started with Molly French. She was over at my house, and we were having a good time. And then right as I was on the verge of asking her to “Woohoo” she suddenly hightailed it out of there. To go to work or for some stupid reason, imagine that! I figured, no problem, I’m patient and can wait for another day. But there was a problem — every time I would call to invite her over, she would agree and then promptly change her mind. Not sure what was happening, but this repeated itself for about half a dozen times until I got sick of it and just decided to walk across the street to try to catch her at her house.

Molly wasn’t home. But Fiona McIrish was! She had just given birth to our beautiful baby boy, so there I was with her, marveling our little miracle and sneaking in some romantic hugs and kisses, when BAM! Molly French came home, walked in on us and caught us in the act. Right away, my affection level with Molly plummeted down to the negatives.

It was no use; no matter how much I begged, pleaded, or apologized to Molly, she just got angrier and angrier. Those red negative symbols were flying over her head like there was no tomorrow. It was clear I was in the doghouse with her. And then came the dreaded pop-up one day: Molly French and I were no longer in a relationship. All the effort I had put into the two of us had come to naught.

The setbacks didn’t end there. Kate Pistachio the maid and I were still an item at this point, but she and I soon hit our own roadblock. One day after she was finished cleaning my house, I asked her to stay over. Things got real hot, and I was raring to go when the “Woohoo” option appeared. But then to my dismay, the “Try for baby” option was blanked out. Turns out, Kate came from a household that was too full for a new family member. Once again, all that hard work down the drain.

This is a lot harder than I thought.


  1. First of all, let me commend you on your dedication to the challenge. You’re fortunate the ladies of your neighbourhood are so laid back with regard to their virtues, Agnes Crumplebottom seems particularly lackadaisical in that regard.. That said, you wonder why they get all irritated when they find you are of the same mind. Chicks, eh?! And I think it’s big of you to be so understanding with Kate Pistachio, choosing to overlook her blatant criminal behaviour then to start a meaningful relationship with her, no less. It just shows what a nice guy your Sim is.

    Advice -> Heart-shaped bed [High-end Loft Stuff].

    • I love how you assign personality to the townie Sims, I feel like I should learn to do the same, though I might actually start to feel like a cad over what I’m doing 😛

      • The townies are hilarous. It’s like you’ve moved into an entire city-sized complex of sheltered housing. They all have extrememly suspect personality traits and a 4 yr olds eye-view of what to wear in the morning. And the names!! How can you possibly not be charmed by someone called Anges Crumplebottom?

        Mind you, when it comes to immersion I fall in right where I’m told to go. The number of times I’ve caught myself berating Sims for their stupid behaviour or shouting ‘Where do you think you’re going?’ to my horse in Skyrim etc. All a bit embarrassing. A friend of mine who’s a game-developer-in-training told me a technical term for it – but I’m damned if I can remember it. So yeah, any seemingly sentient behaviour, especially stuff that looks accurate and well-observed from game NPCs, I’m putty in their hands.

        The whole ‘uncanny valley’ thing fascinates me too.

      • Never mind what they wear, I think those Sims have a 4-year-old’s point of view of pretty much everything 😛

        Oh, you have got to find out what that term is from your game-dev-in-training friend! I’d love to know!

  2. Maybe you could invite Kate to move in and then move her to an emptier household. You’ll have to hire another maid since she would then be a playable sim, but then a new maid would be a new opportunity1

    • That was one of the options I was mulling over, though if she moves in I’ll have to figure out a way to romance other Sims because I usually bring them home to do it 😛 I guess I’ll just have to move her out as quickly as possible. LOL, my Sim is such a jerk.

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