Screenshot of the Day: Purged By (Growing) Pains

August 22, 2012

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’d probably know that I go through cycles with World of Warcraft, taking breaks and going back as I feel like it. Still, I have to say this is the most fun I’ve ever had returning to the game. I’m sure the company has everything to do with it, as I along with several folks from my multi-game guild has decided to take a casual dip back into WoW before the arrival of Mists of Panderia. We’ve all either started new characters or picked up long-forgotten baby alts, and one thing we were curious about was how we would do in a dungeon as a group of lowbies.

So, riddle me this: what do you get when you take five people, put them in an MMO that none of them have played in ages, get them on baby characters they’ve all forgotten how to play, and stick them in the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard? You get:

So okay, the first big pull ended up in a pathetic wipe, but it was caused by a confluence of unfortunate events. I think we all knew beforehand that our very first run together was either going to be really easy or really hard. Our Priest was playing healing spec for the first time, the tank would sometimes forget to be in the right stance, and we’d also inadvertently pulled the boss with Shaman totem aggro. Plus, by then I was pretty sure that anyone still left standing was giggling too hard to be really effective at anything.

And yet, it was great! For me, it was also a momentous event. Personally, I can’t remember the last time I’ve been through a low level dungeon in WoW “properly” without being powered through on an alt by a level-capped friend, or more often than not, I just skipped them entirely. It’s been years, probably not since the first time I leveled up my main. However, our humble little group has started anew, complete with a humble little guild. Luckily, since that pitiful first wipe, we haven’t had another. In fact, in the interim we’ve completed a lot more classic dungeons for our guild achievements — no reason at all, other than just for the fun of it.

There are definitely some growing pains, but in the face of disastrous early results, all you can do is laugh — because it is kinda funny if you think about it. WoW veterans, destroyed by puny SM trash. In a way, the game feels new again.


  1. I blame PidTank for going into SM as a DPS build. I mean, who does that?

    • Hey, I warned you…I has teh dual spec now.

    • Actually, I had thought these lower level dungeons would be more forgiving about that stuff! I got cocky 😦

  2. Sorry Im missing out on all the fun. Later in maybe. I’ve forgotten quite a bit in about the 2 years I haven’t been playing at all. Been taking a while to relearn allot of things. I heard somewhere that SM will be getting changed so you all got to do it before it’s changed for good.

    • It’s all right, we’ve all forgotten as well 😛 We’ve got the hang of it now though.

      Of course, in less than a week, the pre-expansion patch will make us clueless all over again. Ugh.

  3. Back in the old, old days, we wouldn’t think a night was any fun if we didn’t wipe at least once.

    But I think the player mentality was different back then. It was more about the fun and companionship and less about getting down to serious business and getting the LOOT!

    Glad you folks are enjoying yourselves!

    • It’s absolutely about the companionship and playing with people you know. But now with the dungeon finder, much of the grouping that people do has gone towards PuGs. People don’t tend to be as patient or genial towards strangers, especially when they know they’d never encounter them again.

      As for the getting down to serious business part, I think a lot of that has to do with the daily instance quests; people don’t actually care for the grouping, but they want to get in there, complete it for the reward, and get out as quickly as they can.

  4. SM is fairly challenging if you do it on level. Heck, just getting out there on Alliance characters can be a bear. I hope they don’t nerf it too hard with whatever changes they are planning to make. WoW has always been a game that is overall pretty easy, but has some real challenges available if you seek them out. That’s how I think it needs to stay.

    • I agree. For that reason, I’ve always liked WoW’s two-tiered dungeon difficulty (normal vs. heroic) and the fact they offer achievements (some of which are just psycho!) for those who are looking for an even harder challenge. There’s something for everyone to aim for.

      Oh, and yeah we hoofed it to SM. Only afterward did we realize we could have joined it as a group using the LFG tool and it would have warped us right there. Like I said, we were all so clueless.

  5. Bloody totems *mutters grumbles*

    It IS fun isn’t it!

    • You still did a good job. Hell, if you’d asked me to play my shaman today, I’d be completely lost!

  6. […] or CC guy. DPS really isn’t my thing. I’m not saying I am an awesome tank, just ask MMOGC, I am saying that I like to know what my role is and not have it be so nebulous. Everyone run in […]

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